Ignorance Dust

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This is a short story about a spy who had destroyed the philanthropy in himself and had a bad fate.

Submitted: June 20, 2018

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Submitted: June 20, 2018



Ignorance Dust

In about hundred years ago, there was a boy named Tom. He was a pretty curious and kind child but he had one problem. He always wanted to be polite and honest with people who knew him and didn't want to be notorious because of a lie. Yes, that was his problem and he didn't know this a good thing or not. He had seen many people who lied to each other very easily because of a void thing, "Money". Yes, he hated money because it made people wild and enforced them to do something that they didn't even know how much they were capable to go forward to reach the filthy money. He swore to himself that he would never sell himself for money.

Tom was spontaneous and he was very interested in history and sociology. He also studied literature, politics and many other sciences alongside them. At school, he was very silent and he didn't have many friends because studying made him intelligent and he didn't want to spend time purposelessly. This fact made him very lonely and he spent most of his time in the library near his family's house. But he had a good friend, Rose. Rose was an athlete and she liked Tom because of his curiosity and so much knowledge he had. That's why she never left him alone and sometime she came and spent her time with him. Tom was completely comfortable when she was near him because he had someone who can listen to his ideas and speak. Sharing knowledge with somebody and listening to the other ideas made Tom very flexible and strong. This skill helped Tom proceed with his successful path of gaining knowledge and accustom with new ways to create a solution for every problem.

Tom's father had a friend named Russell. He was working at the government but Tom's father didn't know what exactly he was doing and he wasn't interested in asking him. But Russell always showed something strange in the middle of every conversation such as leaving the conversation, creating a false plea, acting sick, etc. Tom's father was suspicious about that but he knew all the people who work for the government are strange. He never insisted on anything to ask Russell about why he was doing strange but everything was completely obvious. One day, when Russell came to Tom's family house, his father wasn't there and the maids had told Russell he should wait there or leave because Tom's father would come late. Russell decided to wait there and he approached Tom and started talking to him. He asked many questions about anything he could imagine and Tom answered all of them with full pleasure. But Russell found out something unique about Tom and it was his great knowledge. He thought to himself, maybe in a near future, this boy could help his country. So he decided to talk about this matter to Tom's Father.

Tom's father came home and Russell started talking to him about Tom. Russell offered him a good future for Tom. Tom's father thought a little to himself and accepted the offer. So they decided to send Tom to a private school to learn new skills that hadn't taught anywhere else. So Tom's father told him to prepare himself for a new life but he wasn't very happy because he knew he would never see his son as he was before. The next day, a good-looking lady came and took Tom to the private school named "Future Spies". Yes, Tom was going to be a great spy but he didn't know anything about it and nobody welcomed him at school.

In this school, there were a hundred students and all of them were very intelligent but somebody showed his/her talent and the others not. But Tom didn't have anything to hide because most of the time, he was very silent and nobody felt his existence. Tom had settled in the room with three other students. One of them came forward and welcomed Tom and presented herself as Alice. Alice was the oldest member in this room and had a responsibility to the others. She managed everything they wanted but also she got punished solely. Alice had a lot of information about military equipment and nobody had the same as her. She was a lovely girl and very polite and she was from a very rich family. She always shared everything with her roommates. Tom felt a little comfortable with this new situation but the other roommates weren't very glad to have a new roommate. Jack and Gina were the other roommates and they were very mean and of course, they were twins.

Alice showed Tom all around the school to give him a motivation for the next step. Of course, this performance was provided and dictated by the managers of the school in Alice to impress Tom. But Tom had a really strange feeling about the new situation which he couldn't explain it to anyone else. Sometimes Tom's father called him and talked to him to support him mentally but Tom didn't find a good friend to share his thought with him/her. There were a lot of new methods and studies and the other things he must learn but he encouraged himself to be strong and cleared his mind to learn better than anyone else. Alice didn't have a deep influence on Tom and she wasn't happy about that because she could always find a way to infiltrate anyone's mind but Tom was completely a hard challenge.

