voyage for stronger me

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Submitted: June 21, 2018

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Submitted: June 21, 2018




Well this has been playing on in my mind for quite some time now-the need to recall some important events that have happened with me at just the beginning of year `18 and try to write down something about the suffering as to reserve it down the memory lane.I still don’t know if I can really call it a suffering because though it kept me in loads of pain,it has made me now even stronger me and the me who is confident in making choices-that-matter.It was not as serious as these words claim but still it has got a special part in my life,it has added a nice little chapter in my life so important that I want to remember it forever and ever.

The thing which I am overtly serious about was a simple allergic illness termed bronchitis medically.To my knowlege its a symptom of smoking but trust me I am not a smoker.I feel it was perhaps because of the dirt and dust that I had to face to go to college everyday.Actually the illness was all in my mentality as a result of which this simple allergy had put me down on my knees terribly exhausted with my own life,now it seems so childish of me while looking back just 1 month before.The symptoms went like-I could not force myself to get out of my bed,I didnt like to eat anything,all I wanted was sleep all day and night and adding to that the cough,the headache,the fever and my own prescribed medicines.And the most funny part I took these all as I was suffering with depression....foolish me!Along with all these physical and mental things going on,I had to prep for my exams too,2nd term exams were on cards.

Rightly I had put myself in a condition where I had to  ‘choose’ whether I should stay in hostel given my terrible conditions and attend the exams anyhow or I should go home to have some quality time and healthy time with my family and hopefully be off from those sufferings.The human nature,we usually tend to divert towards supposedly easy things and I had a deep talk within myself.I confronted myself that health matters the most,recalling my jaundice time and advices during that time,and decided I should better go home.Consequently I left for home a day before exam thinking all was gonna be well but in contrary the situation was to worsen.

The first day at home,it was all fine-the fever and all.I was beginning to think I had made the best decision of giving my health the top priority.To my mom’s advice,I went for the check up to get completely well and get back in business of life,the medicines to my bronchitis started and so did the worsening of situation.I felt my body was already really weak and high doses of medicines worsened the case.Even at home I couldn’t enjoy food and think of nothing other than sleeping and watching tv.The medicines ended after a week and supposedly the pain ended too.The very next day was the toughest day in my life.I hadn’t eaten anything properly all day and all my fever,pain,cough came back.At night,I somehow ate something light but due to cough I vomited very soon after the meal.I was so dpressed thinking if the situation was to continue like that,how was i gonna survive and at the mean time I was given a milk with turmeric.I was feeling so weak that I didn’t think I could ever stand up to do anything and I decided to go to sleep right after drinking the milk

The moment I drank the milk,I felt drowsy again and anyhow rushed to the basin.It was the dreadful few seconds of my life having stood up from the sofa and walked to the bathroom.And then again I vomited.That time was the weakest I had ever felt in my life.I was standing in front of basin keeping my hands on the wall having a feeling that I would fall anytime if I didn’t hold something.My mother was beside me calming me down.I was vomiting,my nose were flowing and then for the first time since I have got my senses,I felt tears in my eyes all hidden with my sweaty face.Adding to the worry was my feeling of what my mom would be feeling about my condition and ya dad too.

That moment passed,the night passed then some days passed.I began to feel fine and stonger both physically and mentally.By then the exams and winter vaccation had also finished.I desperately wanted to stay home some days more but RUNNING AWAY FROM THE PROBLEM CAN NEVER BE A SOLUTION TO THAT PROBLEM and I came back to continue my college.Final one month of the classes were remaining and teachers were rushing through their courses.Then the educational pain started.The college started to give revision sets as assignment and because of me having not given the exams,I was given the extra re-exam sets and had to attain the re-exams every Saturday.Those were some really tiring days and sleepless nights.But instead of running away this time,I faced the situation in the calmest way possible with all my efforts put in.Consequently,I submitted all my assignments well before time,went past the exams with great ease and felt my studies improved quite a lot.At the end of those tiring days,for some reason I felt most healthy and strong,be it physically,mentally,emotionally..

I wonder why those things were to happen right at the beginning of the year?Was it my life prepping me for something else?Was it to teach me some lesson?Was it to envoke some positive vibes in me?Be it anyways,I am having a great life now and I feel I have the most ideal life anybody could wish for.So perhaps was it to make me love my life more?Who knows...

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