Parked Panic

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Ailia and her friend Sariah are bored during summer time. It's just started and they have no clue what to do. So Ailia suggests going to an old park that she liked. What ends up happening there
would make their day a lot more exciting.

Submitted: June 20, 2018

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Submitted: June 20, 2018



Parked Panic!


I realized one thing, and only one thing, about summer vacation. It might not be something that a lot of kids agree on, and it was something that took me awhile to figure out. SUMMER IS BORING! Seriously, it started about five days ago. I still haven’t done much of anything. I mean sure, there’s the small stuff, like some math, and spanish that I do for practice, and taking care of my cat. I did go to the zoo with my dad two days ago, and that was fun. Seeing the animals always is a relaxing time. The way the lions pounce on each other is so adorable, and the little lizards and koalas! SO CUTE! Sometimes I wish humanity was as simple as the animal kingdom was. But, then we wouldn’t have such delicious food, so I guess it’s a win/lose. Despite this, I had to do something. I remember how I came up with the plan, so I’ll tell you as I’m waiting.


It was yesterday, monday. Second week since my tenth year of high school got out. I won’t go too much into that, aside from one thing. THE SCHOOL FOOD IS GARBAGE. Honestly, I’m sorry to everyone out there who likes cafeteria food, but I just can’t stand it. The main reason being that I ate it for my whole ninth year, because I didn’t want to make my own food and my parents didn’t have time to make it for me. I figured that the high school food would be better than middle school, right? Jesus was I wrong. It was pretty much the same. I mean it was kinda better, some of the dishes were more appealing I guess, but still. Out of all the money that schools don’t use, how about getting better and more appetizing food supplies? They want us to be filled so we can think properly, right? So why not put in the effort to give us good stuff to chow on? Then we can eat more of it, and be even more ready to learn? But they don’t do this and that’s why I started to bring my own lunches, when I could. It can be hard sometimes with homework, and hiking club. But I try to make it work as much as possible. Anway, I’m getting off topic.


So I was lying in bed, deciding what to do, when a thought hit me. I remembered a park that my father had taken me to a few months ago, during the Thanksgiving break. It was a nice place, from what I could salvage from my memory. I remember the breeze blowing my blue hair around in a frenzy, feeling nice on my lightish skin. My dad would say that my light green eyes wouldn’t stop darting around, looking at the buildings. I knew that they had a lot of museums there, but about what I couldn’t exactly remember. So I decided that going there could be a nice thing to do, since I didn’t know what else there was. But I wouldn’t go alone, not if I could help it. I grabbed my Iphone, and texted my friend, Sariah.

“ Hey girl, you doin something tomorrow?”

“ No, not particularly. Why?”
“ Me neither, u wanna hang out?”
“ Like what?”
“ The uh…” I quickly looked up the name of the park. “ The Balbian Park! That’s it!”
“ Where?”
“ You know the place with the museums, and the big ass water fountains?”
“ OH, I think. You wanna go there?”
“ NO, I was just asking you about it because I wanted to know if there were any hot guys there to whisk away to merry land.”
“ You serious?”
“ NO! I DO want to go together, for fun! I’m bored!”
“ XD. Alright alright, I get it. Ah… yeah sure, I can go. What the hell, right?”
“ Yeah. Can I bring the suits?”
“ Why?”
“ Because it might be cool to wear them at some point, I dunno.”
“ I mean, if you wanna, just let’s not almost get thrown in jail this time please?”
“ I won’t, I promise.”
“ You admit it WAS you!”
“ NO! Just… let’s meet up at the bus stop tomorrow, ok?”
“ Alright, fine. See ya then.”
“ Bye!”


