rhythmic love

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Submitted: June 21, 2018

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Submitted: June 21, 2018



Lights were flashing different colors as the room became crowded. There were lovebugs, typical bar stars, and the lone wolves that stood at the back. Some were too drunk to talk, others I wish were too drunk to start.

Tonight was just another night, out on the town with friends. Taking selfies and drowning ourselves in cheap drinks. It was just another night, until I found her.

Her lips grew wide, curved upward into the shape of a blissful smile. Her eyes were closed, but not tightly shut. Her intention wasn't to stand in the pitch black, but instead to feel the energies of the room all the more deeply.

The sounds ranging in frequencies were flowing from the speakers. I watched as they flew into her ears, made their way into the very core of her being, all the way down to her feet, back up through her arms and out her fingers.

I was mesmerized by the way her feet would slide along the floor. How her fingers danced across the air. How the rest of her body swung so gently together in perfect harmony.

I've heard the music, I've danced to it's beat, I've felt the emotions behind the words that it speaks but this was something new.

Tonight was supposed to be like any other, but it wasn't. Tonight this girl saw nothing yet she was able to let the music make her feel alive.

Any other night, I would have tried to live through the music but not tonight. Tonight, I fell in love watching the music live through her.

-Gabby Wick

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