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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Introduction

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It began 10 AM on a sunny sunday morning. I was walking around the symmetric neighbourhood pondering over my studies, my life and my future. Thinking to myself, i'm talented, i learn things quickly, i'm good at alot of things, but i cannot use it, i cannot get anywhere with it. My studies won't really get me anywhere, i'm not motivated to learn things i find meaningless. Nearly everytime i study, i find alot of information that i'm probably never going to have any use for. 
What am i to do with my life?
I make poetry, i write books, i play the piano and i help people, but i cannot sustain my life with that. 
I punch the nearby brick fence. This is frustrating.I have many things but i cannot sustain my life with them.
If i could just start over... If i could turn back time, i could fix everything, but it's not really worth it in the end. Losing my current girlfriend wouldn't be worth it. All the work i've put in this relationship. I'm not willing to lose this cause i know i'd never get it back.
But at the same time i cannot live life the way it is, i've been stuck for too long and i cannot pull myself out. All these talents but no success, all this self-improving but no success. I've never had any luck with anything, i always had to work hard to get something while others just stumble upon the chances and opportunities. But atleast i know it's not too unfair. There are very few people who are genuinely lucky. Most people are like me in that regard i suppose, in the way that they have to work real hard to make their lives worth living. Though i do believe they generally have some situations where they are lucky. 
I probably shouldn't complain though as i have been lucky once in my life. And one time can make all the difference if you take that chance. I got one opportunity in my entire life that was just given to me, that opportunity was to be able to meet my girlfriend and make her mine. 
As i walk across the streets, i notice a cherry blossom tree, the leaves are falling as if some wish would come true. I guess i'll just make a wish myself, no matter how pointless it may be.
Alright, my wish will be... "I wish for motivation and success, a new beginning so that i can give my girlfriend a safe and great future" 
Well, that may have been pointless, but hey, it takes no energy, some wishful thinking is pretty nice sometimes. I'll just pick up one of those pretty cherry blossoms, than i'll be able to give something special to my girlfriend. Alright, i guess i'll just head back and give this to her.
I look up to the skies and think to myself "Maybe there is hope afterall". A split second later i hear the sound of wheels drifting and squeaking. As i turn my head, i see the truck right infront of me. 
As it hits me, i feel how everything in my body is breaking, i see a light, and the last word i think is "Sorry" I'm lead through the light, and i crawl out of the space towards the other side of the tunnel


CHAPTER 2: The new beginning. 


As i crawl out of the tunnel i see a hospital room. Oh, i'm not dead. I see. I can't move though, wait, why are there so many people in here? Am i being held? No no.. No.. NO! I've been reborn? This must be a nightmare... I can't do anything...
Mother says "I say we name him Jake."
Father agrees "Jake, yeah, he looks like a Jake"
Mother says " Darling, he has your eyes"