I was happy to have something to do. Going to a park might not be high on the interesting levels with current day teenagers, all about Fornite and whatnot. Bleh, that’s whatever to me. I think actually seeing the outside world everyone once in awhile is good, you know? The rest of my day wasn’t that exciting. So I’ll skip to right now, I’m waiting at the bus station. It’s a cold day honestly, which is why I have a black jacket on, and red leathery pants. I had on a little backpack in which I held some water bottles, my credit card, and the suits. Yes, I have a credit card at sixteen! It’s one of those things that your parents have to watch how much money you spend since they don’t trust you. Stupid, I can be responsible! Like that time I spent over a hundred dollars at a candy store…. Ok bad example, but you get it! Anyway, after about five minutes, Sariah finally sat down next to me. She looked good, in a blue jacket, green pants. Red hair dangling down her back, black eyes humorous as always. Her dark skin letting you know how much she loves oreos. I’m not kidding. One time she ate fifteen in a row at my house without taking a break. That was insane. Thankfully I didn’t need to call the police.

“ Yo, Ailia, what up?” She asked as she sat down.

“ Hey Sariah, not much. Just trying to figure out what to do for this damn summer.” She let out a laugh.

“ You know, that is EXACTLY what I was thinking too! It’s so dumb right? During school you have all this stuff to do, and you get stressed, wishing it would go away. Then, once it does, you are left with nothing to do at all, and you get confused and annoyed.”
“ Yes! Thank you! Someone gets it. And we aren’t old enough to have jobs, are we?”
“ Actually, I think we are.”
“ WHAT? Seriously? What kinds?”
“ Girl, I dunno! Whatever is available! You just need to look online and see what there is.”
“ Online, right. Then the Screenslaver will hypnotize me.”
“ Pfft, I dunno, Ms. Incredible.”
“ Shut up, as if I would be that strong.”
“ Yeah you are, that last time at the bank-”
“ SHHHHHHHHHH, the bus is here!”
“ Oh!” Sariah clamped her hands over her mouth as a typical yellow and black bus arrived. I gave him money to take us Balbian Park.


The ride there, was the usual fair on the bus. The kids in front of wouldn’t stop blowing bubbles. They covered the entire bus I swear. Some old lady across from us yelled at them to stop, but that only halted them for about two minutes. Because more bubbles were erected from the seat again. Sariah and I tried to pop as many as we could, partly to save the other passengers, and because it was fun. This guy, maybe about thirty five, looked like depression when some bubbles flew over to him. Sariah ended up putting on ear pods and listening to music on her phone. I glanced over and saw she was jamming to a remix of Megalovania.

“ Sariah.” I tapped her on the shoulder.

“ What?”
“ What is that song from?”
“ You’re joking right?”
“ No?”
“ Undertale!”
“ Uh, the Earthbound hack thing, right?” Sariah did a face palm.

“ My god it’s more than THAT. But yes, kinda.”
“ Ok, excuse me. Is it good?”
“ Definitely! Remixes are always better!”
“ Are they though?”
“ Certainly. You don’t agree?”
“ I surely do! For some songs.”
“ True. You remember that one boy in math who thought his music was good?”
“ Pent?”
“ Mhm.”
“ Jesus christ!” I definitely didn’t need THAT reminder. This kid Pent literally blasted the class with music he thought was ‘fire.’ Lemme tell you, it was anything but! It made my ears hurt, and everyone else. People tried to tell him what was wrong, but he didn’t listen.


After that lovely bus ride, we stepped out of it to Balbian Park. It was just how I remembered! The space museum in front of us, and past that was the main plaza. A huge water fountain sprayed cool water. Stairs led to the main walkway where you get to the restaurant, history museum, and the Botanical Garden. I liked that place a lot when I was younger. I breathed in the fresh air.

“ Well, you ready to go?” I asked my friend.

“ Yeah sure, let’s go.”
“ Alright! Tag, you’re it!” I tapped her shoulder, and dashed off toward the water fountain.

“ You fucker!” Sariah said jokingly, and ran after me. We ended up circling the fountain about six times before Sariah got me by going the other way. I knew she would do that, I just wasn’t in the mood to win, OK? We both stood together, laughing and breathing heavily. I looked toward the space museum.

“ What about in there?”
“ Sure.” And in we went. I payed for it with my money, which felt good. That place was cool! You saw life models of planes, and cars and ships that went into space. There were these arcade machines that had racing games on them. I totally creamed Sariah on those! She claims I play too many racing games. But hey, it’s not my fault that Mario Kart and Forza are some of the best games of all time. They had a shop there too, where we bought two packets of astronaut ice cream! Seriously, freeze dried ice cream bars. They honestly tasted like cookies, which I enjoyed thoroughly! Sariah wasn’t as into it though.

