Mr Poo

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Submitted: June 20, 2018

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Submitted: June 20, 2018



Mr Poo


  I keep hearing a noise like someone's screaming or in pain,

everytime I flush the toilet, then I hear someone yelling out...

- Help! Help!

  So I look into the toilet bowl and there's a pooy brown hand

reaching up. I grab it and pull the person out...

- Who are you?

- I'm Mr Poo. Thanks for rescueing me. What's your name?

- I'm David.

- Well David I'm a refugee. I'm fleeing from an oppressive regime.

I had to hide in the sewer system. I've been down there so long,

I've turned into poo myself!

- You sure have!

- Well David can I stay with you for awhile?

- Yeh, I guess so, make yourself at home in the lounge room,

I'll get you a cup of tea...

  I tried to ignore the smell and the shit everywhere as Mr Poo

made himself comfortable on the lounge. Then I heard another 

voice coming from the bathroom toilet...

- Help! Help! Can you get me out?

- That'll be my wife David! Can you help her get out?

- Yeh, sure Mr Poo.

  Mr and Mrs Poo were enjoying watching television in the

loungeroom when I heard more cries coming from the toilet...

- That would be out children David! Can you get them out?

You're a real humanitarian David.!

  By this time my loungeroom absolutely stinks, and there's 

shit everywhere, as the Poo family have a sleep on the 

loungesuit and on the floor. They're all exhausted after fleeing

their oppressors. I try to ignore them and their stink but it's

getting impossible...Then I hear again...

- Help! Help!

  And Mr Poo wakes up and tells me...

- That'll be our cousins and friends David! Can you help them

get out they're fleeing too? You're a hero David!

  By the time I get the cousins and friends out of the toilet the

loungeroom and bathroom of my flat are overflowing with Poo

people. I can hardly move, I go into the kitchen to make a cup

of coffee to relax and Mr Poo comes up to me...

- Your flat's full David, and my grandchildren haven't arrived

yet, but they're on their way, I'm afraid you're going to have

to get out to make room for them!

  I get out of there alright, I have to get away from the smell,

the air in the park is a bit cleaner...My old flat is going to be

a real shithole when the summer and the flies arrive!

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