time to happened

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this is a simple story of my life where i get importance of time when i fell in love, who discover the correct definition of time to me and a complete right definition of love, and how the love is
related to time

Submitted: June 21, 2018

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Submitted: June 21, 2018



Time to happened

“Every beautiful thing takes time to happen. Just like a flower takes time to blossom”

-Someone who means it

Everyone gives me advice about the time but I think they don’t know how much I know about this because it’s only one thing that I respect sometimes or disrespect sometimes. I love the way when I describe the time, this thing take all my stuff only one thing is left is itself some more time, from which I take out something good for me and also for others. A beautiful thing is always with me and also I have time with me, at start when this beautiful thing goes to blossom I didn’t value it. I doubt on it asked myself “this is right or not” replied by myself is “give some time” by giving time I didn’t recognise that beautiful things now, no more want to be with me. Only thing I want more time, question in my mind is always “why I didn’t spend lot of time without judging it’s feeling for me.”  At last when all this over, only thing I know, for me actually time is love. My friends give me advice about her love , I respect her sometimes or sometimes I break her heart, she take all my stuff only one thing  left is itself her who make me laugh and by which I can make laugh to my love ones, when all this over one thing I understand. I want her back, because she is the one who means it.


Chapter 1)—time between perfection to lost in someone

Why door is open for entrance of someone?  That is one thing that I want to always close, I don’t want any new person around me because that time I am very uncomfortable and never think they want to become my friend. Yes, I judge people even I don’t know them but now everything is changed due to that door.

I am talking about the door of my class which is open by a girl (someone who meant it). I start thinking what is matter she came to this school, there is nothing even, I don’t like this school there is only one thing and that is called arrogance and jealousy, I found amongst people, but at last my opinion for other students also prove wrong, this time is called as perfection period that I have, when I know that she come from any private school which is actually damn good, I have only one question for her “are you really want to come here?” But I want to know that someone force her or maybe some other reason, but why I want to reason.  Then our first test happened in our school, I want to score good because I just want to show her that I am good student but, why? I never so competitive or to show how much I am good, but I just want to tell her that I am a good student actually I want to tell her that I am a good person. I always around her but she don’t even know. I never want to seek anyone attention but this time I want her attention, damn man I lose my morale. Why this happen with me I want this answer. Then vacation start, that take me to that track that I always want to be on it.

After the vacation I went to school, normal day is going on, I forget her completely; there is nothing that connects me to her. Absolutely I don’t want any connection with her.

But that time when the period of perfection is complete now, “time of lost in someone” beings because when I heard from someone that she have feeling for me, but there is a doubt that I have. “How can someone have feeling for other in only two months, from which some weeks we meet, some day talk, some hour we are in school, some minutes I make her laugh, some second continuously see each other”. This phase of my life I don’t understand what is happening actually with her and with me. What is the matter?


Chapter 2)time between confusion to ignorance

“This apart someone journey and sometime combine both the journey”, people are ignorant here and “sometime makes people to always moving around it for a single glance”. This is known as RAASTA

Everything is change now, how can I control myself by asking her, “why you love me and how can this be possible”, “why you love me”, I want those answer. But I can’t ask her because I don’t know this is really happen or just an imagination by her, everything is very fast and difficult to understand and even I just like her, because she is damn cute, anyone can fell in love with her easily, then I thought I am not that guy who is made for her, so I judge her feeling I thought this is just a causal feeling. How can I become such a stupid person, why I don’t love her and just be crazy with her? So what I do? I start ignoring her. Such a stupid decision I take, she asking other what happen with me, then everyone ask me, “what happened sahjha” and I replied “nothing happen with me”. Never understand why she likes me? I need answer. And this time is called “ignoring period” for both us. I don’t want to talk her but I don’t want to lose her. Then only think I understand from this chaos that I have feeling for her.

I decide one thing that I gone tell her that “I like you and can we be in relationship” and finally I told her at that time I know she said ‘yes’, but I never that will be  happened at that time, she said “NO”, and I am shocked, when I am on the way of home my friend meet me and I ate his whole apple and then he look at me and I said ‘what’ he replied “nothing bro”, but when I reached home then she text me ,AND she want this relationship, this time is for me is KNOWN AS confusing time, my feeling is strong that “I like”, and her feeling is get weak and she get confusing, what I did? I ignore this entire situation. Then time is just like, I talk to her then I ignore her for some days and this is just continuous going on.

 Now when this times is complete and now I think why I question her about her feeling? This feeling can be real. If i don’t ignore her, if sort out her problem and her feeling then I think I can take out something good from it, one thing I said to my  heart and brain that listen,

“Both of you, you don’t regret for getting no answers, you regret for asking those question”.





Chapter 3) ignorance to leave

When I take decision to ignore her completely, I don’t know that I goanna care about her. This decision I think change many thing in her and also in me, one day I complete frustrated and tell her everything what happened with both of us, and I cried that day, for first time I think she love me and she cried too, this feeling of like of mine is totally converted into the love. I decide to give my all time to her and only thing I want at that time is her love and spend more time together. And It happened actually, such a beautiful movement are occur between us just like I told her, “tomorrow it’s my viva and I don’t study anything” she replied “don’t worried, whoever ask you question either teacher or anyone, I will give all the answer because I am your support material, just be with me”.  We complete lost in our relationship, but I don’t know someday this goanna happen, I completely indulge in her, only thing I want is itself her. And I continuously ask her “do you love me?” she replied “yes I do”. Then something happen, at that time our career on the peak  and she want to do something in her life which actually very important in life and also for me, for this she sacrifice me she don’t talk to me for half months and don’t even a single “hi”, why this happen I don’t know I miss her completely.

this time period which is called moving period, so many time I get that she want to leave me, I saw her, she is completely get confused and she no more want this relationship because that time she don’t want to handle some many thing so, by combining all my fear and love for her in some word I told her that “ I think we should end this” and only thing I know she will come back to me, because she love me so, I thought everything will be normal again after, this time. But nothing will change, I can’t explain myself at that time and after sometimes I decide, I goanna touch my lowest trick just to take her again in my life, I text her and I met her but nothing will happen, after sometime we met her I discussed her about us again, her replied are cut me off, she replied “this time I am completely sure that I don’t want any relationship and now there is no more love between us”. I don’t understand what should I do, the only thing I did just accept her decision. Two days I spent without talking to anyone, and then I shift to another city.


Chapter4) time to end

After all my efforts and all my tricks, she completely leave me and I move to another city, when last time I ask her “please tell what is your feeling for me, please it’s very important for me “she replied “I don’t love you “and then another day I leave and went to another city, the time between this journey, there is so many things occur. At the night when I leave the city she text me, that “no, there is some feeling for you in me but for love anyone, they have to spend time and love is to discover with someone”. I don’t replied because I am not able to tell her that “I want to spend all the time with you and I discover this love with you, we spend time with each other I know we don’t spend plenty of time but more quality of time”.  But I don’t tell her, I remember all the way we hold hand, I hug and kiss her, how can I forget this thing but I know one day we forget all these thing and a new chapter will open , only thing I want now is that we never forget this, these chapter have interesting stuff .

All the time like TIME of perfection, TIME of lost in someone, TIME of confusion, TIME of ignorance, TIME when she leaving and TIME to end all thing. These are time that happened with me, I am touch with her right now and she don’t want to move on but doesn’t want relationship, one thing she is sure that she just want me, but to protect her for any further damage, I have to leave all thing because she is the only one whom I can love and all this stuff that occur, she is the only one who means all of this.




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