The shit called depression

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Niggas want to go to heaven but no one wants to die. But there comes a time in a man/woman's life where it looks as if the world has forsaken her and she is left alone to feel the pains, but ur
foolishness has no boundaries as it takes control of you and you take a drastic action giving a temporary problem a permanent solution that doesn't befit humans

Submitted: June 21, 2018

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Submitted: June 21, 2018



You look for a stupid reason to hate yourself, you got a life but you still wanna get rid of it. So many niggas wishing they got your life but you don't appreciate the gift of life, you insult it just by the mere thought of passing shortcuts

I understand the fact that we all have our demons but nigga you gotta tame it before it gets out of hand, the worst solution is drugs you just foolishly drive into despair another stage of depression that will end up leading to suicide.

you got a life why take what you can't give , just do what makes you happy, bang a chick , go out just do something apart from killing yourself(i actually wanted to make this a poem but unfortunately i became too tired and my eyes are bloodshot so forgive me if it is not as you had expected).

I might not know your problem but seriously there are people with worst of problems but they still find a way to survive, just find one reason to survive even if it's bad later you will get a better one.

What do you gain when you commit suicide? You just heart broken family and friends that will miss u, you have deprived yourself of love and care you just keep drifting to darkness, may God save our souls but the truth gotta be told , suicide is shit and only cowards that are afraid of what tomorrow holds indulge in the act.

The stuff is you just don't glide into depression psychologically your peers influence you and the moment the word depression becomes like a broken record to you that is the first stage before the complaints, agony, worries, fears drugs and all other bad habits, so do me a favour and flee when you hear the word because it's just a stone throw from getting to you.

Wishing you the best your life holds.

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