Chapter 2: # 0 0 1 [ First Sight ]

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Anime Fan Fiction

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word count — 2020

The music festival that I had been part of organizing finally happened not too long ago. It was one of the best distractions I had – or so I thought.

It wasn't enough to keep the demons away; to keep the melancholic thoughts of my 'missing' best friend away. Despite the fact that I was supposed to be enjoying myself, talking to people and hitting up hot girls, maybe even scoring a date or two (heh, I wished), I spent the majority of my time alone. After all, for three weeks straight, I had spent it with the festival committee, and if I were being honest, I just wanted a break from their mugs.

And simply being around Nishiki for that long gave me sleep terrors. 

Night was about to fall and there were still so many acts that evening; if I were lucky, it would end at exactly twelve A.M and I'd finally be able to go home and have a good night's rest. I smiled and nodded at every person that called out to me as I walked through the crowd farthest away from the stage, waving at the pretty girls that beamed at me.


I'll go back to normal and mingle. Just gotta give myself a few minutes. Maybe get a girlfriend tonight?

I missed him too much, and I wished he were here. 

In all honesty, he would have had an awesome time at the concert. He would have stood on the sidelines with me (or alone as I danced with others and made friends in the crowd), stared at the beautiful girls that passed by us, listened to my jokes about him staring at them and not actually doing anything about it, rolled his eyes at my remarks, listened to the music, reveled in the atmosphere....

This may not be the type of thing Kaneki does often, but he would definitely like it. For the first five minutes. Then he'd get bored and go home to read a book.

Pulling out my phone, I checked to see if I had received any new emails from him, only to be greeted by an alert-less inbox. Me and clingy went along like pencil and paper; I just hoped he'd reply to my hills and mountains of unlimited messages soon, even though a part of me knew that he wouldn't...

"Excuse me..."

I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned around to see one of the pretty girls glancing up at me. And again, if I were to be honest, she was damn hot – I mean, beautiful, of course. I wasn't checking her out. Not her luscious thighs in that short dress or the curve of her waist...

Ah, definitely, not hot.

Shaking my head to release myself from the trance that I was in, I cleared my throat. "Yes?" I questioned with a wide smile, thinking to myself that she'd probably ask for a photo with me or an autograph, that maybe she knew us: the festival committee.

We're just a committee, it's not like we were an opening act or something. But, still...?!

Then again, it wasn't like our faces were plastered on every poster along with the list of famous names, just the committee's title & the university. Unless she also went to Kamii, then she most likely wouldn't know me.

"O-oh, hello," she gave a short bow as she smiled, the flower thing on her head almost falling off her brown hair.

Huh, so cute. Maybe I should ask her out?

I bowed and greeted her back, taking notice of her bare feet and her bright summer dress. Her skin was a lot darker than mine – maybe a lot of tanning trips? – and pigmented freckles dotted her face, scattering down to her arms. I couldn't tell what the colors of her eyes were in the dim light around us. 

Was I staring?

My brain once again registered how physically attractive she was the more that I looked at her. Big eyes, full lips...what a bod...

"Do you happen to have a lighter?" she asked with a slight accent, holding up a cigarette between her fingers as she scratched her forehead; and I wondered where she moved to Tokyo from.

Ah, of course that was all she wanted. Why did I make a big deal out of it in my head...?

Because you're delusional, Kaneki would say. Only to get back at me for calling him that on multiple occasions.

I wondered if my cheeks were as ridiculously red as I thought they were. Then again, it was really hot and I had been working all morning, so...maybe she wouldn't notice that I was blushing.

"Yes, of course," I grinned, patting my front pockets until I felt something similar to a lighter to pull out. "Are you enjoying the festival?"

"Yeah, very much," she nodded quickly. "It's very well put together."

Finally finding the lighter, I handed it to her, beginning to talk about our university and that we were the ones that organized it. She wasted no time in lighting up her cigarette.

There's no harm in a little self-promo.

"You know, we, my university's committee were the ones—"

Her phone abruptly rang and she answered it immediately, so I didn't say anything further. She bowed and softly said "thank you", before quickly leaving and chatting away.

Oh, she has my lighter.


The concert was over when the zeroes lined up the twenty-four-hour clock and soon, the stadium was nearly empty. There were a few couples that littered the area, and a few groups of friends still sitting down and conversing loudly. My own friends had offered a ride home right after the festival ended but I refused; I stayed back in hopes of seeing her again, getting my lighter back and taking care of the venue.

Why didn't I ask her out when I had the chance?

With my head hanging low, I began to walk towards the stage, looking at my feet. My green shoes were covered in grass and unknown objects stuck to them. I groaned at the sight; just thinking about the amount of time I had to spend cleaning these gave me a headache.

"Excuse me," I heard a voice say from behind me, feeling a tap on my right shoulder.

Turning, I saw no one. I frowned and began to walk again when I suddenly heard a short giggle from my left.

"I'm here," I turned once more to see the girl from earlier; it was as though she knew I had been looking for her in the crowds, as though she knew I had stayed back in order to meet her again. She stumbled slightly, probably drunk. "Pardon, I didn't mean for that to happen." But she still bowed in proper greeting.


