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The relationship between a 22year old student and a politician’s arrogant son.

Submitted: June 21, 2018

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Submitted: June 21, 2018



A   Usual   Day 


In  the  city  of  Rancour,life was busy as usual.People  were  going to their work, schools and  colleges.Mason  was  a 22 year  old  student  who  was  going  to  a  law  college.


He  was   taking   the   subway  train  to  his  college.”Only  another  year  and  I  will  be  finished  with  college “he  thought  as  he  got  off the train.As  he was  nearing his college, he saw his friends.


“Oi  Mason!What  did  you  do  yesterday?Anything  different?”one of his friends-Noah  asked  him.”Nothing  unusual,same as always Noah”he replied.”Yesterday  we  guys saw something different  when  we  went to the movie.You  know  Katie  in  our class.She  was surrounded by a group of 4  gangsters.We  decided to  save her  but  to  our  surprise she  fought  them  bravely  and went  off as  it  was  nothing “Mason  was  surprised  to  hear this.The  quiet  and  obedient  girl  who was always seen studying did that.


“And don’t forget her moves.They  were so  amazing “Gregor  -Mason’s friend  added.Mason  was  thinking  about this as  they were going to their class.


During class Mason took a glance at  Katie. The  blonde girl with blue eyes was average looking.She didn’t have a  tough outlook.’Well we can’t judge a book by its cover’he thought.


In the evening,after the classes were over,Mason went to the gym to practice basketball.He was very much interested in basketball.He  would play with his seniors and juniors.He would sometimes teach his juniors some moves.


After finishing the practice,Mason would go home.He had been living alone after his grandmother died when he was 15years old.His parents died before that in a car accident.He had been living with the money left by his parents and grandma.


So he learnt to  cook and  do  all  the household  chores by himself.Life  was usual for him.Another  normal day had gone by.


The next dayas  usual,Mason  got  up  and  got  ready  for college.College  was  as  usual  for him. Classes

were  boring  as  usual.During  lunchtime,he  and  his  friends  were  eating and  chatting  joyously.Mason  gave  his  all  in  hisbasketball  practice.He  didnt  like  to  study  but  he  had  to  study  and  get  a  good  job  as  he  has  no  one  to  rely  on.

After finishing  the  practise,Mason  got  on a  train  .He  hadto  walk  some  distance  from  the  train  station  to  reach  hishome  .While  walking  home, he saw  a  group  of  men  who  were  wearing  blacksuits  and were  sturdy.  Mason  thought  they  might  be  bodyguards.  There  were  two  boys.One  seemed  to  be  a  high schooler  as  he  was  wearing  a  school uniform.The  other  one  seemed  to  be  a  little  older  than  that boy  .As  Mason  came  near  them ,they  seemed  to  be  fighting.The  older one  seemed  to  be  afraid  of  the  youngerone.Eventhough  he  was  the  older  one, he  was  afraid - not  to  mention  the  frightening  bodyguards.

Mason decided  to  intervene."hey !You  guys  there!Why  are  you  fighting?"Everyone  turned  towards  Mason.  The  high  schooler  looked  at  him  and  spoke"Mister,thisis  none  of  your  business.  So  get  out  of  here"  Mason  didn't like  the  way  that  brat  spoke  .He  understood  that the  brat  was  an arrogant  and  a  rich  kid.Then  he  saw  an  ice  cream  on  the  floor  which  wasn't  opened. "Were  you  guys  were  fighting  over  an  icecream?"Mason  asked  the  younger  one.

"Well,this  guy  over  here  ran  without  seeing  ahead  and  collided  with  me  and  my  precious  ice  cream  fell  down.I  didn't  even  open  it  and  had  a  taste"  he  complained  as  it  was  the  biggest  problem  in  the  whole world.

'So  if he  had  opened  and  had  a  bite,  he  wouldn't  argue  like  this  huh.....'

"Youjust  pick  it  and  wash  the  cover  and  eat  it .Only  the cover  has  gotten  a  little  dirty.There  will  be  no  problem  in  it"

'If  it  was  that  easy ,we  would  have  convinced  him  easily  by  ourselves  and  not wasted  this  much  time'though  tthe  bodyguards.

"Idon't  pick  up  anything  that  is  on  thefloor. Didn't  your  parents teach  you  that?"the  boy  asked  Mason.

The other  boy  who  was  quiet  until  now  opened  his  mouth ,"SirI  knowit'smy  fault.Ialready  apologised  to  him  and  told  him  thatIwould  buy  him  a  new  icecream.  But  he  says  he  wants  the  same  ice  cream  before  it  fell  on  the  floor"

On hearing  this,Mason  regretted 'Why  the  hell  did  I  get  involved  in  this matter'  He  really  wanted  to  run  away  from  that  brat.He  just  wanted  to  heip  the  other  boy  because  he  looked  frightened.

"Why  don't  you  buy  me  a  new  icecream  ,mister?"the  boy  asked  Mason.  'I  think  he changed  his  target  as  me.GuessI  think  I  don't  have  a  choice.I will  play  along  with  this  brat  for  awhile.  He  doesn't  look  dangerous  to  me  except  for  the  bodyguards' these  were  the  thoughts  running  through  Mason's  mind.

