Family Matters

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A biographical account of the last time I saw my extended family.




She inherits at her peril


Small change to buy her way back in,

Cash your integrity at the door.

Thy Will be damned

This is her worth.




Rain pelts like an omen from grey skies

Against faces without expression,

Eyes hard like silver coins


Poison in the air

Radiating from their bodies like heat.


Our Father, thou art in heaven


A flurry of rose thorns scatter with ash on the dry earth

As they claim their share and demand more.

Where seeds are cast, hard and broken

Nothing will grow.


Someone lies

Someone is deceitful


Today is a ruse for conflict of the eyes,

A smirk, a snide remark.




Their hatred slides from her like steam as she departs

Husband and child by her side

As the final outburst casts them out.


A single retaliation.


An expletive thrown behind like a dagger,

Its impact echoing across the hard expanse of faces

That stare, unmoving as solid granite.


They walk away

Leaving behind the scattered ashes

As the toxic air ignites,

And divides them by a wall of flame.


Submitted: June 22, 2018

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