Ghost Robots

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An unknown terrorist organization from Europe sends spies into the United States to systematically assassinate politicians. The assassin uses a device called the atom manipulator to torture or kill
people from a distance and disguise it as a natural phenomenon like a heart attack or stroke. The assassin puts the atom manipulator into a backpack and uses his A.I. smartphone to spy and kill

Detectives were growing more concerned about high death rates for journalists and politicians in the U.S. and launches an inquiry. Medical experts discovered that most of the deaths were man
made... someone or something was using a portable acoustic device to microwave people to death.

The military then launched a full scale investigation into the matter and eventually captured a suspect. After many days of interrogation, they were able to extract important information on the

The military calls in a covert action team called Strike7 to infiltrate and retrieve a doomsday device called Project Genesis. During their mission some unexpected circumstance happens and the team
is trapped and surrounded by enemy forces.

This book is a rough outline for a comic book I was working on. The short story includes a conceptual comic book script and a manual describing something called the torture device.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Submitted: August 05, 2018

This is my first draft script for a comic book. The story may or may not be published as a comic book.

narrator: Washington D.C., the capital

reporter: "The human race is on the verge of a golden age of artificial intelligence. Just last week, the first robot graduated with a college degree in computer science from the University ICS
Charleston. The general agreement in the scientific community is that if a robot can graduate from college with a difficult degree, such as a computer science degree or engineering degree, then it
has achieved Human-level artificial intelligence."

reporter: "There are many people who criticize the safety of the technology. Earlier today we had the opportunity to talk to ron, a professor of C.S. from Charleston University".

reporter: "professor, can you comment about Human-level artificial intelligence"

professor1: "I have repeatedly warned those idiots, this technology will wipe out the entire human race. We need to stop this movement now to ensure our own survival!!" -- reporter: "Other
researchers have a more optimistic view on the subject."

professor2: "These robots have to follow all laws in the U.S. constitution. This means they can't kill or harm a human being. If they do, they will face the same consequences as humans, which is
the death penalty or life in prison. They can't rob a bank, commit cruelty to animals, or even j-walk. I assure the general public, our technology is safe and there are safeguards put in place to
bring them under control. Our robots don't kill or harm human beings." . reporter: "can you positively guarantee they will not harm or kill a human being." professor2: "ah... no. but according to
the battery of tests conducted by the government, they are mathematically safe."

reporter: "There are rumors spreading far and wide to ban Human-level artificial intelligence from being manufactured and sold to the general public as consumer goods or military hardware. Some
experts believe that the 13th amendment protects self-aware robots from slavery. Since The NA claims their robots are self-aware, then it's logically plausible to imply that current slavery laws
protect these robots. Autonomous cars, deep learning, machine learning, and current hybrid systems do not fall into this category."

reporter: "The trial will begin early next year. The outcome of the trial will have a lasting impact on NA's revenue and core business model."


narrator: Washington D.C., Pentagon

General: "According to the CIA reports, in the past several years there were unusually high death rates amongst politicians in the United States. At first we thought it was a coincidence, but after
last weeks incident involving the president we weren't so sure.

As you are well aware, the president received a minor stroke during his speech in Ohio. He was immediately rushed to the hospital to be examined by doctors. During the medical evaluation, doctors
discovered a laser like wound in one of his ventral cord, close to his heart. Further examination revealed that it was man made and not a natural medical condition.

Following an investigation, police detectives discovered that someone from the audience was using an acoustic device to microwave the president to death. Out of sear luck the device missed the
intended target by a few millimeters.

Authorities immediately look through countless surveillance footage of the speech and found this. look closely at the man's smartphone. "he was scanning the president's internal organs".

we believe a device was hidden inside this man's backpack and he was using a smartphone to spy and attempted to assassinate the president.

a few days later we captured and questioned the suspect on the surveillance video. In his apartment we found the acoustic device he was using for the assassination attempt.

