death to the death penalty

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this is a little student argument essay for my class. read it if you like.

Submitted: June 21, 2018

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Submitted: June 21, 2018



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Don’t add fuel to the fire. (abolish the law of the death penalty.)


Death to the death penalty. What you mean by that? You can’t kill the law! That was a joke. IN all seriousness an issue has been on the mind of America, what is the real purpose of the death penalty. We understand the purpose for it which is to remove criminals from this world because of their actions which I am fine with, but that same right can be backfire and put a bad name on the people who approve this sentence. So, what I be by death to the death penalty is that I want it to be remove from the justice system.  In 1993 the supreme court had address at Herrerav; Collins trial, was the constitutionality of the execution of a accused who claimed actually innocent. The supreme gave support to the possibility that the constitution prohibits the execution of any person who conclusively demonstrate his or her innocence. At the same time, the court held that as long as there were no other constitutional violation, “new evidence of innocence was not reason enough for a federal court to order a new trail.” Instead, the court’s majority recommended that those who could prove their innocence seek executive clemency from the governor of the state. If this became a problem for so long claiming some many innocent lives from this law, why not just abolish it. It would also save a lot of money for not making the equipment or injections. It also shows that the criminals will have no other choice, but to rot in their cells. So really, I want to remove the dealt penalty from the justice system from cause of the lost or innocent lives getting taken away, a stupide amount of money is being use for equipment, and It makes a public spectacle of an individual’s death.

  The death penalty has a high risk of innocent lives being claim to it. Although there no real telling if most of this individual are truly innocent, but either way it claims the life of another human being, also I already have the evident to prove my claim. One of these cases is the case of Carlos DeLuna Texas Conviction: 1983, Executed: 1989 who want convicted for the fatal stabbing of Texas convenience store clerk Wanda Lopez in 1983.

Another case deals with man by the name Ruben Cantu Texas Convicted: 1985, Executed: 1993 and was charged with capital murder for the shooting death of a San Antonio man during an attempted robbery. Now, the prosecutor and the jury forewoman have expressed doubts about the case. Moreover, both a key eyewitness in the state's case against Cantu and Cantu's co-defendant have come forward to say that Texas executed an innocent man.

One last case that had a accused Carlton Michael Gary Georgia Convicted 1986 Executed 2018 Georgia executed Carlton Michael Gary on March 15, 2018 without any federal court revie w of substantial evidence suggesting that he did not commit the crimes for which he was convicted and sentenced to death. Prosecutors argued that in the late 1970s a single serial rapist and murderer killed three elderly white women and burglarized and raped a half-dozen others with a signature style that led the media to salaciously dub him the "Stocking Strangler." But if, as the prosecution insisted, a single person committed these murders, evidence that was never presented to the jury and never considered by any federal court suggests that it couldn't have been Carlton Gary. Although Gary was charged with three rapes and murders, the prosecution presented evidence of other uncharged crimes under the theory that they had all been committed by the same person.

So, the obvious case scenario would say that these people who were “convicted “and was executed was innocent and that would real make the justice system have a bad reputation of killing innocents. The idea of the death penalty in a whole Is a bad thing to even support really; don’t you want to make the people who are convicted have a actual chance of getting out, and the real criminals are rotting away in their on sweat, piss and other human remains! I think I went to dark, but either the death penalty as it is give a bad reputation for those who support it and the states that actual use it.

Firstly, Race and place determine who lives and who dies.
Those who kill whites are more likely to be sentenced to die than those who kill African-Americans. In Oregon, prosecutors from some counties are more likely to pursue the death penalty than others are.

Secondly, no civilian’s job description should include killing another person.
Corrections personnel involved in executions, like our military, frequently suffer PTSD from having to kill. Perhaps there is a reason to have a defensive military, but prisoners pose no threat to the well-being of our citizens. There is no reason to place the mental health of our corrections workers at risk simply to pursue vengeance.

Thirdly, Poor quality defense leaves many sentenced to death.
One of the most frequent causes of reversals in death penalty cases is ineffective assistance of counsel. A study at Columbia University found that 68% of all death penalty cases were reversed on appeal, with inadequate defense as one of the main reasons requiring reversal.

If those this doesn’t make your states, look bad then get some help I know a guy his name is Dr. Phil he’s great! In all seriousness clearly, there are more cons than pros when you associate with the death penalty. I mean do any other job would allow someone who killed another human being; sure, you did it legally, but does it really make it any better. Either way your spending way too much federal money for each execution for you to gain any money at all. The death penalty is getting expensive by each time it’s been used. Like around $620,932 at least, I know I don’t even want to deal with that.

One thing for sure of what you pay are the In 1985, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that defense lawyers have a right to a psychiatric evaluation for their client if the prosecution gets one. But where an IQ test and a quick interview may have been sufficient in years past, now psychiatrists obtain an entire mental health history of the defendant. “If you're trying to speculate about what someone with a concussion did,” said Kathryn Kase, Executive Director of the Texas Defender Service, “a conversation with a psychiatrist might not be enough. You might need a CT scan, or an MRI.” Experts whose specialties did not exist in earlier eras are now regularly called in death penalty cases. “Experts may also be needed to explain why mistaken eyewitness identification commonly occurs, or to explain why someone might falsely confess,” said Natasha Minsker, Associate Director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California, in a 2008 report. “Modern science has greatly enhanced our ability to distinguish the innocent from the guilty and to identify the mentally ill, but all of this costs money.”

