No More Mister Nice Guy In The Old West

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In this short story, a wandering outlaw gets spooked by a lone homesteader... and for a good reason.

Submitted: June 21, 2018

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Submitted: June 21, 2018



John Bumgarner was the nicest man everyone ever knew in the entire town but that was before something happened at his ranch that changed all that.

A wandering outlaw named Seth Callahan stopped by John's ranch while he was away and brutally violated his wife and daughter and killed his son.

But instead of going to the sheriff and let him know what happened, John had grabbed his own gun and rode into town just in time to see Seth walking out of the local saloon with a big smile on his face.

"CALLAHAN!", was the one word that Seth had heard before turning around and seeing John standing in front of him and ready to draw.

That was when Seth's eyes grew as big as the Montana sky for he remembered John to be the same U.S. Marshall who almost shot Seth dead for the murder of John's parents and rape of his sister.

"NO! IT CAN'T BE YOU! IT CAN'T BE YOU!", yelled a frightened Seth before reaching for his gun only to have John shoot him until he dropped dead on that very street.

"It's over, John. Do you hear me? It is finally over.", said the sheriff before he took John's gun and told him to go home, bury his son and tend to what was left of his family.

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