Shadow Imprisonment

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A short story for the challenge in the BoMoWriCha House. It's the backstory for a dragon in my story, Union.

Submitted: June 21, 2018

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Submitted: June 21, 2018



It lay still, its eyes closed. It was roughly the size of a large mountain, rocky scales covered its entire body. As it lay, it could almost be mistaken as a mountain itself. The dragon moved slightly as its eyes began to open. It tried to spread its wing, but gave up once the immense pain began to overwhelm it.

It turned its head slightly to look around the area. The ground was a cold, hard concrete. Before the dragon was a large barred gate that prevented all escape. The jail cell seemed to stretch out for miles, not just big enough for the colossal dragon, but also countless others. Eyes watched the rock dragon all around the cell as countless other winged creatures took flight moving around the area, some clinged to the bars with their sharp claws while others remained stationary, lying on the ground watching the rock dragon. None of them seemed hurt, able to move with ease, they were all different, some being red, blue or green, some had winged, and some seemed to lack the ability to fly. Some were massive, growing up to the size of a massive castle, however the rock dragon seemed to be the largest of them, as well as being the only one who had rocks instead of scales.

“Welcome Vitros,” a voice cut through the air, a knife of dread as the footsteps accompanied by several figures. They seemed to lack any sort of body, but a white outline of their beings could be clearly seen as well as the glowing white eyes and facial features. They approached the bars, looking into the cell to watch the rock dragon, who was called Vitros. “Status, severe injury to the side sustained by a powerful strike of a fist. Last of its kind remaining, the others terminated. Current threat level, zero. Potential future threat level, one. Escape probability, one. Potential enhancement level, twelve.” The guard seemed to be talking to himself, as if evaluating Vitros, before he turned to face the guard beside him. “This is the one, use the Shadow Crystals,” the guard orders before turning to face Vitros once more.

The second guard held something, a pitch black crystal, a dark aura smoked from the crystal as the guard walked forwards. The guards body seemed to phase through the bars as he approached Vitros, it wasn’t long before the guard stood next to him. The guard began turning the crystal around in his hand, the edges were sharp, and the darkness seemed to seep out of cracks on the crystal. The guard then moved forward with incredible speed jabbing the crystal deep into Vitros’ side, causing Vitros to let out a roar of pain before the guard stepped away watching the darkness begin to cling to Vitros as it crawled its way over his side.

The first guard still watched from behind the bars, observing Vitros’ every move, but Vitros struggled with every move eventually giving up on trying to stand. The second guard approaches the first, phasing through the bars once more before they both turned to the side, watching something down the long hallway that Vitros couldn’t see.

“Company. Status, enemy. Threat level, zero. Eliminate all enemies,” the first guard said to the second before the sound of an explosion caused Vitros to turn its head to try and see what was happening.

The sound of movement captured Vitros’ attention as a strange humming sound echoed through the building. It continued for several sections before cracks ran along the roof and shapes burst through, their heads looked like several plates of stone, small, beady eyes glared at the two guards. Rather than having bodies, they instead had inky black tentacles that swayed as they moved as if propelling them forwards through the air.

The two guards watch as the creatures surround them. The creatures dove forwards wrapping their tentacles around the guards arms in a futile attempt to attack. The two guard swipe their hands to the side sending the creatures flying. “Identified Vextros parasites, they use their tentacles to cling onto their targets and infects them with their larvae. They’re attacks are useless against us, we have no real body to get infected,” one of the guards states before footsteps catch their attention. They turn around as the sound of metal striking against metal repeats in their minds.

“You’ve gone too far, Revenant,” the red, metal gauntlet raised as the fingers bent into a fist. His red eyes locked onto the two guards, his face completely hidden behind a red helmet. Small gaps remained in the helmet to allow him to breath as he continued to walk forwards. He stopped mere feet in front of the guards watching them intently. “Is this what you’ve resorted to? Corrupting dragons to do your bidding? Even I wouldn’t go that far,” the knight’s voice was deep and corse, almost as if he struggled to get the words out, that the act of speaking in some way was painful.

“Identified Fang, leader of the Vextros. Health, critical condition. Improvement, unlikely. Your still injured? I thought Revenant promised to only hurt you a little bit,” one of the guards retorted.

“Very funny, if you think a simple injury like that would put me out of commission, than you’re wrong. I just regret the lengths I had to go to, to continue the fight. But enough about me! You...outlines? What are you exactly?” Fang asked.

“Outlines? I like the sound of that. Identity changed, Outlines,” one of the guards states.

“Why do you talk so weird? No, I refuse to get of track, when the life of the strongest dragon in the universe is at stake!” Fang yelled.

“Strongest? I thought that was Xir'amor. Searching database for strongest dragon. Yep, Xir’amor,” the Outlines states.

“Stop! I’m here to defeat you! Go my army!” Fang exclaimed in frustration slamming his hand against the wall.

“Vextros, threat level zero. Fang, threat level zero. You are powerless against us,” the outlines yell at the same time running forwards, as they jumped towards Fang. They struck, their fists aimed for his face. Fang stood watching them as they attacked, Fang then just glanced over at Vitros.

“Care to help?” Fang barely finished his statement before the roaring of wind exploded all around them. The bars begin to crack as a powerful shockwave blasted apart the cell.

Finally managing to rise to its feet, Vitros let out a roar that even drowned out the wind, stretching out his wings. The pain had surprisingly all but gone. Vitros’ eyes trace where Fang now lay in a pile of rubble across the room, his helmet cracked, pieces of it crumbling to the ground to reveal a distorted face. A scar cut deep across one eye, and his jaw bone was caved in. Fang shook with every attempt to draw the air into his lungs, every breathe crawled out of him in a gasp of pain.