“ Is this all they get up there? You’d die of heart attack before you’d come back home.”
“ Well, I guess. I would be fine with it though.”
“ I’m not saving you if you die of heart failure.”
“ You sure?”
“ Of course I would save you stupid.”  

“ That’s what I thought!... Thanks.”
“ Mhm.”


After that we checked out the restaurant, since we were both hungry. One thing about this place, OH MY GOD THE FOOD! It was mixture of Mexican and American. With a variety of sandwiches, hamburgers, soups, and beers.
“ Hmm, what do you want Sariah?” I asked, looking over the menu.

“ I think I’ll be getting the…” A full sixty second pause. “ The turkey burger!” She pointed to it on the menu.

“ Sariah, you always get burgers, wherever we are!” I complained, which was true.

“ So? How is that my fault? I have freedom of speech, and with it I say that I get to have burgers as much as  I want!”
“ You’re lucky you have a high metabolism.”
“ So do you girl.”
“ You’re right. Just, why not have some god damn variety for once?”
“ I will… when I feel like it.”
“ Ok sure. Yeah. I’m getting the grilled cheese sandwich. It seems interesting.”
“ See, you are the variety for me!”
“ FOR you? Hell no I’m just getting what I want.”
“ I know!” We both giggled as the waiter came over.

“ What would you girls like?” We both ordered our food, complete with two Dr. Peppers. So as I was saying before, the food was great! I love trying new food in restaurants, and this was no exception! The sandwich was tasty, with white cheese, tomatoes and bacon baked into the bread! How do you even do that? Sariah said her food was good too, if not the USUAL.  Anyway, after that we went to my favorite place, the botanical garden.


I was afraid that we wouldn’t get to use my suits. I was wrong about that, we ended up having to. Whether what happened was a good thing, is debatable. I’ll start with when we got there. The garden is basically a ton of plants all around you, and it’s wonderful! Seriously the freshness you get from all the trees, plants, flowers, dirt, leaves and moistness is something you wouldn’t expect. But it’s real! Both of us spent a good fifteen minutes looking around, taking in the calm atmosphere. Two toddlers kept hiding from their mother behind the smaller bushes. She would yell at them to come out, but all they would do is maneuver between the plants, laughing hysterically. Finally their mother caught them on the other side of the garden. When life is hard, things like this can really make you feel better. Hey, it’s cliche, but true as hell.  But after awhile we got bored, and decided to leave. We were heading for the main exit, when someone started shouting.

“ Everyone, can I have your attention please! EVERYONE! I’M UP HERE!” A boy, about seventeen maybe, was standing on top of a boulder. He was wearing a plain black shirt and pants. He had darker skin, orange eyes and short black hair. He seemed like a candidate for the emo club. But his expression seems to be anger and amusement.

“ Whadda want edgy?” I asked. The boy faced me. He was holding a case in one hand, a white one.

“ What do I want? Well it’s simple. I want two things: to get back at these people, and to have fun while doing so.”
“ The hell does that mean?” Sariah asked.

“ It means REVENGE! I was banned from this park last year, for literally the most pathetic reason you could possibly imagine.”
“ You were climbing all over their stuff?” I asked, the boy got annoyed.

“ No! They told me I was too dangerous! All I wanted was to have fun, and mess around with my stuff in a public place where everyone could see me! Maybe I would be an inspiration for those who are against the use of Mechaniloid suits. But of course they had to bad me since it ‘ wasn’t safe enough.’”

“ So you want what now?”

“ Just to have some fun. I know getting back in won’t be an option, since I was kicked out forever. So instead, I wanna show everyone here what my techno suit can really do!” He pressed a button on his case. It opened up, releasing a swarm of tiny micro bugs that coiled around his arms and body. “ Watch what I can do! Me, Genesisadan!” He was consumed by the bugs, until he was wearing a completely new armor set.


