The Voyage

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A speical adventure. The voyage.

Submitted: June 21, 2018

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Submitted: June 21, 2018





Me: Kyle (26)

My friends: Allehandro and Tim (27)


Driving 300.000 km per hour, I see space moving around me. I start tripping out, everything moving fast, then slow, curved, straight, up and down, shapes moving in and forward. Now we are at 330.000 km per hour and I am tripping even more. Suddenly we break ‘the barrier’ BOOM!!! it´s quiet. I see nothing. Everything went black. I look back, it´s black. Confused, I ask the group “are we dead? or did we just break the speed of light? I mean It would make sense, because if we actually are quicker than the speed of light, then we can´t see anything? but then… how in the world could we understand each other?! even sound is non-existent at such speeds”. I look back again, I look closer, closer…closer… and closer, I begin seeing something, it is black but a darker black, a black you never could have ever imagined, wobbly, I think, think and think. Nonetheless, I realise again that we are travelling quicker than the speed of light, where the laws of physics do not apply, which means that we would be going in a black hole that we created at this speed. Silence. I look back, it makes sense it must be a black hole. It is darker than darkness itself, darker than black, and blacker than black could ever be, to be a blacker black, than the darkest black a person can see. 

“Waittttt! does that mean we are actually creating a straight line of black holes? or… one huge, ever stretching blackhole?” Nothing. I guess it´s expanding as we move forward into the shadows of emptiness. Damn, am I just destroying the whole universe? I laughed hysterically “HAHAHAHA”… Though, who cares, I am enjoying this, it´s a really good feeling. Or am I just tripping hard? What is real?.. but…but the adrenaline rushing through my body, the vision getting sharper, a feeling of euphoria, happiness, calmness, a state of excitement. It´s the best feeling in the world. 

We get faster and faster, a little bit, bit by bit. Suddenly a loud white noise starts hitting my eardrums, getting louder, louder and louder. It stops, I see white, It confuses me. Suddenly that solid blank white state, like a sheet of paper held towards the sun, bright, clear and free, starts stretching into itself, moving in circles, spinning deeper, deeper and deeper inside, turning like crazy, creating a huge never ending spiral. As the spiral keeps on spinning quicker and quicker, I start seeing less and lesser. Then, everything stops. I see white again, it slowly fades into something I couldn't recognise at first sight. 

As it gets clearer and clearer the image gets sharper, I see. I see a Red House, but only a house, around it empty space, slowly things start appearing around it. First, a straight road towards it, then the grass around it, then some trees, bushes, and more trees and more bushes and more trees and more bushes, until everything is filled with green. The way starts disappearing under the huge amount of trees and bushes forming around me. I take out my Machete and start cutting through this beastly forest, or creature?… a forest. Time goes on, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30, 40, 50, 1 hour, 2 hours, 3, 4, 5, a day. After 1 year of cutting I finally reach the house, the house I saw 1 year ago, same state, size, colour and surroundings. I pull the lever, the moment the door opens I see a huge room much bigger than the house itself, created in an instant. The room is cold, warm and empty with huge blood-red walls. The ground composed of high-end wooden planks, cutting into each other, creating a very unsymmetrical pattern. At the end of the path a small glowing, neon-red fireball. I walk towards it, as I move forward the ball gets bigger and bigger until I feel its heat hitting my skin, going into my flesh, distributing its heat gradually through my body. My fingertips start to feel numb, then my feet. Unable to move I start panicking, however Im not scared. In fact, I started to feel a relaxing sensation more and more as every part of my body starts getting numb, from here on it abruptly stopped. At this point I am only able to move my eyes and hear my heartbeat beat, “lub dub”, ”lub dub”. Meanwhile, the fireball had formed into a beautiful fiery woman, giving out some extreme heat. No doubt I would have passed out, and so I did. Finally, I wake up, still in this room, very confused. The woman was gone. Regrettably, I start getting angry, next moment I know, a huge portal opens up and a huge Monster jumps out of it. It looked like one ugly hairy and wrinkled ball sack, with one reptilian eye in the middle, only that the pupil wasn't black but rather a bright red in form of an ‘X’. In addition, it smelled like one. I am shocked, as I remember I´m not able to move. But I try it anyway, lucky enough I was able to move, directly grabbed my machete which shines like a diamond and start getting into defence mode. The monster suddenly laughs, but it didn't have a mouth….  As I slowly opened my mouth to start talking, it said to me “Yo! What´s up? you okay?”. I quickly close my mouth. Fixed to the ground, again unable to move, due to the shock hitting my whole body, like a bomb. I tell myself “Man, what the hell is going on? ‘F’ this, I am going to try killing it before it gets me”. I had no doubt, therefore I proceed to attack it, going into beast-mode. I swing my machete missing its eye by an inch, my heart drops… to the deepest point ever to be imagined. I failed… but wait… it didn't attack… bones cracking, flesh splashing, blood spilling, I was a pancake. The ball sack had rolled over me. I was dead. Ironically I wasn´t dead, I had no idea how, but somehow I survived that huge ball-sack rolling over me. Strangely I am able to see shapes and it happens again. Everything moving fast and slow, curved and straight, up and down, shapes moving in and forward. Suddenly I hear a voice, “HAHAHAHA,….man this was trippy”. Me, “where did that come from??”. I hear another voice, “Yoo, I got no idea bro, this stuff is strong”. No this cannot be real, actually, no this must be real I remember, I took DMT. Damn this was crazy… though what about my friends? I look to the right, I see Tim, he looks at me, we laugh. I tell him, “Bro I had the craziest trip ever”. We laugh, Tim says he knows after cracking up for 10 minutes. Allehandro then says “homies, we need to come back!”. “Yes, bro. Good idea. Let’s fuel up again!!!!!”. We then proceed to drive to our dealer. Once there, we got off the car, got some snacks, ‘chilled’ for a second, smoked our cigarettes, drank our coffees and left. My brain was annihilated.




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