Rain, Rain, Don't Go Away

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Submitted: June 21, 2018

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Submitted: June 21, 2018



Let me welcome the rain, let me welcome isolation, 

let it wash away the pain, let it cushion my sedation. 

I never need an excuse to dive into recluse, 

but as water falls so loose i am no longer any use. 

Forget the outside world, lets go search within, 

let it all unfurl as inside becomes your kin. 

Let it take you back to the sunny days you once remembered. 

Let the grey and sodden day shape and rebuild time thats blended. 

Find what makes the sun shine when the fires been wholly doused, 

find what makes the world turn for a hidden, timid mouse. 

Find what makes the dust unsettled, 

dive head first into your kettle, 

find out if your made of metal, 

hug the carpet, shut down, settle. 

The sunll return sooner then it left to force you from your slumber. 

So make the most of peace before the world calls up your number.


Rain, rain dont go away. 

Cos right now i dont have another day. 

Id live like this forever and again, 

but i know the sunshines just around the bend, 

until then i revel in comfort and settle in all that you lock away.


And when the sun comes out, yes i will abide, 

ill pull on my skin and ill crawl on outside.

Like facing the world again for the very first time,

I venture into the washed waste with a refreshed mind.

But i forgot my skin, and the sun has made me pay.

Third degree burns from the scorn of the day.

Cos when its all and gone away, 

its just the same as yesterday. 

Rain, rain,

Dont go away.

© Copyright 2019 Ben Woods. All rights reserved.

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