This Road Has Secrets (Part 1)

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Thriller and Horror, transgressional violence

Freddie gets a phone call from home, his father passed away unexpectedly so Freddie chooses to makes the 4 hour drive alone from Denver to Creede, Colorado for the funeral and to spend time with
family. The funeral is in five days so he take a scenic road, and late in the night he is the only one on the road when his car breaks down and he's stranded. After an hour of trying to find signal
for a phone call, he decides to walk. After a while, he hears cries out in the desert and soon discovers a woman just a step away from death's door, no memory of who she is or what happened and he
is compelled to help her. But he soon finds that there is more to her story and is in a fight for his life.


Lightning struck violently through the dark sky like a windshield cracking to pieces, and a clap of thunder quickly followed. The rain was pouring like a monsoon, he had the wipers turned up all the way and still could barely see the road. It was almost midnight and Freddie hadn't seen another vehicle since he had turned off the main highway and onto this back road, that was two hours ago. Monday morning his mother had called him to tell him that his father had passed away unexpectedly, and the funeral would be held that weekend. Freddie had vacation time coming up so he decided to take it that week and leave Denver for his hometown in Creede, Colorado. He figured he'd either do some scenic driving or get there early to spend time with family and friends he hadn't seen in over five years since he moved to Denver.
He'd been awake for over twenty-four hours and it had definitely started to wear on him as he found it more and more difficult to keep his eyes open. He needed to find a motel or somewhere to stop for a few hours and get some sleep, he also needed to find a gas station as his car was getting low on fuel. He cursed under his breath, he hadn't been able to find his GPS device before he left and his phone couldn't find any signal. He began to wish  he had stayed on the main highway, at least he would've been near other vehicles and probably had signal, and a gas station.

The clock on his dashboard soon hit 1 o’clock, it was now Wednesday morning and he was certain his car was running on fumes at this point. And just as that thought crept into his mind, he felt his car come to a slow stop as it ran completely out of gas. He was able to get it off to the side of the road, slapping the steering wheel and cursing at himself for not getting gas before he left Denver, then he cursed again for leaving the main highway.  He grabbed his phone and checked it for signal, nothing at all so he threw it in the backseat before sitting there and thinking to himself. After a few minutes of thinking and being angry with the situation, he decided to use it to his advantage and leaned his seat all the way back to take a bit of a nap. It was still raining hard and that sounded so good against the car, it put him out fast.

Freddie woke up sweating and barely able to breath, he quickly looked at his watch and realized it was almost noon and hot, the rain had finally let up just enough to be a light drizzle. He looked around, still no cars and for a moment he assumed nobody had been on that road until he noticed strange smudge marks on the rear window, they were dark color…at first he thought maybe mud. Had somebody been by and tried to wake him? He reached over and grabbed his phone and with a sigh of annoyance he got out of the car. Before he locked the car, he made sure he had his keys, wallet, phone and small backpack with a couple bottles of water, some candy bars and a couple bags of chips. He walked around to the back of the car and looked more closely at the smudge marks, the sun had just started to rise so he had to pull his phone out and use his flashlight to get a better look. It was hard to tell but they marks looked like hand prints from small hands, not a kid’s hands but a woman. He back away and looked around, wondering if he might see tracks on the ground but he had no idea what to look for other than something obvious. After a few minutes of standing there, he decided to start walking in the direction he was headed when his car died. He was more of a city boy, and realized this as he began to hear the night life as they were finding their homes and preparing to sleep. The coyotes scared the shit out of him, it sounded like they were all around him and he now regretted leaving his gun at home.

He had walked for about two or 3 hours and he was getting tired. He looked at his phone and it read 3:25 and his battery was down to 40%, he couldn’t help but roll his eyes. He was all alone out in some sort of desert Farista and Apache City, and still not a car in sight. Suddenly, something stopped him in his tracks and he tried to mentally focus on his sight, to see out in the distance. It looked like smoke, a large amount of really dark smoke coming from one particular spot about a hundred feet from him. He started running toward it, hoping he’d find somebody else out there.

“Hello! Anybody out there?” He called out as loud as he could and waited, nothing.

“Help me!”…..

He heard a woman’s voice calling out in the same direction as the smoke, he ran faster. As he got closer he realized the smoke was coming from a car that was on it’s side, the driver must’ve lost control of the car. This far out, they had to have been driving around 100 mph, he kept scanning the ground and area just ahead of him, keeping an eye out for whoever called out for help. Suddenly he realized the voice had stopped; he slowed down to a walk as he got closer to the car, suddenly he nearly tripped over something large; he looked down and it was a woman lying on the ground unconscious. He knelt down and rolled her onto her back; her clothes were torn to rags and she had scratches and bruises all over her body and some of the wounds were still bleeding, he looked down at her feet and noticed no shoes or even socks and her feet looked like she had been walking out there for days.

“Hey! Are you okay, can you hear me?” He asked as he tried to shake her awake.

All of a sudden the woman’s eyes opened wide and she started to scream and scratch at him, he held on to her and tried to calm her down without getting scratched all over his face.

“It’s okay, I’m not going to hurt you! Please calm down, just calm down and relax.” He pleaded as calmly as he could.

“Where am I?” She whispered roughly.

“Um, well you’re out in like the middle of nowhere between Farista and Apache City, where did you come from?” He asked her.

“Water, I need a drink of water.” She begged him.

He reached around and pulled his backpack over his shoulder and grabbed a bottle of water from it, after opening it he handed the bottle to her. She drank nearly all of the contents before she stopped and lowered the bottle from her lips.

“Thank you, thank you so much for finding me.” She whispered just before she passed out again.


(To be Continued.....)

Submitted: June 20, 2018

© Copyright 2020 Lady-Wolf. All rights reserved.

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