The Jewish Messiah.

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There are quite a number of people who makes claim to the Jewish Messiah title. This guy really thought he was the Messiah..

Submitted: June 22, 2018

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Submitted: June 22, 2018



It rained a bit, then it eased off, the sun came out of its hiding place from the dark clouds. I walked down the street until I came to the chippy shop. The man at the first table saw me as I entered the place, he had been waiting for me. I had come to interview hyim for I had heard from one of my friends that this man saw himself as the Jewish Messiah. He had a plate of fish and chips in front of him. I ordered some too, and sat down opposite him. I said, ''Thanks for letting me talk to you, but what make you think that you are the Jewish Messiah? Do you know what it means to call yourself the Jewish Messiah?''
After swallowing the chip he had in his mouth, he said to me, ''I was born on a New Moon.''
''Yes, and...''
''Well, didn't you know, Israel was formed on a New Moon. He was called Israel on that day!''
''There are hundreds of people born on a New Moon, but they're not going round claiming to be the Jewish Messiah.'' I told him.
''I was also born on a Friday, the same day that Adam was formed!''
I said to him, ''There are too, many people born on a Friday. Good luck to them. You haven't convince me yet that you're someone special. Let me ask you this: what do you expect to be doing to convince others that you''re really who you say you are?''
''The God of Israel appeared to me,'' he told me plainly.
''How did he appear to you, in what form? And how do you know that it was the God of Israel? He doesn't just appear to any and any body.''

He took a piece of the fish and placed it in his mouth. ''The same way he appeared to Ezekiel, in a vision.''
''Tell me what you saw,'' I said. ''Did you see any fire?''
''I did actually, I saw what looked like fire coming from His eyes, and from His waist down was burnished bronze..''
''So you claim this vision then, to have come from God?'' I asked.
''Who else could it come from,'' he inquired. ''It was He alone who created everything.''
''Explain to me how you're going to approach the Nation of Israel? They're not going to take to you easily. And miracles, if you can do any, won't convince them. Can you bring peace to the world? What about the Temple, shall they start building it?''

''Many questions you have asked,'' he said. ''I am the Jewish Messiah, and in time, the nation will come to know that.''
I said, ''The Messiah should come from  the line of King David.''
''I know,'' he said, ''I've already traced back to my ancestors.''
''Do you know what God said to King David? God promised him that he shall never fail to have a successor on the throne, if only his descendants walk before God faithfully. There's a big 'if'  here. Solomon didnt do as David did, he turned away from following God faithfully, so the promise is broken.''
''Is that so,'' he said. ''Well, I'm here, and I'm the Jewish Messiah!''

The End.

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