"It's fine," I grinned, feeling ecstatic, albeit a little embarrassed, as I returned the salutation. "Are you all right? Have you had too much?" I used my hand to gesture drinking.

She steadied herself, shaking her head. "No, they didn't serve drinks at the venue. It's a natural high, je suppose...or I'm tired. Pardon."

I cleared my throat and straightened my posture, not knowing what the expression on my face was. "Oh, I didn't get your name."

"Hm? Ah...It's Chinatsu."

"Given name?"

She blinked. "Mirélle."

"Mirélle...Did you want to see me again?"

What am I even saying...the heck...I'm not usually nervous when I talk to pretty girls, or hot girls, or pretty and hot girls...maybe it was the atmosphere.

"Uh..." she covered her face, but the smile reached her eyes. "You have a nice style."

I didn't know whether she was being sarcastic or not. I also didn't know which part of my outfit did she mean: my blue jacket, my slightly dirty, exposed white t-shirt or my beige pants? Or maybe she was being sarcastic — talking about my shoes.

"Thank you," I chuckled, still embarrassed, feeling the heat beneath my cheeks. "You should see how I dress up on dates."

Was that too subtle or too straightforward? Did I give the right hint?

"Actually, I forgot to give you your lighter back," she stretched her hand out to me; in her palm was my lighter. "I'm glad we stayed long enough for me to find you and return it."

I was about to take it but it was abruptly out of my sight when I heard her say "Wait". I frowned in confusion as she glanced back with wide, curious eyes; her smile turning sly. "Are you willing to make a trade?" she stepped a bit closer, smelling like something recognizable. Coffee, maybe? Along with post-smoke reek and post-concert sweat.

"A trade? What kind of trade?" I murmured, growing tense despite trying to calm down my overactive imagination.

She hesitated for a second, but then her eyes lit up with the same shine she had earlier that evening. "Anything?"

I sighed and ran a hand through my hair. "Sure, why not? Unless you want my social security number or something."

She laughed at the lame joke, grabbing locks of her hair and twirling it around her index finger. The conversation had shifted along with the ambiance surrounding us; it went beyond the lighter at that point, and she knew it did. I had a good feeling about it...


"Um...can I have your email?"

My eyes widened, not realizing until a bit after that I was smiling from ear-to-ear before bursting out into a fit of laughter. She's joking, right? She must be!

"You're funny," I pulled back, wiping off tears that weren't actually there. "Don't tease me like that."

"I'm not teasing you," she said loudly. "I...I just think...we'd be good friends," she scratched her face again, not meeting my eyes. "Don't you think?"

It wasn't every day that a girl asked for my email, so naturally, I was surprised. Nor was it every day that a girl talked to me the way she did—it was usually me doing all that: asking girls out, asking whether or not they were single, and asking everything at first glance.

Kaneki would know: I'd embarrassed him with it on many occasions.

"We could," I grinned. I was about to ask her out, but instead, "Give me your phone."

Play it cool, Hide. Don't want to scare her off with your enthusiasm, do you? Gotta make it look like girls ask for your email all the time.

I didn't know what I had said exactly, but a smile flew up her cheeks as she nodded. "Oh, but the battery's going to die." She pulled out a clear cased phone that had flowers decorating it and a kitten charm hanging from it. Cute.

Once she handed me the phone, I quickly typed out my email in an opened message, but I wasn't quick enough; her phone turned off and I yelled. "I didn't save it..."

Giggling, she scratched the back of her neck. "Comment tu t'appelles?"

"Ah! I know that! Je t'appelles Hide." I grinned, handing her dead phone back as she handed me the lighter. "Can you please keep the French to a minimum? At least until I learn more!"

She laughed loudly, bending forward. "It's 'je m'appelle Hide', not t'appelles. You said, 'I call you Hide'." She couldn't stop laughing.

"Oh my God, all right. I said I was still learning!" I actually stopped learning French the more I learned English.

Sighing, her laughter came to a stop as she straightened herself, pushing the hair out of her pretty face. "Alors...just Hide?"

"Nagachika Hideyoshi, Chinatsu Mirélle." I bowed grandly.

"All right. Now I'll know how to find you." She said it as if it wasn't creepy, but it made me smile.

Pretty girl going to stalk me now. Dream come true...or is it?

"Do you usually look up people that you first meet?"

"You don't?" a catlike grin emerged. "It was nice meeting you, Nagachika Hideyoshi; I hope I don't find anything off-putting." She winked, bowing before turning around and rushing towards the group of people that I had noticed in my peripheral vision.

They must've been waiting for her.

"I'm clean! And just Hide is fine, Mirélle!"

She twirled, still beaming. "And just Miri is fine, Hideyoshi!"

And she turned away again, rejoining the people — that were most likely her group of friends — and continued to walk with them. From where I stood, it looked like she was walking with some people that I knew from university — people from the festival committee. Not Nishiki.

Hmm...maybe I got lucky.


Submitted: April 12, 2020

© Copyright 2021 goldenfever. All rights reserved.


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