so-called love

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a short story

Submitted: June 19, 2018

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Submitted: June 19, 2018



  "I still can't understand what makes you think so long, meghna. He is the very best friend of us and you know more about him than I do. If u don't accept his proposal, u can't be anymore stupid", Sruthi said angrily.

Sruthi and Meghna had been the best friends since child hood. Since then, there had been no misunderstandings between them except for the situation when Ram, the closest friend of theirs proposed Meghna. Ram had been a great support to Meghna since she lost her parents in an unfortunate accident. Meghna was feeling very proud of him when he helped her but he had broken it all down by proposing her. She never expected it from him as he was already in love failure.

"Sruthi, I have never seen him with that feeling. He is my best friend and I feel awkward that he has helped me with this intention." she looked very upset.

"That is stupid of u to think that!! As far as i know he has been very gentle and i assure he will take care of you. U remember?? When you had to go out for business meeting, it was him who missed you like hell. Then only i got to know how much he loves you. Please megh, don't be morbid. I wanna see my friend living happily with Ram". She hugged her as tears rolled over their eyes.

Meghna, after comforting herself, said, "Still I don't know whether it is right to accept his proposal. But I am supposed to do as it is my bestfriend's wish. I will marry him if it makes you happy!", Meghna cried and Shruthi hugged her again saying, "You will feel happy for me later." she smiled. 

Meghna got ready to meet him tentatively. When she pressed the door bell of his house, she got shocked when a girl was opening. "Who is that, honey?" ,came Ram behind her. Ram shuddered as he saw Meghna and told, "Meghna,this is Ruby, My girlfriend. Actually thank you for not making sense of my proposal. Had you done, i would not have got her back. Now i am glad that we patched up", he smiled at ruby. She smiled too.

Meghna greeted them and came back to Sruthi telling whatever happened. "Shite!! You missed him Megh. Had you accepted him earlier, he wouldn't have patched up with Ruby. You missed such a gentle man" sruthi looked sad.

Much to her surprise, Meghna laughed uncontrollably. When she managed to tell her, " Sruthi, Did i miss him?" she laughed again, "I have just escaped from him".

"But he loved you so much, Megh",Sruthi whispered. "Had he really loved me that much, would he have gone to that Ruby again? I am so much glad that i got to know everything about him before itself. Sruthi, I want you to know that Love is not If-she-saysno-then-love-her-friend type.Love won't ask before it comes. If it asks, it doesn't mean love.I hope you understand, honey", she smiled.

"Sorry,Meghna.I just didn't have to do that.I shouldn't have loaded my wishes on you.Now I realized what is love and i love you so much honey" she smiled weakly with tears welled up in her eyes. Meghna hugged her bestfriend tightly.

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