Alright... So i'm reborn and i can't do anything... Lets not panic. I can deal with this... I still have my memories... No, no. I really can't deal with this. No, my new father looks like one of those super positive guys... NO! Fuck! This is annoying... I'm going to be treated like a retard untill i can speak... Well, like every other baby i guess. So.. Is there anything i can do? 
I can't talk, i can't move. It will take so long untill i can do anything, so even when i start coming to terms with this situation, it's going to be nonestop boring for such a long time... Oh well, they're gonna leave me here for a few hours i guess..
Yep, just fantastic. But hey, there should be some things i can do as a "genius baby" 
Can i sleep to pass these hours before we leave i wonder. I'm actually pretty tired, alright, nighty...
Oh, "hey Sophie."
As she lays in my arms she gazes up upon me saying "Hey Jake."
I check with her "You look a bit sad. Is there anything wrong?"
Sophie responds sadly "I'm just worried about the future and about losing you..."
She looks as if she's about to cry, so i begin to stroke her hair and reassure her "There is no need to worry, you can rely on me, eventually i will fix everything and yeah, everything will be okay. We'll be fine."
Sophie responds emotionally "I really hope so, cause... Cause, you're the best thing that ever happened to me, and i don't wanna lose you."
I respond and reassure her "You won't, i will always stay by your side, cause i love you and i promised it would only be you and me, forever."
Sophie smiles faintly whilst the tears flow down her cheek and says "Only you and me, forever."
I embrace her and hold her tightly and i tell her  "I will never let go of you"
Sophie responds with a faint smile "Seal that promise with a kiss."
I smile and say "Sure babe, i'll do your bidding"
As i get ontop of her and lean towards her to kiss her. Right as our lips are about to touch, i wake up.
Waking up in a house that i do not recognize, i scream but no one is there to help me. All i can think about is my dream and all i can feel is the panic and stress after not being able to seal it with a kiss. It feels like a nightmare. I need to do something, i need to get back to her! But... I can't move...
Father opens his mouth like an imbecile and says "Uhh, hey, son"
You're not my father, you're just a retarded impostor.
Father asks "Is there anything you need?"
Hmm... Can i move my hands now? Oh, i can, i can maybe point somewhere with my fingers. 
Father turns to mother and asks "Honey, do you think he had a nightmare?"
Mother looks at father with a questioning look "Is it even possible for a newly born to have nightmares?"
I do feel a bit thirsty... Oh, i have an idea... 
Father says cheerfully "Honey, our little Jake is moving his hands and fingers, it looks like he's pointing at something. I think he's pointing at you."
Mother responds "Yes darling, i think our son is a little bit thirsty."
Oh sweet! I can barely see anything, but i know i'll be getting to suck on some sweet boobs.  Forgive me Sophie, but i have to in order to... Grow up... That's the only reason, i swear... This is, purely scientific research, ahem. 
Mother picks me up and puts a bottle of milk with a pacifier in my mouth. I move my head to the sides a bit and cry. 
Father  says "It looks almost like he isn't feeling too safe, should i do it?"
Mother responds "You could try, nearly every time you try to make me feel secure and calm, it works, so, here you go"
Mother hands me over to father and my father tries. 
Well, i am a bit thirsty and i do not have the strenght or other things required to spit it in his face, and just getting a mess all over me is just retarded, so i'll play along... This time.
Father says "He's drinking and looking really relaxed, i guess all those baby guides are coming in handy. "
Mother responds  "I didn't actually believe it would help, but i'm glad he's feeling safe with you now."
Father reassures mother with "He'll come to you soon too, it hasn't even been a full day yet."
I feel kinda guilty now for not being nicer to my mother, but then again i'm a baby now so i have no responsibilities. Nothing i do untill the age of 10 months is my fault. Oooh.. This is the time i can commit some serious crimes. I wonder if i can get ahold of some weed soon as a 3 month old. Or i could somehow try to get ahold of a gun and shoot up the entire area. Though that's unrealistic. Even if i did manage to get ahold of a gun, i'd probably only be able to shoot one person, and they'd have to be laying down infront of me, for me to even be able to grab and pull the trigger. 
Father asks "Honey, should i try to sing for him and dance around with him once he has finished drinking?"
Mother responds  "Maybe singing would be good enough for now, let's be very gentle with him."
Father "You're right... So..."
I put my hands on the bottle as if to push it away and my "Father" puts it on a table and begins to sing
Father sings " Ooh oh oh, it's magic, you knooow, never believe it's not so... It's magic."
Time for me to cry... "Waaah waaah "
Don't ruin a song i actually like... Pilot, please forgive him... 
Mother "He doesn't seem to like it at all. My dear darling? You have alot of good qualities, but singing isn't really one of them."
Father gets dramatic "How... How could you! I know i'm not the best, but come on, it's not that bad. "
Mother decides to step up  "Let me try, hmm... I know what i could sing."
Father responds and admits "Okay, you give it a try. I can atleast admit that you, my love, are a very talented singer."
Mother looks at father and smiles and father returns the smile, they're quite the happy couple... I wanted this kindof future with my girlfriend.. 
Mother begins to sing "Life is too short" : Have you ever seen the morning
 When the sun comes up the shore
 And the silence makes A beautiful sound
 Have you ever sat there waiting 
For the time to stand still
 For all the world to stop From turning around 
And you run ´Cause life is too short And you run ´Cause life is too short.
I like the song and this is a top notch performance, though it makes me sad cause i just died... So, i guess i'll just have to plan my new life ahead. 
Mother percieves my sleepiness and says "He looks tired." 
Mother picks me up and begins to dance slowly with me in her arms. It does give a sensation of comfort somehow. Oh well, time to plan ahead.
 Step 1: Get to know my body within the next 10 months.
Step 2: Begin writing stories
Step 3: publish them by the time i am 4-5, aswell as playing the piano, cause it really won't be hard to gain popularity as a genius child who can do pretty much anything an adult can, except for the physical stuff, though i do believe playing piano efficiently is going to be very difficult as my hands are small.
It does though seem like my "father" has pretty average hand size, so i shouldn't have a problem playing piano. Anyhow, back to the planning.
By the time i'm 5 i'll learn how to figure skate aswell, i will do my best to be a genius child.
Step 4: Around that time, check up on my real parents and how they have been after i died. 
Step 5: Get back to my girlfriend once i've gotten some success. The only person i've ever been able to trust fully. 