His casual clothes were gone in favor of a steel white and grey mechaniloid tech suit. His hands glowed dark grey as he raised them into the air. Before me or Sariah could say anything, the plants started to move. Really, they did. The stalks and trees grew much longer than what should be possible. Innocent people were grabbed strangled to unconsciousness. Little needles shot out from the trunks, hitting others in the side, causing them to fall over. The whole place erupted in a torrent of screams. I looked at Sariah, and locked eyes with her. We both nodded, and smirked. It was suit time.


I ripped open my pack and pulled out two small pieces of metal. One was orange and the other green. I tossed the green one to Sariah, and put mine to my chest. Sariah did the same. The same thing that happened to Genesis ( I’m not saying the whole name thank you very much) occurred with us. Thousands of nanites filled the outside of our bodies. Once the initial shimmer had dissipated, we were warriors! My mechaniloid suit was mostly black, with some orange glowing lines sprawling across it. Sariah’s was green with some blue spots. It’s not fair that she gets the cooler looking outfit. But I definitely liked the perks that came with these things. I aimed my arm at a thick vine trying to stab a woman. A concentrated plasmic energy bullet shot out of my hand, making a hole in the vine. It slumped to the ground as the woman ran out with her kids. Sariah threw two plasmic frisbees at two trees that were trying to encapsulate a little boy. Yeah, frisbees, like the things you throw at the beach. Except these were not something you could simply catch and throw back, god no. They were light green, and they sliced clean through the bottoms of the trees. The kid managed to get out safely. My friend and I faced Genesis.

“ Alright, is this funny to you?” Sariah asked loudly. The boy chuckled.

“ Sure it is! I don’t mean to kill anyone, I just simply would like to have some fun is all! After all it is shame to have such great power and not use it right? You girls would know since you apparently have some. Where did you find them?”
“ Something my dad had. But it doesn’t concern you.”  I aimed at him. “ We’d been wanting a good reason to use these, but the ideal situation hadn’t risen to us yet. Thanks to you we have one. Meaning it wouldn’t be a bother to smash you up if you continue this!”

“ Ha! You want to do this? What about the damage a battle like this could cause to such a nice place like this?”
“ I… I dunno. But we can’t let you do whatever you want simply because you’re mad at this park!”
“ Yeah! Stop it or you’re done for buddy!” Sariah put in. Genesis put his hands to his hips.
“ Meh, I don’t think so. I’ve decided doing what I wanna do is more fun than listening to other people all the time. So no, I won’t stop.” He pointed a finger at us.


The two exit gates behind us were sealed by large vines. Four trees grew around us, dropping down seeds. They actually hurt a lot, cutting into my suit.

“ Sariah, get the trees, I got the seeds!” I said loudly. She nodded, beginning to cut the trunks. I fired upwards, exploding the seeds before they could hit us. Once Sariah was done, the trees fell away. Genesis was gone from his boulder.

“ What? God damn it where is he?” I asked.

“ Can you survive all this vegetation? Let’s find out!” Genesis said from somewhere up in the trees. It was too dense up there so I couldn’t tell exactly where he was. More vines attacked us, slithering like snakes. Flowers launched sharp petals at us.
“ How the fuck are you changing all this?!” Sariah exclaimed, rolling out of the way as a vine came toward her. She cut it in half with her frisbee, throwing it at another vine.
“ It’s via this suit that was banned some months ago. It allows me to tap into the network of anything, and bring it to life! Similar method to how anthropomorphic transformation works in the labs. Isn’t it great?” Our enemy asked from above us. I shot down two flowers, jumping over a wave of exploding seeds.

“ Not exactly, since you’re insane with it!”
“ Aw, come now. Be nicer and let’s have fun!” More snuck up on us. I blasted six shots into one. As it fell I grabbed onto another as it tried to swipe at me. I swung myself onto its back, placing my hands directly on it and firing. As I landed, more tree spikes barreled toward me. Sariah swung her frisbees in a circular motion, cutting through most of them. She tossed her frisbees at the flowers, cutting them down.  We scanned the tops of the garden for Genesis.


I saw some leaves rustle, and shot quickly. I heard a grunt, and the boy fell. Just before he landed, he summoned a hundred leaves, making a cushion for him. He got up as we readied to attack.

“ Gonna give up now?” I asked. He wiped himself down.

