Confessions of a Clumsy Teenager (Upadated July 2 2018)

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Hey, so I will be writing events that actually happened in my life. Mostly college.

Submitted: June 20, 2018

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Submitted: June 20, 2018



I am 17 years old. i got into my dream college. i know that's a cliche story. but yeah it happened.and as a payment I had sacrificed a lot of things. Many worse things happened to me. my best friends turned into my worst enemy. it was almost a nightmare. but she never respected my friendship so I took revenge by ignoring her. i realized i could be the sweetest friend but if someone broke my heart i would give them the worst time time of their life. because come on you cant wait till karma takes action. So coming towards the present. I joined my dream college. I was a small town girl. I knew the challenges I would face in this college. I knew that if I had joined some college near my hometown I would have shone but whats the use in being the best among the worst here at least I would learn to develop and be confident. let me tell you something. I am a virgin and I am proud of it. I have never dated. didn't have any guy friends. but I have had crushes of course. seriously crush are the best things that can ever happen to you. I believed in step by step things Education. Career. Job. Love. Marriage. I was focused. I knew I wanted to pursue the psychology with all my heart. so here I am on the first day in college attending an orientation.  I had a terrible day I was overwhelmed with every one and everything.i lost the little confidence I had. I was a sweet girl. but I won't allow anyone to bully me.  i wouldn't hesitate to punch anyone. i was so proud of myself till i entered  college. everything tumbled. i began questioning my existence .shocks to me were how people were not as warm as they were back in my place. the warmth was completely not there. i was able to find friends but i felt i lost myself in my class. i hated them so much. i hated so many of them . i hardly spoke to guys though now i went to a co-ed college. i began becoming antisocial. but then I discovered that I was an introvert and I like being that.  In my blood@Shawn Mendes

Chapter 2

College was a perfect way to discover me. I was slowly getting used to it. I hardly spoke much and spoke only when it was required. I already had two crushes. and one guy in my class who I felt sorry for and wanted to help him. but eventually ending up falling in love with him. so let me tell about my crushes. one was a  sports player. he was what we would call dark and mysterious he was my immediate senior but I hardly got to see him. these guys made my day by just existing. the other guy was a piano player. I was auditioning and he auditioned and I fell for him. it was just like those romance books and episode games we used to play(the piano guy and the sports guy). of course, they both know I don't exist at least the piano guy can recognise me. this guy in my class who I am falling for is so cute. I really wanna keep speaking to him but he seems quite aloof. he is from the state I live in. I wasn't the person who used to do crazy stuff I was what people would call prim and proper. but I had had enough. I decided to do some crazy stuff.

The Sports Guy:

during orientation, he didn't give us much advice just one line that I will carry till my grave "Balance your studies and sports"( Ok till I graduate". of course I didn't try for sports but I applied it for other extracurricular activities I started rushing out of class whenever I got the opportunity to spot my sports guy as we were in the same building. but I couldn't see him at all. turns out he was a loner. coz whenever I see him he is alone. it made me fall harder for him. I could relate to him and the need to be alone. but I haven't seen him for a while. it's a huge campus. it's so difficult to locate your best friends itself. so hope I see him soon. 

PS: of course, I walk near the playground and search him. I am a  hopeless romantic.

The Piano Guy:

i made a first good impression on him. so that's a heads up. he was impressed that I had a learnt a piano. he's so perfect. but he was out of my league. but that doesn't stop me from trying. as I told you I am a hopeless romantic.but he doesn't study in my college. he must be at least 25 years old. but who cares. Hope I get selected.

PS; I tried the saxophone

The 'Might Be The One' Guy; 

So let's start with saying this guy reminds me of my dad. that's one of the reasons I fell for him. he so cute. he is let's say a nerd. but I love him so much. with all my heart. hope he sees me that way. because he's a really good guy. he doesn't swear at all and doesn't. He's my Captain America. we just talking today and bumped into each other a lot today. has destiny got something lined for us hopes so fingers crossed. 

PS: He is really nice and hardly speaks to girls.

Don't blame me@Taylor Swift. Toodles....


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