“Fang, status, clinging to life. Time remaining, ten minutes,” one of the Outlines states turning to the parasitic creatures that swarmed around them. The Vextros clung onto them, attempting to infect them but to no avail. They just stood, watching the Vextros attempting their pitiful attacks. “Vitros, you have three choices. Work for us and live a sad and hopeless life. Fight and die a sad and hopeless life. Or run and die a sad and hopeless life,” one of the Outlines called while the other just shook his head slightly.

“Do you think he’ll want to work with us after that?” The second Outline asked with a sigh. “I guess Revenant didn’t programme us to negotiate, we were programmed to kill, so I say we do just that,” the Outline continued.

Vitros gave another ferocious roar before it swung its wings causing a blast of wind that barely affected the two Outlines. Vitros then lifted of the ground as it burst through the concrete roof. It lifted high above the building, watching it grow smaller and smaller. The building was perfectly squared, no windows marked its surface. All around it for miles were tall trees that were almost twice the size of the building itself. Everything was quiet, the clouds above remained stationary, unable to move without the assistance of a breeze. No birds chirped, no creature broke the dead silence.

Below the building seemed to distort as it began to fade, quickly being replaced by the endless swarm of trees. All the dragons that were trapped, and the guards, were all gone.

“Escape is impossible,” a voice called out from everywhere. Vitros turned its head, trying to make out where it had come from. It echoed through Vitros’ mind as a ringing sound was accompanied by a stinging pain within Vitros’ head. He shook his head as the pain increased, losing focus, Vitros plummeted towards the ground. Leaves and branches caught against Vitros’ rocky scales before Vitros collapsed onto the short, even grass.

There was still no sign of any life other than the trees. Vitros gets back onto his feet as he backs away. Darkness began to move through the trees, closing in as everything began to fade. In the darkness the trees around Vitros no longer had leaves, but only barren bodies of bark that surrounded him. Now, there was no life. Not even the company of plantlife. As Vitros looked at the ground, it was replaced by a muddy, damp surface. The grass now, had too vanished.

“I control this world, I control all worlds. Soon, even Union will have no power against me, fight and die,” two red lights blinked in the distance. Every time they vanished, they’d be gone for a split second, before returning slightly closer to where Vitros remained. Vitros stepped back as this time the lights stopped blinking and were accompanied by a hand that reached out towards Vitros. “Join me, and live. Join me, and you will be granted everything. Every world will belong to us, every living thing, human, animal or beast, will bow before us. We will be eternally feared by everything, even death itself shall grow to fear us,” the voice called out, this time Vitros knew where it had come from. Hidden within the darkness, was something that Vitros couldn’t comprehend. A creature of immense power, that should never have been discovered.

Vitros gave a low growl as it backed away, it spread out its wings, snapping several trees in half as it tried to appear larger. The only response was a slight laugh that sent dread racing through Vitros, there was something inhuman about it. “I see, you’re scared of me aren’t you? Thanks to me, you were freed from the rest of your weak, pathetic kind. You are strong, and so you must be with the strong. The weak will all die, and who will be left? You and I. But only if you choose to work by my side, choose your own path, and I shall not spare your life,” the voice explained as Vitros continued to growl, now rising onto its hind legs, it rose to three times its size. Now it stood far taller than any mountain, it let out a massive roar as a blast of dark energy shot from its mouth. “So be it,” the voice called once more as a sudden white beam shot through Vitros. Vitros was flung through the air as it crushed trees under it. It skidded across the ground as a red liquid began to struggle for its freedom, through the hole that cut through Vitros’ stomach.

“I thought I was told you were strong, yet a single attack already has you on the brink of death. I don’t need you, nothing can stop me anyway. Especially not a dragon whose species was so easily eradicated by my underlings,” Vitros could barely hear the words spoken, everything seemed to spin. The sky turned around, again and again. The trees began to fade out to a blurry mess, an unfocussed camera that couldn’t find the subject in the frame. Vitros’ vision faded slightly, as the trees were no longer able to be seen, surrounded by an even thicker darkness of Vitros’ own mind. Soon everything was gone, the sky, the ground and the trees all vanished into a blanket of shadows.

The mental clock began to glitch, one moment believing the time passed in darkness to only be a few minutes, the next Vitros wondered if hours, or even days had passed. Until finally a voice broke through the darkness.

“I didn’t come here for you to die! Listen dragon! You’re going to survive!” Vitros’ eyes opened slightly as he saw a shape standing beside him. He couldn’t make out the red blur of who it was, but after a moment Vitros managed to open its eyes completely. The light had still abandoned them, leaving them only in complete darkness. The figure beside Vitros was Fang. “Listen dragon, you’re lucky to be alive right now,” Fang stated as he folded his arms, the clanging of metal against each other brought comfort in the form of sounds. “I know you’re probably wondering how I’m alive right now. It all began- a few minutes ago. Don’t really know what happened, in fact I don’t really know how you’re alive, I heard one of those Outlines mention something about Union before I was saved, by a white light. I’m guessing that’s the reason you’re alive as well. Something wanted us to keep living. Anyway, I’m guessing you no longer have anywhere to go, that monster...Revenant destroyed your home. Come with me, I can’t guarantee you protection, but I can guarantee you a home,” Fang explained as he turned away from Vitros.

Turning over onto its side and rising to its feet, Vitros looks down at Fang as he waved his hand to the side. “We need to leave, before Revenant learns you’re still alive,” Fang said as a black vortex tore through the area in front of them. “Come, we need to prepare, for if we ever meet Revenant again,” Fang said as he began to walk closer to the vortex.

Vitros just watched Fang for a moment, unsure of what action to take, before it took a step forwards. Vitros then turned its head on an angle as it realized the portal was too small.

“Oh...I’ll create a larger portal for you,” Fang gave a laugh watching Vitros.

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