Though, it'll be weird with me being in a different body, so i will prove it to her in every way i possibly can that it's me. I have to believe and i have to hold onto her and the hope that we'll make it through. 
I once told her that not even death will do us apart, i intend to keep that part of the bargain. I'm already worried about her, she must be crushed after hearing about my death... But with this chance i was still given, i will give her the best and most secure future. I'm sure i will succeed and i will try my very best to do so. I won't care about her age. She's 22 now. In 12 years she'll be 34. Her birthday was a month ago. I guess i'll try to make it just in time for her birthday and somehow live happily ever after. 
I intend to fix this and stay with her for the rest of my life, and whatever comes next, without her, this wouldn't be worth the struggle. 
Well, that's enough thinking about such things, nothing good will come out of pondering over it for an eternity. What matters is that i will succeed and i will make her happy. 
Question is, what do i do now, until then? I'm stuck in this body, and for the first year atleast i will barely be able to do anything. I would prefer to go to the bathroom by myself... Hm. How can i make that work? Potty? Well, that will definately make me seem gifted, although still gross. How can i sit on the toilet? I can only think about temporary solutions, but all have a risk to get stuck in the toilet and that'd be gross too. 
I wonder how my mom and dad are doing. They were unstable in their own ways, i really hope my death didn't affect them too much. If they found my last notes and poetry, they'd know i went through alot of pain but they'd also know that i was happy in atleast one way. Hopefully that would reassure them, although i feel sad that i couldn't offer them anything. I was pretty much a leech all my life, i never really asked for anything but i didn't manage to do all the things that the average person would, like getting a job, getting my own apartment, giving something back to my parents. 
I wanted to give something back but.. Maybe i can somehow fix that in the future ahead of me now. I wanna give my dad a chance to go into pension and not have to worry about work, but i don't want to end up giving him too much, cause his addictions would catch up to him in that case. 
And my mother, i want to be able to help her in any way i can, i really hope she's okay, i'm actually feeling really worried about her. Damn tears. It feels weird to cry as a baby. 
Mother: Everything will be okay. Mommy is here.
Father: And daddy too.
I guess they noticed my sadness and try to help me deal with whatever is the problem. I think they would make good parents but, sadly for them, i'm never going to be able to call them my real parents. 
I really miss my real parents, already. It has only been a day but i feel like i've hurt them severely... I will try to practice my speech and my fine motor skills as much as i can. I could always type the message to them and have a robot read the messages up to them. Up until then i just have to stay strong, even though these feelings are crushing me. 
The mix between pain, anxiety, worry and hopelessness makes it feel as if you have the foot of a giant on your back, but you have no way of stopping it from crushing you. All you can do is struggle on as you're getting crushed, cause you won't be completely crushed until you give up. 
So i just have to keep on fighting and not let go. I will stay strong in order to create a better future, for myself and the ones i love, maybe even make a difference in the world, an actual positive difference. 
Oh, damn, i'm dozing off.
And now i'm awake again. That was pretty damn quick. It looks like it's dark outside. Wow, babies have no perception of time or dreams? Must have been out for several hours. Now what? I don't feel like i can go back to sleep, and i feel hungry. 
So basically i just have to copy what every other baby does and scream. But my new parents are probably sleeping really well. I don't really wanna wake them. I myself hate to hear the sound of babies screaming over every little thing, so in this situation i don't really know what to do. If i could climb and go to the kitchen myself or something, i could probably find something to eat, though i don't really have teeth. 
This situation is quite problematic. 
5  minutes of silence passes by.
Okay, time to scream. 
"Waaaah, waaaaaah,  waaaaaeh." I utter like a retard.
I hear the whispers from my "Mother" and "Father" 
Father asks "Is it my turn or yours?"
Mother reassures father with the words "I can handle it this time."
Father responds disheartened "Oh, okay, i'll handle it next time sweetie." As that does not seem to be what he wants.
Mother smooches my father and says "I will be right back."
I quit screaming as mother comes to me as i do not want to be needlessly annoying. I point at her tits.
Mother asks in a mother therese voice "My dear little Jake, are you hungry?"
She takes me to her tits and...
Well.. Time to take a bite.
This joy inside. The tits are quite well shaped too, i guess my "father" got pretty lucky in finding a girl who does not only have a good personality but also a good body, that's a pretty rare combination. Lucky him, and now, lucky me. 
To be honest though, the milk tastes a bit worse than cow milk, though gives a sensation of comfort and safety. Maybe it's like a sedative in some way to babies, pretty filling aswell. Does this count as the first time i've ever touched decently sized boobs that are also well shaped? Pretty much everyone i've been with has been flat. 
Alright i'm good. 
My "Mother" has been talking to me in the backround, making some relaxing humming sounds, but i haven't really been paying attention. I guess i can go back to sleep now. 
Mother whispers "Is everything okay now?"
She looks at me pretty closely and smiles at me.
Maybe she read psychology or maybe it's just a mothers instinct to be close.
I try to make a slight smile. And she looks a bit less tense now. 
Mother tells me quietly "I will be going back to bed now."
She puts me down back in the craddle, slowly and softly, and puts the blanket over me. This isn't too bad.
I feel really tired again and i go back to sleep. 
9 months later...
I guess this memory thing applies to me too. I barely remember anything the last few months. I can walk without a problem and i can speak somewhat well. 
I guess i'll tell my parents i'm actually a genius's reincarnate
Time to wake up my lovely parents with some words. Just gonna climb over this craddle and show off my genius to my parents. Gonna prove problematic to climb onto their bed though. Oh well, i'll just wake my dad up.
"Goodmorning dad" I say in this cringeworthy voice. 
Dad responds with a smile "Good morning son. Did you sleep well?"
"Dada can i borrow your laptop?" I ask. 
Dad looks at me in an overly positive way and responds "sure" 
Mother turns to father and says quietly "This cannot be a normal child"
Dad hugs her and responds "He sure is special! I knew he would be as he is OUR child" with the biggest and most cheerful of smiles.

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