His name is han bu, a refugee from Europe. The authorities tortured and interrogated him for several hours and got some valuable information.

now, before we go any further, let me demonstrate this device on your team. Apparently this thing uses advance A.I. to torture or kill its intended target. Colonel, you will feel a little
discomfort on your right hand."

colonel: "aaaaaghu..this stuff just put 5 laser burns on my hand... blood.."

general: "this device has a range of about 40-50 feet. it must be in close proximity to the target to deliver its affects."

general: "jade, how do you feel."

Jade: "sir, it feels like someone or something is giving me a massage on the surface of my skin.

general: "not quite. the device is messing with your nervous system. it is trying to map and control all your pain sensors. think of it as intelligent pressure/force field wrapped around your

general: "jack what about you?"

Jack: "my muscle on my lower leg is twitching by itself. it's timed.. maybe intervals of every 2 seconds."

general: "the device can do this all day long and it tracks the target like stink on poop...and the target area can be precise, it can even track a small vein underneath the skin. What you're
witnessing is the result of precise microwaves hitting your muscle veins in a continuous manner."

general: "and you bill?"

bill: "I feel like something is twisting my lungs.."

general: "move around. run if you like or hide..

bill: "i can't get rid of the pain or do anything to protect myself."

bill: "fascinating. it's a perfect weapon."

general: "this acoustic device uses em radiation, ranging from microwaves to sound waves, to torture or kill its intended target. Here.. try shielding yourself with a metal object. no affect sir. i
can still feel the pain.

colonel: "I thought you said it uses microwaves? Microwaves can't go through metal."

general: "It's artificial intelligent enough to go around metal. or it can switch to other frequencies, such as sound waves or x-rays. "this device is calculating ways to torture you around metal

It can also use microwaves to map the surrounding area. there are no visible cameras or lenses on this thing."

general: "We call this technology: ghost robots. it got its name from a ghost hacking incident on the Pentagon just a few days ago.

ghost robots are non-physical machines or robots that do work. This electronic device i'm holding is an atom manipulator. the atom manipulator can generate intelligent pressure or controlled force
fields. This in turn creates ghost robots that can accomplish a task/s, replacing any physical machine or human worker.

The computer you see on the screen houses our country's top secrets. we designed it so that it has no internet access; and military personals have to access information manually. A few days ago,
for unknown reasons, the computer turned on by itself and started to search for sensitive data on our trade secrets and military protocols. We know because surveillance cameras show the computer's
keyboard buttons were being physically pushed on its own, without a real person.

we believe a ghost robot was created to physically control the computer; and sensitive information about our country was sent, not through the computers' modem, but through artificial means. with
this information, the military used every means possible to extract information from han bu, including torture. The investigators were able to identify our enemies' secret base here in the Bulken
Peninsula. He stated the technology originated from that location.

he also mentioned something about a project genesis... some kind of doomsday device used to wipe out their enemies in case of failer. if you can, find this doomsday device and retrieve it.

your mission (caption)

general: "an unknown enemy maniacs the United States. your mission is to discover who this enemy is. what are its plans and motives. determine its powers, its weaponry, and its methods".

If this technology proliferates it can cause an international incident. The politicians in Washington are scared that a tyrant or foreign country might put this technology into their orbiting
satellites and target anyone on the planet. any questions?"

bill: "why are we keeping this a secret?"

general: "as a matter of fact, the president will be disclosing this information to the public in 24 hours. This will give us enough time to accomplish our mission."

We intend to forward this information to the United Nations and put a world wide ban on this technology and keep the public informed.

any more questions? ok then.

There's a lot at stake here, people. this is what it's all about. so let's do the deed."
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Chapter 2

Submitted: August 05, 2018

I call this technology the torture device. This machine uses a range of em radiation to spy and manipulate objects from a distance. Although this electronic device has many applications, this
report will only cover humans as targets. Its capabilities include: causing living organisms, like humans, nerve pain (anywhere on the body), muscle pain, physical laser burns, destructive laser
burns anywhere on the body, internally or externally (controlled intensity that goes from minor to major), causing bloating or intestinal gas (this is done by heating the food content in the
intestines), burning or itching anywhere on the body, artificial heart attacks or strokes, instant unconsciousness, mind reading, manipulation of thoughts and "voices in the head", applying
pressure to internal organs, and any artificial health related symptoms.

