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Licca - San was a type of doll, once made by a japanese company. It was rumoured that if you throw her, she will come back and take revenge. She will speak to you in your ears untill she kills you.
And that time, coincidentally or not, there were cases proving this rumour.

Mary - San is another rumour or legend about a girl who lost her doll while shifting from her old house. Since then, it called her many times and one day it came to kill her. The doll now calls
children living alone, and kills them.

A last rumour, a girl was killed by her doll and her soul was shift into it. The doll took her place and killed her family. Now, if someone visits that house, he or she will see the girl. But
actually it will be the doll. It will somehow kill the person before morning.

Submitted: June 19, 2018

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Submitted: June 19, 2018



Suzu has a good collection of dolls and loves to play with them. She lives with her brother, her only family member. Her brother, Saita is a police inspector.

Unfortunately, one day Suzu has lost her favourite doll. The next day, Saita brings her a popular doll of this time, 'Licca - San'.

One night, she sleeps in her room warmly inside the blanket. Suddenly, the closed door knocks. The knocking sound comes continuously. The volume rises and now it's like the door is going to break.

Suzu wakes up with surpise on her face. She slowly looks at the door. She finds black handprints on the door. Suddenly, a loud scratching noise swallows the room. She covers her ears with her hands. Scratching marks of an animal's nail appears on the door.

Her eyes grow in fear. A knocking sound comes from the window beside the bed. She turns to it. A black shapeless creature is on the window on it's four. It's continuously knocking the window at the point of breaking it.

She goes under the blanket covering herself fully. After a while, the sound stops. She peeps from the blanket. Everything is normal. The door, the window and even the creature is gone. She looks at her dolls. Licca - San is watching her with a soft graze.

The next morning, she takes Licca - San school with her. Unfortunately, she forgets it there.

At night, Suzu can't sleep thinking about last night. She stays under the blanket. She peeps through it to cheak the room. She rises her head up to the ceiling. The creature is hanging from the ceiling facing down. It comes closer and closer. It opens it's small mouth slowly. Four long tongues come out from there.

Suddenly, the phone rings. The monster vanishes as the sound covers the room. Suzu gets up quickly and picks it up.

"I am coming"

A voice whispers and the phone hangs up. She slowly reaches to the door.

"I am coming to you"

A voice peeps in her ears. She trembles in fear and runs to the bed.

"I've started my jouney"

The same sound runs again. She got up and covers herself with the blanket. The creature comes down again slowly, crawling down by the wall. It opens it's mouth and four big, thick tongues come out.

The next morning, Suzu and Saita eat at the table. He looks at the depressing face of Suzu. Her face has become white.

He asks with affection, "Are you okay? Don't worry about Licca - San. She is okay. No one has taken her. You will get it today. So now, please be happy."

She rises her head. She gives him a cold look, "Mind your own business. Who cares about that dirty haired. I am way more beautiful than her."

Surprise appears on his face. He brings a warm smile, "Yes, you are. I know Licca - San doesn't match with your favourite one. I will bring you one like that."

Her face becomes red in anger, "No I don't need any other. I am happy alone. Now leave you idiot disturbance."

Suzu gets up and goes to her room.

"I am at the bus station"

A voice ecos in her ears. She gets confuse by it.

In the evening, Suzu enters the kitchen. She looks at the drawers carefully. She opens the nearest one. Sets of different sizes of spoons and forks are decorated in it. She opens the next one. She finds some cleaning cloths in it.

"I am at your door"

The eco becomes stronger. She slowly moved to the sliding door and opens it. There is nothing else than some dishes. She continues her search slowly.

"I am at your living room"

She slowly brings a ladder and places it. She climbs it and opens the doors above.

Saita enters the living room. He sees Licca - San sitting on the centre table.

He picks it up, "Suzu, so you brought her back. I know she doesn't match with your one. I will surely bring you just like that one. Are you happy to bring her back?"

He doesn't get any answer. He heard some noise from the kitchen. He looks a little bit confuse, "What are you doing there? I know you are hungry. Wait just a little more. I am making dinner right now."

He moves to the kitchen. Suddenly, the phone rings. He goes to the phone and picks it up.

"I am coming to get you tonight"

"Who is this?" Saita asks. But no answer comes from the other side.

He hears heavy footsteps coming towards him. He stands in confusion. He turns back. Nothing is there. He steps to move forward. Suddenly, he feels a sharp pain tearing him apart. A cool sensation runs through his whole body. He looks back. Suzu has stabbed him on the back. His feet fail to hold him any longer. He falls down on the ground. Slowly his eyes close.

The phone rings again. Suzu looks at the phone for a while. She slowly reaches to it and picks it up. She can't hear anything except the sound of air. She waits patiently holding it to her ear.

A small shadow appears behind her. It slowly comes down. Slowly and slowly but quickly it vanishes into her.

A dark red liquid drips from her back. She looks behind. Licca - San is smiling before her. It has stabbed a big exe into her. The phone falls down from her hand. A look of shock appears on her face.

She stretches out her hands to grab Licca - San. But it moves away. She tries to grab it. But it moves behind. Her face is red with anger. She reaches to it quickly. She lifts her hands to it. But she loses her balance and fell down on the floor. Licca - San looks at her with an emotionless look. It turns to Saita. It moves to him.

"I am behind you"

A voice calls from the phone. Licca - San curiously stands there.

"Look behind"

The eco says from the phone. Licca - San waits for a while. It slowly turns it's neck behind. A big doll wearing red dress stands there. It has beautiful yellow hair.

The doll brings out a big knife in it's hand. It pulls it in the air. Licaa - San curiously looks at the knife. The knife comes down quickly. It lands on Licca - San and divides it into half. It falls on the ground beside Saita.

The red doll takes it's axe back. It moves to the front door of the house. Slowly it climbs down the stairs. It vanishes into the fog slowly.

Inside the house three dead bodies remain. The floor is decorated with deep red blood. A big doll slowly walks towards them. It walks on the blood pool. It's footprints leave white marks on the floor. It reaches beside Saita. It slowly falls on the blood. It stretches out it's hand and grabs Saita's one. It squeezes his hand tightly. It stretches out another of it's hands and grabs Licca - San's hand. It slowly closes it's eyes. The doll vanishes in the air. The soul of Suzu takes it's place. She sleeps warmly like she has slept every night before yesterday.

THE END.............

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