Jack and Gina were very good at martial arts and they were the leaders in this field. The martial arts trainer always let them teach the others the new techniques. Tom wasn't very interested in this field but he had to learn something and improve himself which would be necessary in a near future in some cases. So he tried to be calm and focused on this but Jack was very hard on him and he was always his opponent. Fortunately, Gina told his brother to avoid hurting Tom for the next consequences and he had agreed with her. Tom slowly learned a little technique and asked the trainer to leave this class because he didn't want to continue. The trainer told him you must be strong and keep going forward even it's against your will. Tom thought a little about that and decided to continue and be the best.

 There was a good sociologist teacher in there named Robert Mc. Trunk. After some surveillance on Tom's progress, he found out to lead Tom to a better field. He decided to speak with the principal about Tom. He explained his thoughts and predictions about Tom's future and the principal decided to share this matter with the board. After some days, the principal declared the results of the council and the conclusion for Tom's future was positive. All of Tom's curriculum changed because he had to proceed to a new field which he didn't have any idea about that. These decisions always took place in different progress procedure of every student that's why school always had a good output and reliable members after years.

In all among of the courses, Tom was very interested in about East history and sociology. This was the first step he took about the East and he was very glad to search about different dimensions of East events. He learned that the world divided into three parts: Modern World, Sub-Modern World, and Retarded World. He found that East countries were in the third group and he was very confused why they were in this group against their very rich background and culture. He started searching and learning more about this matter but nobody had useful information. So he decided someday to go to East and explore there and find the real things he wanted, meaning the experience of the real facts. He spoke with his history teacher and discussed the low knowledge about East and showed him his future plans. Tom's teacher was very happy to see that one of his students had great dreams about gaining the real information and decided to speak about it to the principal.

Time passed very fast and Tom learned many things. His roommates' progress was very good too and they had a great future too. The principal declared a competition to scale the ability of the students. So they prepared many examinations and contests to study the students and lead them in a better way. These competitions were a tradition at school and took place more often. But there were some medals, promotions and many great things for the first three excellent students. So Tom didn't care about it but his roommates were very eager and they were trying to strengthen their abilities to reach and win the best stands.

The competition started and all the participants were very excited about this contest but some of the students like Tom didn't care about it. There were four-level examinations and the participants should pass them one by one and get points. All of the participants got surprised because the examinations weren't what they thought. There were a lot of analytic questions and they didn't know how to answer them because they were very hard and completely out of their study resources. They tried to answer all the questions with every hardness but they have no idea what the results would be. In the meantime, Tom very relaxed answered all the questions and delivered his answer sheet and went to the library to study what he wanted.

After a few days, the results declared on the main board. Every student was very excited to see who had won the prizes. Alice, Jack, and Gina were the winners and Alice won the first prize and stood on the first stand. Tom didn't even check the results but he knew such these competitions didn't work in a real world, so he kept studying to reach better information. All of the students participated in a school ceremony and Tom joined there too. Tom saw someone who knew him better than him. Yes, that was Rose. She came forward and hugged Tom and told him that she was very glad to see him again. Tom asked her how she participated there. She told him, after hearing about what happened to him, she decided to come to this school and be a patriot to serve her country just like him. Tom smiled at her and left the ceremony.

After a lot of experience and gaining knowledge during the school's courses, Tom had prepared for a big and new purpose and that was serving to his country. Robert introduced Tom to new people who they were very skillful in their work and they had a very good observation to choose a newbie for a new job. So in the meantime, a woman named Ruby Clark came forward and started to talk about changing regime with Tom. She asked him a lot of question about different dimensions of changing regime and Tom answered very well and absorbed her attention. Ruby asked Tom about his new colleague and he was surprised that he knew his colleague very well. Yes, she was Rose. Ruby knew Rose very well and taught her extraordinarily to choose the right decisions in very hard situations. That's why she chose rose to help Tom in his future works.

A fighter named Eliza Taylor came to the school from the government. The principal discussed with her for two hours and she left. The principal invited the board to choose someone for the mission. They chose some nominations for it and one of the nominees was Tom. So they decided to draw on choosing the final person and the chosen was Tom. The principal summoned Tom to his office and told him the matter. Tom accepted it and prepared himself for the mission. Eliza called the principal to be aware of the result and she said the chosen should have a colleague who can help the chosen one. The principal chose Rose and declared to her. Rose also prepared herself and she was very happy to work with her best friend. Tom and Rose both were completely ready but this was their mission which they both didn't know what it is.