This device uses the latest in Artificial Intelligence to torture people, to track them, and to find a means of delivering pain based on instructions from a user. The user is controlling the
torture device through an electronic device such as a smartphone or laptop computer. The internet is used to communicate with this torture device.

The spying on this technology uses em radiation such as sonar or microwaves to map out the environment. In the case of a human subject, the technology can map out not only what it can see on the
surface, but internal organs as well. The spying is so precise that individual veins are identified and tracked. The torture device can track individual veins and cause pain no matter where the
human is located or how hard he/she tries to block the signals. A human subject can try to protect itself by using tin foil or solid metal walls, but the torture device will simply switch to other
forms of em radiation to go around metal such as sound waves or sonar. It might be possible to bend the properties of microwaves so that it can go around objects.

The spying is so precise that the human brain can be read in terms of internal thoughts. The visual images and voices in the brain can be read through burst of energy coming from the brain. A form
of machine learning or Artificial Intelligence is applied to this data to map out the internal thoughts of a human subject.

Since this thing can read minds it can also manipulate a human subject by inserting voices in its head or to manipulate brain activities to do what the user wants.

It also acts as a surveillance camera that spies on things and compile a summary of activities or events that took place during the day.

The user can harass the human subject by pre-programming instructions into the torture device, such as putting an uncomfortable feeling on his left should for 10 hours straight at intervals of
every 5 seconds. This means the person being tortured will feel someone either scratching or applying pressure to his/her left shoulder every 5 seconds for 10 hours straight.

The human subject will notice that this pain only applies if he/she is stationed in the house (given that the torture device is hidden somewhere in the house). If the human subject leaves the
house, about 60 feet or more, the pain stops or the pain has substantially decreased. This is because the torture device can only work with a range of 40-50 feet. If the torture device is located
on a satellite high above the Earth's stratosphere, the subject will be tortured for 10 hours straight and no matter what he/she does the pain will always be there.

This device comes in different sizes and shapes. A small torture device can only work on targets that are in close proximity, usually 40-50 feet, although this range can increase; and the device
can decrease in size. A larger model can be added to a orbiting satellite so that any living organism on Earth can be a potential target. Further more, with the help of super computers, all
happenings on Earth can be privately extracted.

The smartphone has user-friendly interface functions to control the torture device. Said user-friendly interface functions include: controlling the intensity of the pain, the types of pain that can
be inflicted, and pre-programmed instructions to torture or kill people.

This torture device can also control insects and animals. For example, em radiation can be sent out to insects to elicit an action.. like walking a certain path or biting a person on a specific
area. Multiple insects or animals can be controlled at the same time using the artificial intelligence to accomplish a user task. These commands include things like controlling 30 roaches to
converge on a person and bite his left leg or 30 roaches picking up a box and carrying it to the table.

This torture device is one of the world's worst weapons. This thing spies on all objects on Earth and it can manipulate all objects on Earth. If this technology falls into the wrong hands, like a
dictator or corrupted government, this can pose a great danger to freedom, democracy, and security.

Despite the fact that this technology is dangerous, its also the next evolution of the internet. Up to this point no one can kill or physically torture people over the internet. This torture device
changes all that.

The stuff that people talk about over the internet like electronic harassment or torture isn't too far from the truth. In fact, it's worst than that. With the advancement of technology, this
torture device will be a "nightmare" reality soon.

This subject matter was talked about in science fiction novels and comic books since the 60's. Now humanity have the means of building this technology. It's a matter of time before someone actually

This is a very dangerous technology and one day, soon, there will be a national debate about laws that should be put in place to protect peoples' physical body.
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Submitted: November 21, 2018

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