Next is the Housing. Felons sentenced to life in prison may eventually be placed in the general population, but death row inmates are virtually always housed in administrative segregation, or solitary confinement, which costs more per day due to heightened security. A 2014 study out of Kansas reported that a death row prisoner costs $49,380 to house per year, whereas a general population prisoner costs $24,690. Now why would you even have to deal with such a heavy load just to take away 1 human life? It’s make now senses especially when there’s a place um what it called again jail was it, where you can send the criminal there to do his life time sentence. Don’t pay for a room where you just kill 1 life each.

 Now even though all that you still willing to go through this ONE execution. Some how you manage to get pass all that money; I wish I was you. Anyway, one very last thing that you need to get the Attorney to even to explain the execution. Both defense attorneys and prosecutors say they spend more hours preparing for death penalty trials than in years past. Prosecutors do not bill individual hours, but several district attorneys said they allocate more staff to work on death penalty cases than they did in previous decades because the cases have grown more complicated. The reasons for that will become clear below. Defense hours are easier to track because these attorneys are usually paid by the hour. The 2010 judicial conference report found that attorneys for defendants facing the death penalty spent an average of 1,889 hours per trial between 1989 and 1997. Between 1998 and 2004, the average was 3,557 hours. By 2007, according to the American Bar Association, many counties were paying at least $100 per hour. MEN! Being a lawyer sounding nice for my life right now if I’m getting pay that much for one execution. But really I don’t want to deal with a lawyer

Now one good point that I acknowledge a lot and could really take out my main points. One thing for sure if we do manage to get ride of the death penalty then jailing institutes will be crowed up with inmates both innocent and true criminals.

Some people would think that some criminals is best to die for being too threatening to mankind. Like people as Osama Bin Lading, and Hitler. With that I do give them credit cause it is true, if I know that someone have the capability to maybe destroy all of human race then its best to just remove them for this world entirely

All in all, these are just a few out of many reasons of why the death penalty should be banned. Sure, there still those autistic people out there to support to keep it well your just sick people are they. Never or less its is a won sided battle really. From the death penalty is taking innocent lives, giving country’s that use it. Any its just down right expensive. This are more than enough reason to ban the death penalty. If we still have no choices but to keep the law at least improve it by at least making sure that the people who are convicted are truly criminals. In the separate penalty phase of a trial, where the question is not guilt or innocence, but life or death as punishment, a jury should be left with no lingering doubt -- no real doubt, however irrational -- about the convicted killer's guilt. Even this should not be enough to condemn a vicious predator to die. A nearly unanimous jury should be convinced with no "lingering or residual doubt" that the convicted murderer did it, and to "a moral certainty" that he or she deserves to die for it. No state has adopted this higher, special burden of persuasion, but they should. Think about it, if someone who didn’t something so despicable to you family would kill him legally and spend thousands of dollars for his execution or who you better him off rotting in the celling with other predators? The choose is yours.

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This article from AllSides talks about around of 1,436 people were executed in the United States from 1977 through May 2016, primarily by means of lethal injection. Most death penalty cases involve the execution of murderers although capital punishment can also be applied for treason, espionage, and other crimes. Also talks about how it makes the government seem as if they have the power to take humans life way when they say. For this Opponents of capital punishment say it has no deterrent effect on crime, wrongly gives governments the power to take human life, and perpetuates social injustices by disproportionately targeting people of color and people who cannot afford good attorneys. Generally stating that They say lifetime jail sentences are a more severe and less expensive punishment than death. Personally, this source is good for who is interested on the matter just to start off on learn the basic knowledge of it. I don’t recommend this site for any heavy evidences. Its best-off finding something else.








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This is article tells about what and how the death penalty effects on Sayed things like how the risk of executing innocent people exists in any justice system, the arbitrary application of the death penalty can never be ruled out, also how the death penalty does not deter crime effectively by giving short but descriptive details of it. In my opinion this site can give you more details of the situation. It’s not that strong but is can be useful when looking into the problem.



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This article from an author by the name of Phillip Holloway address in detail about a murder by the name of James Holmes who have murdered about 12 people in a movie theater in July 2012. The Colorado jury predictably rejected his insanity defense, but that is not the end of the story. That same jury will now begin determining whether he should be executed or serve the rest of his life in prison. And, as a result, America once again finds itself in a virtually unique discussion among rich nations on whether capital punishment should apply to one of its citizens. It also lists a few reasons why the dealt penalty does make no sense from financial to just plain sanity. This is an excellent source to look on for this topic. Could have a very strong argument with it.

  1. Anderson Dave, “10 Reasons The Death Penalty Should Be Legal … all States.” Top 10 Lists |, February 21, 2016,

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In Listland made by Dave Anderson he makes something like a “Top 10 List” of reason of why the death penalty should be legal. Although I am apposed of the idea he did have some strong reason to support his claim. He also come a brief history of a event happen in 1968 in US v Jackson the Supreme Court started to consider the practical application of the death penalty ruling that the death penalty could be imposed even when not recommended by a Jury.The same year the Court ruled that a juror’s reservations to the death penalty were not enough to bar them from serving in and of themselves unless they were so strong as to prevent the juror from making an impartial decision. This site have to strong body of its position and could be a great counter argument for anyone  on the matter of the death penalty for the amount of detail the person posted. In short, I do recommend checking it out.


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In this article or site or whatever you want to call it, its consist of reasons of why the death penalty should be abolish. Just like the previous site it contains strong points and evident to support it.One example of their points is titled “You can’t take it back”



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