The Super Box - In Mermaidiya

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its about a girl who becomes the queen of the beautiful magical place and adventure that follows.....

Submitted: June 20, 2018

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Submitted: June 20, 2018




 In Mermaidiya

Ina was missing her fairy friends back in Fairysplace. She looked inside the black box everyday but she always found it empty. A few days later, when Ina’s parents went out again, leaving her alone in the house for a week, she saw a bright, multicoloured light coming out of the black box. She smiled and looked inside the box and something pulled her inside. She was shooting up in the sky, happy that she was going to see her fairy friends again. She was again surrounded by the beautiful greenery and her clothes changed into a beautiful dress and Ina again got her pretty little wings. Ina’s unicorn came galloping to her and Ina hugged it. A little fairy saw Ina and said,``Are you coming after a long time? Because I never saw you.’’ Ina decided to play with the fairy for a while. She asked the fairy,``Who are you, miss?’’ The fairy replied,``I’m Sub-Princess Zoey Fairista, daughter of Sub-Queen Zina Fairista.







 Our real queen, known as Queen Ina Royalfairy is expected to arrive here anytime soon and my mother has went to check the arrangements in the palace for our queen.’’ Just then Zina Fairista arrived there with preperations to take the queen to the castle. Zina looked at Ina and said,`` Welcome back to Fairyslace, Queen Ina Royalfairy.’’ Zoey stared at Ina for a while and then she said,``I apologize for the way I talked to you,Queen Ina Royalfairy.’’  Ina said, ``It’s OK. You didn’t know it was me.’’ Ina flew to the palace and rested there for sometime. After resting,Zina came to meet Ina in her room. Zina said to Ina,``Queen Ina, we wanted to ask you wether you are interested in going to Mermaidiya, the land of mermaids. They are our friends. Their queen, Mermiya Royalmer wanted to meet you. Do you want to go there?’’ Ina said,``I would love to go there. Please tell them I would come tommorow. Please make arrangements.’’ The next day, Ina got ready to leave for Mermaidiya.


As soon as Ina reached Mermaidiya, she was welcomed by the royal household of Mermaidiya. A mermaid came to Ina and said, ``Welcome to Mermaidiya, Queen Ina Royalfairy. I am Mashy Mermy and I am going to take care of you while you are here. I will be your guide.’’


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Ina was given a candy to eat so that she could breathe underwater for three days. She was also given a few extra to keep in her bag, just in case. Mashy said, ``If you are not tired, we can go to Mermaidmemo, the place where the first mermaid is said to be made by MeryMerFish. She also lived there till other mermaids were made. After that, we can go to Fishpark, where you can meet our queen. Ina said she wasn’t tired. So, Mashy and Ina went to Mermaidmemo.

Mermaidmemo was a calm beautiful place which was a building-like structure made of strong water plants and sea salts. (The sea salts in The Invisible Skies are different from that on Earth.) Then they went to Fishpark, where Ina was supposed to meet Mermiya Royalmer. There were many types of fish over there and many mermaids were exercising over there. Some mermaids had come to meet Ina as she was the one who had defeated the very powerful Mighty Queen Evil (Read the first book.) and was quite popular in The Invisible Skies. Many mermaids took her autographs. After some time, Queen Mermiya Royalmer reached Fishpark to meet Ina.


Mermiya said, `` Welcome Queen Ina Royalfairy to Mermaidiya. We hope you enjoy here. Do you like the garland on my neck? Do you like my hair? Do you like my tail dress? I GOT my mirror here to check my makeup. And do you….. do you……’’ Mashy whispered to Ina,`` Our queen is a fashion lover. She would fill you up with her fashion for these three days.’’ Then Mashy and Ina giggled. After that Ina went to The Great Palace of Mermaidiya, where the royal families of Mermaidiya and their guests stay. Inaa took a short nap and then decided to take out her baggage. Then she decided to take out her baggage. Ina’s room had a double bed. Actually, there was not a ingle place in Mermaidiya where there might be a single bed. The mermaids needed extra space to rest their long tails. Ina opened one of her bags and saw….. `` Zoey!?! What are you doing here?’’ Zoey said,`` I really wanted to see Mermaidiya. So that is why I hid in your bag and made holes in your bag to breathe.’’ I slept for sometime and then I heard that if I need to breathe in Mermaidiya I have to eat this candy you put in your bag.’’ Ina asked Zoey,`` Did you tell your mother?’’ Zoey said, `` I told my mom I am going to my friend’s house for three days.’’ Ina said,`` But you shouldn’t have told the lie. You are going back to Fairysplace right now. Then Zoey started crying loudly and said,`` I always wanted to discover new land. But mom says a Sub- Princess shouldn’t be like this. You must hide me in your bag and take me everywhere. I want to see all the places in Mermaidiya. Please…..’’’Ina hesitated and then said,`` All right. But you will go back and tell your mother the truth. I don’t want your mother know the truth from someone else. That is why I am hiding you and taking you everywhere.’’ Then Ina smiled and said,`` I like your desire to travel, Zoey.’’


The next day, Mermiya and Ina had breakfast together. Ina told Mermiya about the Earth and Fairysplace. Mermiya told Ina about Mermaidiya and talked a little about fashion. Ina was sitting in Mermiya’s room.

The room had magical beds. If Mermiya wanted the beds to separate, they would. Her dressing table and mirror could be of any size and even the things inside it could. Mashy was going to take ina around Mermaidiya and then after that they had to attend a party in the palace. So her schedule was something like this.




Watering Tower of Fish


Stylemers mall


Mesus Christines Church


Palace Annual Party



Ina carried Zoey in her bag everywhere. The Watering Tower of Fish was made of Tornafish, a special kind of fish found only in Invisible Skies. They moved round and round all the time and ate sea foam and bubbles only. Ina had seen the Leaning Tower of Pisa and it looked just like that. Even the name kind of sounded familiar. There was a beautiful garden surrounding it. After sometime Ina and Mashy reached Stylemers mall. Mashy laughed and said, ``The Queen specially included it specially in your tour list.’’ They shopped in the mall and then finally went to Mesus Christines Church. It was a very peaceful place and there was a big statue of Mesus  Christines over there.



Ina and Mashy came back to the palace to get ready for the party. Zoey was fast asleep in the bag. She looked really cute.




Ina got ready for the party and left Zoey sleeping in the room. She danced and talked with Mashy and Mermiya. Mermiya was dressed elegantly.



  They had a great time. Suddenly, everyone heard a loud crash. A small fairy was seen coming down from the stairs. Her eyes were shut and her hands were leading the way. Everyone stared. Ina slapped her head. Guess who was it? It was Zoey! Ina had left the keys on the door and Zoey opened the door while sleepwalking and came out. She crashed to a table with a glass vase on it and the vase came crashing down. After a lot of explaining and Zoey crashing on another vase, everything resolved and the party started again. Zoey and Ina returned to Fairysplace and Zina was very proud. She said, `` My child went to Mermaidiya nd had bonding with the people over there and knew them better at such an early age. She has a lot of courage. I am proud of you Zoey. You will become a good Sub- Queen by travelling. Travel more.’’ Ina and Zoey told Zina everything except a bit about the sleepwalk. Ina was teleported back home and all her homework was completed magically. Her parents came back home and hugged her.Now Ina will meet you when she goes back to Invisible Skies for another adventure. Until then, Goodbye!

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