Eliza took them to a place to teach them the redlines. They spent months there to learn what Eliza wanted and the determined time came. They had a mission in one the Muslim countries to study their culture and find the blind spot of their community. This was the mission they had and of course, that was very hard for the first mission. So they prepared themselves and went to the new world to find out what it is there. They knew this is not a fun adventure rather it was very dangerous if the people or government found out their mission. So they planned to behave cautiously and report their progress weekly to their boss. Eliza had prepared some liaisons to have a direct relationship with them because their mission was very sensitive and their information was very precious to the government.

Tom's mission was to collect culture information and Rose's mission was to take photos of important places. Days passed and they collected so many information about anything they could imagine. They sent them to Eliza weekly and the government was completely satisfied with their mission and supported them in any kind of gaining useful information. Tom and Rose were satisfied too because they had accustomed to their new world and they had a good relationship with the people there but they were also very cautious to hide their real intention. In the meantime, Tom was suspicious about something but he didn't know exactly what it was. So Tom started to study every step carefully to reach and find out what the real purpose of their mission is.

 After a little effective study, Tom found out what their mission really is. He tried to show Rose why they are in this mission but Rose told him that she doesn't care. Tom sent a message about his matter to Eliza and the government summoned Rose abruptly. Rose was put aside of the mission and Tom should continue his mission and the new situation was very strange to him. He received a clear program that explained everything he wanted to know. Finally, he found out what he should do. He went out to clear his mind and accepted this mission to himself that he should do that but it wasn't easy for him. He came back to his place and decided to continue completely specific and correct.

Tom started to find some orphans. He searched everywhere to find good ones. Days passed but he couldn't find right ones. He decided to find his cases in little villages. He went to some villages and finally, he found some good intelligent orphans who he exactly wanted. He gathered them and prepared them to send to his mother country. First, he sent a message to Eliza and told her what he has done. Then, he prepared the arrangements to come back to his country with his new companies. So the determined day came and they got on an airplane and went to their destiny. When they arrived, Eliza with her team waited for their arrival. It looked, Eliza, was very happy to see what a great work Tom had done and showed him how much she was happy about this progress and success.

Since Tom arrived in his country, he was very confused about all the things he had done in the new world. But he still felt philanthropy in himself and he couldn't accept the universal political equations. So he tried to suffocate them in himself before it became worse. He took another mission and did the same as before. Years passed and he did what the government wanted but he could never suffocate the philanthropy in himself. Suddenly he informed about the massacre in one of the missions he had done before on TV. Yes, he recognized his roommates Jack and Gina who ran this disastrous incident. He thought a little about what he had done but it was too late to act anything to make everything right. He saw the regime there changed and a puppet agent took the power there and started to do what Tom's government wanted. They started to plunder the country and the miserable people there didn't know even what had happened there. Tom saw a deep disaster and infra-animal action by his government and he couldn't bear what he had done before. He was very depressed and really sorry for himself and much more for his government.

Tom found out,  the children he brought before to his country, now they were at the head of the government on that country he had a mission. He was really upset because this treacherous actions and he couldn't bear it. He saw that children were plundering their country to serve Tom's country to enrich the people here and perish their people. This was an unforgivable action that he couldn't deal with it. The ignorant people thought the new dictators in that country were really ruthless but they didn't know that their comfortable lives were under perishing another people somewhere else. This was the real fact that Tom never believed it, his people were really ignorant and never thought about the real things because they didn't research about anything. This was a real disaster in Tom's society that never would change because the public was really ignorant to find the truth. So he concluded, the real thing in all around the world is the knowledge that keeps philanthropy not anything else.

Tom informed by the news that Jack and Gina executed by the new regime in the former country he had a mission there. So this was a very bad news for him. He thought deeply about what had happened to all of his roommates. He started searching for them and found all of them were dead somehow strange that he couldn't understand this was accidental. He searched more and reached out the truth. All of the causes was because of his government. He wrote a letter and sent it to his superior Eliza and threatened the government about publishing his story but nobody answered. One day he was coming out of the supermarket, Rose approached him. She pulled out her gun, shot Tom and killed him. She ran away from the murder scene and nobody caught her. This was a sad story of a man who destroyed someone else country to benefit his country but politicians couldn't bear any unexpected matters and react by erasing physically under any situations.

The End

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