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(Mystery Room)

Hannah wiped her dreaded eyes as she stared into the darkness in her room, blankly. She sat limp on her bed and buried her face in her palms. Gradually she steadied her digressing nerves and then let out a relieving sigh.

It must have been a dream. She said to herself.

She shrugged out of bed and headed for the bathroom. She splashed her face with the icy-cold tub water, and washed her hands. Hannah stared at the washing mirror which was clouded in mist. She wiped the surface and steadied her guess into it. She was not disappointed what she saw.

A beautiful fragile young lady who was so nervous and uncertain about the life in college. She'd just turned 16 when she was accepted into college. And this was her first week in school. Her first week away from home, mom and dad. And also her first week in her new house outside campus. Everything seem new to her, especially her roommates who were different from her high school friends. Her dad had suggested she stays in the dormitory but she refused. She wouldn't be able to handle so many people, and she had heard stories about girls been bullied in the dorm. No, she couldn't be part of that.

She walked back to her room and punched the bed-lamp. She glanced at her pale silver wristwatch which was on the bedstand. She gasped.

It was just 2 A.m into the dead darkness of the night.

Hannah couldn't go back to sleep anymore. Her senses were sound awake already. She had no urge to sleep at all, not after the terrible nightmare she just had. She dreamt of ghost and mystical creatures. She was ambushed and nearly dragged to the mercy of a jackknife on her throat. The thought of it got her sick already. Certainly, sleeping was out of her choices.

Then, what next?

Hannah grabbed her backpack and took out her poetry journal. A shaded brown book with pale cover, and a writing pencil tucked at it's side. She settled on her bed, with her legs clasped closed. She placed the brown book on her lap and flipped through pages. When she got to a fresh page, she took out her pencil and began to write her thoughts and feeling. Poetry had always calmed her nerves when they're jangled.

As she was writing, she had a loud rattle outside her door. She paused and continued writing. After a while, the sound came again. This time like a wince of something undead but in pains.

"Lisa is that you?" She called out.

Her voice traveled in the cold night with no response. She kept mute for a while observing, as she heard soft but disturbing footsteps.

"Harry?" She called out again.

Harry is Lisa's immediate elder brother. He is the main occupant of the big house which Hannah rented a room.

Hannah looked tensed now. The hallway was quiet except for the strange footsteps. Hannah couldn't continue with her writing, she was distracted. She needed to find out who or what was that outside her door. Hannah climbed down from her bed, tied the loose ends of her sleeping robe around her waist, and walked to unlock her door.

As she stepped out, the chill of the hallway jolted her back to full life. She peered down the hall which was quiet and void of any human presence.

What exactly was making those sounds? She asked herself.

She walked to the main board and switched on the hallway bulb. She looked down both ends of the hallway to be certain. All clear! She said. As she started to unlock her door to go back to her writing, she caught a snap of a dull statue down the left wing of the hallway. She arched her back abruptly to take a clear sight but the figure seem to walk magically down the left turn at the end of the hallway,or probably disappeared into space. Hannah wasn't quite sure what happened.

Intruder! She looked alarmed.

She scurried down the hallway, soft but fast steps, towards the direction she thought she saw the intruder go. She came to a stop at Harry's door which was the last room down the hall. She wanted to knock on it and inform him what was happening. But no. Harry had looked at her like a kid when she first moved in, she wanted to prove to him she could take care of her own qualms. Especially sophisticated issues like catching an intruder. That would earn her great respect.

She picked up a baseball bat which was lying on the ground in front of Harry's door. I will hit him hard on the head. She said as she made the turn to the left. She cornered into blind darkness...

...Hannah stood still, savouring the darkness. Rolling and twisting her iris to make out vision. She could here creepy movements but the darkness stood still even. She walked slowly as her mind began to trail with fear. She collided with a big closed door. She twisted the doorknob which cracked and opened with a loud cry. Certainly the door had been closed for ages, Hannah wondered. She let out a deep sigh as she walked into the room.

The room looked, smelled and felt different from the other parts of the house. It was a typical room for hideouts, expect for the loads of red linen clothing, and strange paintings like the skull and sacred symbols. A candle was light at the corner of the room, a red candle which was the only source of light in the dark-big-mystery room.

The intruder must be here. She straightened her bat-weapon and looked around for any human image she could strike it upon. At least the way she'd watch them do in Hollywood movies. The action scenes of Angelina Jolie.


A voice called her, more like a whisper which echoed in the dark room. She looked alarmed and more readily to take down the intruder. She heard fast movements come towards her, she stood in fear with her hands shaking around the bat. She was sick to be sweating in a cold night like this. The movement approached faster and louder and quicker and nearer. Then...

"Ahh..!" She screamed!

The rat ran past her legs very quickly.

That almost scared her to death. She thought. Just a rat.

But then she heard her name again. This time with a command, and then a laugher. She couldn't take it anymore, she was going to run back to the hallway, she was going to scream and get help from Harry and Lisa. She ran fast towards the big door, but it got slammed shut before she reached it. She didn't see anybody pull the knob, but it got shut anyway.

Her fingers trembled as she held the knob trying to force the door open. It was shut tight. Hannah was filled with fear and so much uncertainties. She had heard of kids who got lost in mystery rooms like this one, some even killed and their blood drained. Her heart pounded so hard as she considered the possibilities of her in an occult mystery room. Somehow it made her sob.

"God help me". She murmured a fast prayer.

Her mom is Catholic, she once told her how God uses the Archangel Michael to rescue people in grave danger. She hoped God would send Angel Micheal now, and fast.

She noticed a dark shadow approach towards her. Very dense and scarily-majestic. It held a huge cutting knife like the one used in butcher houses. Just like in her dream she was going to get killed.

" Oh my God. No!"

She screamed and leaned her back on the locked door. Hopeless and helpless, her face pale and damp with tears. She was in complete dire. Her hands raised as she kept screaming no. The image raised the huge knife in front of her, in an angle that was going to chop off her head.

"Nooooo!!!" She screamed with all her might, Hopelessly.

And then....

*Continues Chapter 2"

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