On Perseverance

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Submitted: June 19, 2018

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Submitted: June 19, 2018



On Perseverance



Before the overpass

was poured and raised,

the deer gathered each night

to graze the corporate lawn,

fifteen or a score bowing,

eating in familial safety

until some distress sent

the herd bounding back

into the black woods,

flared white tails incandescent.


The solo doe appeared

one autumn evening,

not with the rest, but apart,

far from the best grass,

by the old building

of rain-sagged ceilings

and shattered windows

forgotten with growth,

a hunter’s arrow in her leg,

yellow vanes vivid

against the darkness.


Spring’s shoots and summer’s

crops brought new food

and a group of four

to the lesser grounds,

the doe, limb and arrow gone,

stump healed to a smooth knob,

now watched over her fawn,

as another doe

did the same with hers.


Smiling at this second one,

I considered the species of people,

their arrows and outcasts,

and while the other three

exiles sipped the field,

she stepped with a hitch,

her own three-legged limp

as overlooked as the herd.


© Copyright 2018 Paul W.. All rights reserved.

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