The Witch and The Knight (Short Short Story)

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The Witch and The Knight. Tell me the world you see.

Submitted: June 20, 2018

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Submitted: June 20, 2018



The Witch and The Knight



  When I met you for the first time, we were enemies, and my blade had nearly touched your flesh. I’ve fallen for your spell and unmatched beauty, even if you’ve been on this world longer than any human. With your spells you keep yourself young, you keep me from dying with every battle I have. 

  Your voice is heavenly, your eyes are sapphires, and how could one stay mad once the brim of your hat tilts to hide the eyes that sparkle. And now, here we stand, fugitives of the kingdom. I’ve conquered much for you, even Fell a couple of times to have you bring me back.

  We both lay a hand on the altar, then with our free hand we hold onto each other’s. “I do,” you whisper as I speak the same words. Because, it was all for you. From start to finish. 

  Now, within our home I sneak behind you, my sword in my hand, you turn as I thrust it through your chest. “Galahad,” you sigh as purple blood drips from your lips.

  “I’ll one day have you slay...”

  “But not today, my love.” She whispers a spell that forces my sword out to reveal no wound, she slowly wipes her lips, then kisses me gently. “You should really stop doing that. Now, what would you like for dinner?”

  “What would you like for dinner?” The spell makes me repeat...

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