“ Hm, naw. I got more places I wanna have fun with. So stay here!” He opened a hole in the gateway, diving through it. Sariah only managed to skim his leg.

“ Well now what? We have to get out of here and stop that crazy boy!” She sighed. “ Why is it always the boys that cause the most amount of trouble?”

“ Heh, no clue.” I scanned the garden. The other plants seemed to have left along with Genesis. Weird. I noticed a hatch in the roof above us. “ Hey, see that? We can probably climb out of there.”
“ How? Barely anything to climb on now.”
“ You remember that these suits have rocket boots right?”
“ Oh NO! I saw you last time. You went right into the neighbor’s pool!” She was referring to this time I tested out the flying feature on this mechaniloid. I lost control and crashed into the next house’s backyard. That was awkward, especially since it was a pool party going on.

“ I know. But we don’t have many options… or time.”
“ Fine. But I’m going first!”
“ Go ahead!” Sariah bent down a little on her knees. Smoke began to curl out from underneath her heels. Then she suddenly shot upwards like a small rocket. Blue flames carried her to the top. Sariah practically head butted the hatch, which was thankfully opened. I was a bit nervous, considering last time, but I did the same. Out of the grace of the universe, I managed it. Sariah hauled me up onto the roof as I got close.


We both looked down at the main plaza. It wasn’t the same as it was a few minutes ago. The vegetation that had been missing was now growing all around the different buildings and museums. People ran away screaming, getting into their cars. They weren’t the issue, the park itself was.

“ We aren’t about to let this maniac ruin this place are we?” I asked my friend. She shook her head.

“ Definitely not. Wanna go trimming the backyard?”
“ No. I hate doing that.”
“ Me too.” We both jumped off the roof of the botanical garden, using our rocket boots to fly towards the out of control nature. As we flew in, I addressed Sariah.

“ Let’s split up to find him!”
“ Ok! You go right I’ll take left!”
“ I wanted to say that!”
“ Too bad just move!”
“ Hey you’re not my-” I was smacked by a large vine. I hit the ground and rolled over hard. Sariah cut it in half and flew off to the history museum. I got up groggily. Dozens of flowers sprouted around me from the ground. They released seed bullets all at once. I covered my face as the pain hit me, feeling blood trickle down my body as they stuck to me. Then I remember I had abilities to deal with this. I spun around in a twirl, firing off as much as I could. I stopped, feeling pretty dizzy. The flowers were nothing but ash, however my nausea wasn’t. I walked a few feet, and fell, grasping onto something for support. I figured out too late that it was tree I was holding onto. Three coconuts dropped on my head. And jesus christ they felt like 260 pound weights! I nearly blacked out, clutching my head. I blind fired in front of me, blowing a hole in the tree’s base. I nearly rolled out of the way as it fell down next to me.


I waited for a few seconds to get my bearings. Once I was ok, I took to the skies again, shooting down the rest of the vegetation. Maybe the restaurant would benefit from this? More stuff to cook and eat right? Maybe they could call it ‘ Ailiated Vegetables!’ Get it, like Ailia, but- nevermind. I switched on the comms in my helmet, a handy feature.
“ Sariah?”
“ I hear you.”  
“ You ok?”
“ Yup. Just making sure that Christopher Columbus doesn’t get his veggies too early.”
“ Pfft, what about Gene- something?”
“ Not here. Might be in the space museum. Last place to check. Wanna meet up there?”
“ Yeah I’m coming.”  I flew over to the entrance of the space building, where my friend was waiting for me. I collapsed into her arms.
“ Woah? You ok?” She asked.
“ I got hit by some serious coconuts girl.”

“ Really?”
“ Yup. Since when did this place get those kinds of trees?”
“ You know what, I don’t even know. This is so weird.”

“ You can say that again.”
“ You know what, I don’t even know. This is so weird.”
“ Shut up.”
“ Well you sai-”
“ Yes I get it but let’s finish the job please!”
“ What job?”
“ Jesus, stopping this fool! Quite arguing and come on!”
“ Alright alright!”


