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this is a poem about a bird who had a bad home it also may educate this is not based of a real bird, this is not something that happened. but i love birds and i wanted to make a poem on the things
that have or could happen to some given the lack of care.

Submitted: June 20, 2018

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Submitted: June 20, 2018



If you put me in a cage don’t let it rust and

Make sure it’s not tiny, my wings are big and I need to move

Don’t lock me away and put me on display you wouldn’t do that to your dog would you?

I can be a handful and more unique then some but I’m not dumb. I’m listening when you’re cussing me out,

Don’t encourage me to copy your bad language. It’s not funny

When you do because I’ll say them back to you.

It’s funny until you have children running around then when they copy me I’m the one who’s getting kicked out. I’m being punished for the things you’ve taught me and I didn’t know sense you always encouraged me to say bad language.

Then it gets worse because when It’s hard for me to find a home you’ve taught me things I shouldn’t have learned. Your yelling even took a toll it’s made me scared of people…and don’t forget the time you beat me because it made me scared of hands and I’m find it difficult to trust.

Lucky, i beat the odds and a turns out there is a place for birds like me who have been treated badly it’s called a sanctuary and they’ve taken good care of me. They’ve replaced the bad words with good I still slip up but my people don’t give up. They even let me go outside and I get to play almost they entire day.


So please, don’t beat me

Get me a big enough cage

Don’t teach me bad words

Love me, name me

We are all good birds so do your research and

Make sure I can stay.


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