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a short story

Submitted: June 18, 2018

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Submitted: June 18, 2018



 “What an attractive eyes they are!” I astonished. “I still wonder how the most beautiful features have been perfectly lined up in her face. The most perfect, divinely gorgeous face I have ever seen! She seems extraordinarily beautiful with the dress she has worn today. Adding extra beauty to the most beautiful woman could flatten anyone and I am no exception to that.” My inner voice kept admiring her until I suddenly startled by vivaan’s voice.

“Hey man! Ssup? Going back to golden memories, huh?”, he said sarcastically. “Shut up man! Let’s go”, I managed to escape out of his sarcasm. Yes! Your guess is absolutely correct. She is my ex-girlfriend. It has been almost two years since we broke up. I have never seen her so much attractive after our break-up but today it feels like the first day I met her.

Our first meeting was not as usual as other love stories. It was quite different as I had no interest in girls being a massive rowdy in my college. On December 25, 2014, I saw her dancing on the stage in cultural program. “They were the most powerful eyes that I could never take my eyes off it. Who is she? What was I doing these days without seeing her? Why on earth it never happened for the past 3 years?” I blurted out which was noticed by my friends who later encouraged my love for her. My friends gave me several ideas to talk to her but I collapsed everything as I was little weak in all these things. After all the scolding from my friends, finally I got the courage to talk to her.

“Hey, Priya. I am karthik”, suddenly I lost my bravery on seeing those magical eyes. I was standing like a joker in front of her with my hands shivering and legs dancing. “I am here to tell you that….I think….I……your performance was nice that day!!” I ended up finally.

“Oh! Thanks. I am really glad you watched my performance! Because I heard people say you have no interests in dance and all that”, she smiled. “OMG! Don’t smile priyaaa”, my inner voice kept screaming. From the day on, we became friends. We met every day, chatted and studied together, so many hangouts and also so many rumors about her goofing around with me. One day, finally I got ready to talk to her knowing that she is also having feelings for me.

“Priya, I need to talk to you”, I started bravely. “I think……I am in…..I think”, my mouth started to blabber again. But she totally understood and said, “I know what you are going to say”, she smiled as she looked down and said, “Me too”.

“Karthik you won da”, my inner voice jumped joyfully. Then I hugged her so tightly that we both could not breathe. That is the best moment I have ever experienced in my life. After that, we had a great time together. We were the popular love couple in our college. Now, I got your inner voice. “Then how did you get separated?” that’s right, isn’t it? That was happened by my suspecting mind and its hasty behavior. Yes! I misunderstood when she was talking to her male friend.

“Priya, who is him you were talking with?” I asked more like an enquiry. “Why, baby? What’s wrong?”, she said with disappointment. “Some of my friends said that they had seen him in your home. What about that?” I screamed slightly. “What happened baby, are you suspecting me just because he was in my home?” she almost started to cry. “Not just because of that! Some of my friends had seen you wandering around with him in college; some had seen you in restaurant, some in library, and some in front of hostel. What’s wrong with you?” the villain in me had started to explore. “Ohh! All the things told by your some of your friends are totally true. But I don’t want to explain it to you! Because I don’t want you. You can go now”, she cried so much that everyone noticed it. I immediately left out of the place angrily.

For the next two days, I could not see her. The next day I saw her. She seemed very upset and her eyes, sleep-deprived. The ego in me never allowed going to talk to her even when she was longingly staring at me. After some days, she seemed to be moving on and avoided making eye-contact with me. I don’t know why all those happenings never bothered me. It could be because I strongly disbelieved her. Years rolled over without talking. Meanwhile, I almost forgot her existing in the college.

It was yesterday I came to know through her friend meghna, that the guy she was talking with was none other than her nephew. She told me that priya had got promise from her not to tell about this to me because she could never tolerate the fact that I had suspected her it seems. The moment I heard all these words from meghna is when I realized that I had committed a great mistake that no one could ever forgive. I cried all night without sleeping. The same pain that priya had gone through while I suspected her and I wanted it.

Today, she looks more beautiful than ever. I feel like begging her to forgive me for all the mistakes I had committed. I want to tell her that I am sorry about the way things turned out. I want to ask her to come with me to live a life exactly in the way we wanted it to be earlier. Now I am even ready to fall in her legs to make her come with me. But it is never gonna happen anyway. The guy next to her would throw me out of the wedding hall. The least I can do is just wishing her a happy married life. Yes, today is her big day!


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