Buchtel Haunting Me

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This is the first chapter of the manuscript Buchtel Haunting Me. It gives the reader a basic back story of how I ended up in Buchtel to start with. To this very day, I look back and cry, cry, cry
for that old house on Back Street in Millfield. What came after that beloved house was scary as hell.

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Deceptive First Impressions

Submitted: June 20, 2018

I'm dedicating this first chapter to my hometown, Millfield, Ohio and to James Rankin.
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Something Amiss and Something Missing

Submitted: June 24, 2018

My story of Buchtel is a multi-layered one. It is one of domestic abuse, as is portrayed in the poetry of Buchtel. But it also is a story of unknowingly moving into a place that housed an unseen
resident. Was this thing merely a lower entity, ghost, or demon? I honestly still do not know. Ultimately, did it affect Jay's behavior? I like to say that I think so but again there are so many
unanswered questions. This chapter lays down the first of the paranormal manifestations that I dealt with for the next two and half years.
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