We both ran into the museum. I would never have looked at a mannequin and thought they were real. Some people are scared of them. I wasn’t. But after today I might have to renounce that. As soon as we stepped in, astronauts and famous racers charged us. I’ll admit we both screamed. Sariah threw her frisbees, chopping off three heads. I blasted two, kicking another back onto the ground. I shot it in the stomach. I heard Genesis’ laugh echoing from farther into the museum, we ran in further. If human replicas wasn’t weird enough, then there were the car replicas. Well some of them were the originals. God did it feel TERRIBLE to blow them up. Imagine how many historians would get peeved by this action? You can’t say it was our fault. One red and black racing car tried to run us over. I jumped up and hovered in place, shooting its engine. It hit the wall and exploded. Another silver car tried to flatten Sariah, but all it got was two halves. Sariah rocket bover the car, tossing her frisbees in mid air, cutting the car in half. We both landed back down.

“ Nice one.” I complimented.

“ Thank you.” She responded. We moved on.


We saw Genesis at the arcade cabinets. He was playing one of them,  protected by another wall of vines. We tried to break through but it was impossible.

“ If you wanna fight me, then beat me in a race!” He said from the inside.

“ A race?” Sariah knocked on the vines. “ You think this is a game or something?”

“ Actually, I would. Considering I’m playing one right now, and I’m inviting you to join me.” Said Genesis.
“ Ok smart ass. What if we don’t accept?” I asked. A second after, the floor beneath us disappeared. We would’ve fallen if it hadn’t been for a model rocket coming down and rescuing us. We hovered over the pit.

“ If you don’t accept, I won’t have any issue with dropping you into the core of the earth. And I’ll block the exit. But that isn’t as fun.” We both sat there, gazing down into the dark abyss.

“ W-we’ll play.” I said. Sariah noddd vigorously. The rocket brought us back up to the main floor as the hole disappeared.

“ That’s so stupid that he can do that.” My friend muttered.

“ I heard that.” Genesis said.

“ GOOD. I wanted you to!”

“ Just get on your cabinet.”

“ Ailia, you do it.”

“ Why me?” I asked.

“ You know why girl now move before we get dropped to Tartarus.”
“ Oh yeah, thank you.” I realized she was talking about my love for racing games. This wasn’t the usual game I was familiar with, it was a lot more like driving a real car. But I could handle it. I sat down on the machine next to Genesis.


Me and him queued into a game. Three laps, a fairly windy course. I chose a silver vehicle, and Genesis went for the black one, naturally.

“ What if I lose?” I asked him.

“ Then I’ll still fight you, but I’ll just drop you like I was gonna. If you win then I’ll make the fight more fair, and fun.”
“ You are honestly fucked up.”
“ I knew that. Now drive.” And we did. The counter when down to zero, and we blasted off. At first I did absolutely terrible. I wasn’t sure how to drift properly or how to slow down effectively. Sariah really didn’t help, constantly yelling behind my back.

“ Can you SHUT UP?” I yelled.

“ Hey I’m just trying to be there for encouragement!”
“ Well you’re not so can you stop!?”

“ FIne fine, just beat his ass.”
“ I will.” At the second lap, I figured things out more. I managed to get pretty close to Genesis, who was in the lead. There were other CPUs on the road also. I tried to pass my enemy, but I couldn’t, his lead was too far ahead. I needed to do something. We were on the third lap. I saw two CPUs slam into each other, giving off a bounce effect. I smirked as my plan formed.

Just as Genesis was gonna win, I smashed full throttle into the car to my right. That one hit the one next it, which the one in front of it, which hit Genesis. He swerved off the road and I blazed pass the finish line.

“ YES! In your face dumbass!” I yelled. Sariah screamed in my ear.

“ WHAT? NO that’s not fair! You cheated! You can’t say you’ve won if you were cheating!” Genesis complained.

“ Oh really?” Sariah asked. “ As if something like that wouldn’t be allowed when taking into consideration all of what you’re doing to us right now!” I heard our enemy growl angrily.

“ Fine then. Let’s have some fun.” The vines around him disappeared.