"Ok, come with  me.I  will  buy  you  a  new  ice  cream"The  other  boy  thanked  Mason  and  went  off  like  he  has  been  released  from  the  jail  afteralongtime.  The  boy  and  his  bodyguards  followed  Mason.

An  evening spent

Mason asked the  boy  what flavor did he want.  The boy  told  him that  he wanted vanilla  ice  cream .Mason bought  two  ice  creams  of  vanilla flavour ."Here  this  one  is for you  and this is for me"  Mason  gave the boy his ice   cream.

The boy took his ice cream from  Mason. Mason began to open  and  eat  his ice  cream. He took a side glance at  the boy.  But he wasn't opening his  ice  cream. Mason asked him  "What's  wrong? Why  are'nt you   eating your ice  cream?"  The boy had the expression  of not wanting  to eat it."I  think  your's  tastes better than mine."

"What!  But  both  are of the same flavor and company"  "I want yours" Mason thought that  arguing with  that brat  wasn't going  to  be a wise  thing. So he gave his ice  cream to the  boy.

After the boy ate the ice cream  ,Mason asked his name ,"My name is  Mason.I  am studying  at  xxx college . What' s  your name?"

"My  name   is Alfred. I  am the son of Michael, a  politician who takes care  of foreign affairs. He  is  also a businessman"  'So he is  from  a  very  rich family  plus  his father is also a  politician . I thought  he wouldn't say anything about himself."Let's go   to the park"

"Ah....Ok"  So  they all went to the park. Alfred sat on  a bench near a  tree. Mason also sat beside him  on  the bench. The  bodyguards were standing behind them doing their duty. Some of the people were watching them from time to time curious of the bodyguards.

Alfred didn't

speak for the next 20 minutes. He waswatching the children playing , some playing with their parents  and  siblings , others with other children."Do you want to play?" asked Mason."No,  I  don't like to play.I just want to watch  nature quietly"

"Ok ,  then I won't disturb you" Both were watching others quietly. Alfred was also watching  birds  and  petdogs  intently. His expression  showed  that  he  was  kind  of  happy.  Mason  learnt  that  Alfred liked animals so much as he was  watching  animals more than people . Mason  seemed   to   be relaxed and peaceful with  Alfred.

After spending time like  that for another  45  minutes, Alfred got up  and told Mason that he was going  home  .After  Alfred went off, Mason   started to go  home . He thought thatthe kid wasn't bad after all. He thought about the  kid while going home.


The next day Mason went to college as usual.In the evening, after club activities were over, Mason came out of college to see something unexpected. He saw Alfred surrounded by his bodyguards. There was a white car which looked very costly. 'That must be Alfred's car' thought Mason.

He went near him and asked him,"What are you doing here?"'Did he come here to make me buy ice cream for him again? He is rich ,isn't he? He should buy ice cream himself'  asked Mason to himself.

"I came here for you. Today I want you to follow me" replied Alfred ."Follow you?  You mean to hang out with you?" asked Mason even knowing the answer."No,I want you to folllow me to the places I go"

"Oi, following you means I have to work under you.Well, whatever come lets go" Mason and Alfred with his three bodyguards got into the car.

After Mason got into the car, he asked where they were going .  Alfred replied that they were going to the movies.

"What movie are you going to see?"asked Mason . "The Incredibles" was the answer. Mason thought that Alfred liked to watch kid's movie.He usuallly wanted to watch adult type of movies.That movie was not his type at all. 'Anyway he is only 15 years , so he must have interest in these kinds of movies. Lets watch with him'

They came to the theatre . Alfred asked his bodyguards to buy popcorn and soft drinks. They entered the theatre. Mason saw that no one was inside the theatre .He and Alfred sat down on the seats. The bodyguards came with  popcorn and drinks.  They gave it to Alfred and stood beside him. The movie started but no one came."Did you book the whole theatre?" asked Mason.

"Yeah" was his reply."Alfred, you really like to waste money huh....Do you know how many people can watch this movie if you bdidn't book the whole theatre?" Alfred told him that he didn't like crowded and noisy places and added that he wanted to watch movies in a quiet place. ' First of all things,  I  should teach this brat to respect and to consider others also'

The movie went on but Mason didn't enjoy the movie that much." why don't you let the guards sit down? How long will they stand?" Alfred told him that it was their duty to stand and guard him.' First, he would drag me out of nowhere to watch movie and didn't even ask what type of movie I liked. Now the whole theatre is free butv he won't let his bodyguards to sit down '

" If you let them sit down, I will cook your favourite food. I am a good cook. I am sure you will like it" Mason baited him using his cooking abilities."Ok , guards you may sit down" Alfred ordered his guards.  Mason looked like the God for the bodyguards. ."Now you are a good boy"  Mason praised him."I didn't do it for your bait .I did it because you asked me to"On hearing this the bodyguards almost fell off their seats. ' Our young master listened to someone other than himself . Is the world coming to an end? He doesn't even listen to his own father' these were the thoughts going on all the three bodyguards' minds.

" Well then, you are really a good boy" Mason was astonished at hearing this. "Then before that you told me that I am a good boy ,  was it not true?"  asked Alfred . "Well , that is true. Come  on  , lets watch the movie  ' Mason said with a smile. Somehow he managed to divert him.

After the movie ended ,  Alfred told Mason that the next day he wanted to eat his food. Mason asked him whether he could come to his house and eat."  You come to my house. Tomorrow my father will not be at home" 



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