Empty Space

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My Universe the perfection of pain

Submitted: June 21, 2018

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Submitted: June 21, 2018



Universe, a never resting perfection

Still never get tired of holding each part


How beauty made this empty space light

Stars started to blink and painted darkness to art


Until the secrets of gravity existed

Holding its mysteries impart


Those darkest nights created the pain and slowly emptied the heart

Perfection turned to memories as it started falling apart


Stars unpredictably dropping rapidly below


How it left skies and getting out space

Downwards straight those sparks always plays


Yes, the night would come the stars will go

Why I left you would never know 


Hoping to see a one and maybe wish

To make it last and never finish


Left on empty space

Dragged by sadness and pain


In darkness I stayed

Where every night dishonesty remained


From the very start

memories still fresh about those precious part

From how this heart turned to life and left a mark


Beneath the darkness inside

It was the happiness I hide


Memories like stars

Unexpectedly move and left the scars


The gravity, My love

No matter how hard

I've always accepted you

As my painful reward


Those darkest nights,


I thought I was being smart

I rushed my heart

But ended falling apart


As perfection turned to memories

Memories brought pain


My universe,

my star,

the gravity

you left me in vain.

© Copyright 2018 Leon Martin Sadino Manguiob. All rights reserved.