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Submitted: June 19, 2018

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Submitted: June 19, 2018



Hypomania controls every moment
We struggle with the bestowment

This gift of pain and struggle devine
An endless job makes you want to resign

Making a career out of fixing yourself
Always trying to assert oneself

Then to find out it's never good enough
Every day is just an attempt at a bluff

We pretend, we smile and put on a good face
Society has dictated that this is our place

Behavioral tests decline us for positions
Jobs shouldn't be decided by our mental conditions

We say no when they ask us about our disabilities
A question that covers all the proper civilities

The unspoken judgement from passersby
Unknowingly, subconsciously that they classify

You see us all the time and we work with you
We breathe and love and hurt just like you do

Feeling everything ten times over
Emotions bring a hostile takeover

Sometimes it's unfathomable elation
Other times it's despair and frustration

Control the ecstacy or it will overtake you
Euphoria that feels like beginning anew.

But it’s fleeting like memory after chloroform
Falling fast and sudden like rain in a thunderstorm

Hearts so full of love before they are destroyed
False dreams are much like a damaged polaroid

No extra prints to revive our lost aspirations

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