I made to shoot at him, but he grabbed me with a vine and chucked me across the room. I smashed into the sidewall, and fell into a dark blue car. While I was still dizzy, the car drove me around the room, colliding into Sariah. It headed straight for the wall, which I assumed would explode on impact. Sariah saved us however. She climbed onto the hood of the car, slashing off the front two wheels. She threw her frisbees, with hit the back wheels. This caused the car to swerve around in a circle, only hitting the wall with a bit less force. Sariah had jumped off in time. I hadn’t. I smacked the wall, and cut my head. It wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t still fight, I could. But HOLY SHIT did it hurt. People think they understand what pain is, but a lot of the time they don’t because they haven’t felt it personally. I now knew what it meant to have a headache. And it was still a bad time. I slowly climbed out of the steaming car. Genesisadan was laughing his head off.

“ My god that was great! I didn’t know these old pieces of junk to have such entertainment! I guess you need to hurt others in order to please yourself!”
“ What kind of retarded statement is that?” Sariah asked, helping me to my feet. “ These aren’t junk, and you only wanna hurt people because you’re crazy!” Genesis looked offended.

“ Me crazy? I’m sorry that would happen. But I was banished from the only place that made me happy!”
“ HUH?”
“ My parents were never around. Though it wasn’t their fault, they simply worked too much. So I came here to have some fun! That is until they kicked me out! Call it weird, but this place was the only area in this world that I liked! And now I couldn’t ever come back! So yeah, that might affect me a bit. Wouldn’t you agree?” I faced him groggily.

“ That may be true. But you still shouldn’t deal with it like this.”
“ AGH! I don’t care! If you’re gonna lecture me then just go away!” He used his vine to try and grab us again.


Sariah cut it in half, running at Genesis. A swarm of toy rockets barreled toward me. Good thing I had a ranged ability. It is a bit harder to aim when your head decides to not work with you, but I managed it. They all hit the ground in a small pile of dust. I turned as Sariah was thrown directly into me. We both tumbled backward. We got up carefully, both being covered in bruises and cuts. Dang, the hospital bill wouldn’t nice, would it? Normally it isn’t. Why would it cost so much just to help people to live? Seems counterintuitive. Anyway, we both stabilized ourselves. Genesis walked toward us, a cocky expression on his face.

“ Are you girls done yet? Should I just kill you now and get this over with? I honestly couldn’t care either way.”
“ Why don’t you just drop us?” I asked. I quickly glanced at Sariah, winking at her. Whenever we do that, it means we have a plan. She smiled back.

“ OH you want me to end it now? How nice of you to do that for me! Sure.” The boy snapped his fingers, and the hole appeared below our feet again. Sariah fell, but I rocket jumped a split second before.


Genesis only saw my friend falling.

“ YES! That’s why you don’t mess with me!” He exclaimed in triumph. I hovered over him.

“ Are you sure about that stupid?”
“ Waitwhat?!” He said, looking up. Before he could move to attack, I struck first. I shot him in the foot, causing him to recoil and hop around on one leg. I landed onto the ground behind him. I shot him in the back twice. I thought that would finish him. He turned around and charged me. I got socked in the face, stumbling backwards. Genesis tried to punch me in the stomach, but I caught his hand, literally burning his hand off. I know that sounds crazy, but really everything that was happening was insane, so it fits. I had charged an energy blast in my left hand, melting Genesis’. He screamed like a girl, stumbling backward.

“ WHY WOULD you do THAT? I can still be-” His head was cut off by Sariah’s frisbee. Apparently she’d had enough fuel to reach the top. Of course I knew that.

“ You could’ve done that earlier.” I said as she walked up to me.

“ Well I didn’t think of that. And plus we had the plant stuff going on so, eh.” I fell into her arms. I could barely stay conscious at this point. “ Oh jeez, I’m gonna call the cops so we can get you help. And lock up this freak.” She decided. I wanted to say no, since that would anger my parents. But I was so out of it at that point I couldn’t speak for the life of me. The last thing I remember is seeing the police barge into the space museum.

“ You girls are in a lot of trouble.” One of the men said. With that happy news, I lost consciousness. I could tell you about we were put in jail, and had to break out. And because of that someone else broke out with us, and started causing issues in the city that we had to fix.

But I won’t since I’m tired.


© Copyright 2020 Curonn. All rights reserved.

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