Die Before Me

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Why must I watch everyone else die before me?

Submitted: June 20, 2018

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Submitted: June 20, 2018



Someone's going to die. 

"It's creepy how you always know that." I knew that. I had known that for three years now – known when someone was going to die. How they were going to die. And where they were going to drop dead. Of course, I kept most of that information to myself. It was of no use to let everyone know that I was essentially a death whisperer. 

Especially when you couldn’t alter the future. Once the Reaper had set eyes on you – you couldn't escape. Hence, I just always said the one sentence, 

Someone's going to die. 

It kept people away from me and it kept me from trying something stupid. Last time I tried saving someone, I nearly died. The fucking Reaper almost took my head off. In short, there was this long battle but since I'm basically his bitch, he can't kill me. Not yet, anyway. 

My best mate leaned in, "You know who it is, don't you?" 

I did. But I wasn't going to tell him or anyone else. I let a deep sigh escape as I watched a young man in black tattered clothing play the piano in the corner. He wasn't really there. Just an apparition of what was yet to come. 

It always happened. Some stranger in black clothing that seemed to have gone through the war appeared singing some heart-wrenching song, weaving a tale of the next death. I freaked out the first few times but now it was just common. I ignored it.  

The only problem I had was that this was the fifth death in town. This week.  

"Come on. Just let me know who." Silence. "Fine, tell me this then. You're the grim reaper, aren't you?" 

He had an unhealthy obsession with the grim reaper. He would meet him soon enough, unfortunately. I shook my head, glad though, that I didn't have that occupation.  

No, I was more of – the messenger. Terrible job. Letting people know that death was near with no power to stop it. 

You might wonder how I came upon such a task. 

Well it's simple really. And it's a curse more so than a gift. Because, while I'll leave for a very long time – death will always follow. 

You see, I watched someone die once. And I didn't help. No one did. But because I was there for their very last breath... I must now watch everyone else die as well. 

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