Attic Space

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a story about secrets and conspiracy. It begins of what is in the attic and the horrors that come through the open door that will never be closed again.
REVISED UPDATE: 01/12/2019

Submitted: June 22, 2018

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Submitted: June 22, 2018



Dad is a man that kept everything under lock and key in his attic. He told the children to not go up his attic when one drafty night the two boys are sitting in their beds with boredom on their mind. There is one lamp light on in the room when the eldest boy worked on his construction set that about due for school at the end of the week. The youngest boy is reading comic books in the dim light when a tree branch skimmed the window of their big sized room.

The boy with the comic book perked up before shrugging, getting back to the pages when the eldest boy didn’t even look, finishing a conductor on a custom made motherboard to power his energy source for making a small generator. He strode in silence with his mind on his work.

“What is this word?” The youngest boy Cray brought up the comic book over his pillow.

The eldest boy Dallas is in his zone, lost in the consciousness of his own mind. Cray asked again when Dallas is broken out of his zone.


“I said ‘what is this word’?” Cray creased the comic book a little in his hand. Dallas came over to see in the dim light.

“You are going to ruin your eyesight, little brother.” Dallas clicked on the other light that is next to Cray’s head.

“Stop,” Cray protested, turning off the light, raising his calves on the wooden frame of the bed, stretching his legs.

“I’m just saying. You’re going to be wearing glasses by the time you’re 30.”

“Whatever.” Cray protested with his attitude to boot, shrugging when Dallas scurried back to the piece that could be his greatest achievement.

“Do you think I will stay lonely?” Cray asked his brother.

“I think you will be lonely for the rest of your life, brother.” Dallas joked up when Cray looked at him, not laughing.

“But not for long?” Dallas backtracked when he wiped the sweat off of his hands. He is about to stop for the night.

“When do you think Dad is going to be home?” Dallas asked his little brother when Cray flipped a page on his comic book, looking out the window through the shadowy branches, seeing nothing when he rounded about and shook his head.

“I don’t know.” Cray couldn’t even remember the note that is upon the fridge. He didn’t care either. They are both teenagers after all.

Mom is gone away for two weeks on a business trip in Spain. All they have is the narrow scope of father that comes home to hang out in the attic on his off time, barely talking to the boys with his mind all in the work that is going on up there. What is he doing up there? They didn’t know when they knew that father is very busy in the attic that leads upstairs.

“Do you think he is going to pick up some Chinese?”

“I don’t know. I’m kind of tired of eating egg rolls and rice.”

Cray dived back into his comic book with his mind itself getting tired by the minute. He is almost near the end of the volume when Cray sighed.

“Do you think we can go up there without him knowing about it?” Cray asked Dallas when he turned his head, looking at him before looking out the window with all of his brain cells thinking up a plan.

“He might have surveillance up there.” Dallas warned him.

“Be prepared for that.”

“I remembered a couple of times that the light dimmed off in the living room. The house suffered brown outs for a few seconds before the light became normal again. Then I heard a buzz upstairs, followed by him yelling a curse up there. Then everything got all quiet. I ran up there and knocked upon the attic door. He opened it with him looking like I found a secret that he has been hiding for so long.”

Dallas rendered to his bed and lied down across it with his eyes pointing to the ceiling.

“He told me to get out and don’t ever come up here. That was the first time I ever seen him that upset.” Dallas glared at the ceiling with his face in a blank daze.

“Did you get the mail?”

Cray tried to remember but couldn’t. He can’t remember what he learned in History Class today.

“I think I did.” Cray lied when he finished up the last of his comic book.

“I think I’m going to bed.” Cray dropped the comic book on the floor. Dallas still lied there in his bed with a lot of thought in mind. His mind is not the mind of his brother. It is more surreal, dark, and full of intrinsic impertinence. He will have to see what is in the attic. The curiosity is killing him.

By the end of the week is when Dallas told Cray to devise a plan. They are sitting on the school bus on the way to school when Dallas told this to Cray.

“We are going to be caught.” Cray told Dallas, sitting on the bus with his book bag on the other seat. No one else sat next to Cray for some reason. Probably that he stinks or something.

Dallas sat in the seat behind him, looking at him and out the window ever so occasionally. He sees the houses blur past with the bus gaining speed. Dallas is thinking with deep intent. Then something caught his attention like a fly that came into his web of deception.

“What if we play hooky for one day, make an excuse but not a bad excuse to our teachers or the principal that will not catch wind with dad.” Dallas thought while he talked, making Cray cock his head.

“Can it be done?”

Dallas knew what he is thinking. He knew he is thinking about all the mystery that is going on in there. He thought about dad being real upset and mother coming home and being even more upset than ever before in his life. Then they will feel the belt across their butts and the essential grounding that they will feel in the two weeks feeling like two years. Dallas is more courageous than Cray with something in his mind keeping the feeble out.

The bus bounced over a bump when many of the kids jumped out of there seats a little, crying out a laugh when Cray looked around towards the back as Dallas continued to think with no smile.

“We will continue to think of a plan.” Dallas brightened when he waited for the day. When the day came, it is Thursday. The weather reports say that the rain will roll in by nine o’clock at that morning. The school buses are making do with their routes when Dallas woke up to the sound of thunder that is scraping in the distance. There is a dim light in the sky and the sky is getting darker by the minute when Dallas wiped the crust from his eyes. The alarm clock is going to go off in a few minutes when he looked through the arid darkness, seeing his little brother sleeping on his stomach. He has always done that when Dallas dropped his feet from the bed to the floor as the thunder rumbled in the sky. The rain started to patter on the windows when Dallas stood in front of the bathroom mirror, looking onto his reflection while thinking of the next order of business that comes to mind. Cray stirred in the bedroom, moving his head from one side to the other side as Dallas stopped with the toothbrush in his hand, still standing in front of the mirror as he continued to think.

His father is in the attic with his feet pounding on the floor above him. There is a buzz above Dallas’s head when he gazed at the distorted glass that serves a door for the shower. The floor is glazed in white tiles that are under his feet when he waited for his father to leave. He always leaves before they do. Dallas began to brush his teeth in a circular motion when there is a second volley of feet pounding above the ceiling. The pounding stopped when something beeped in loud protest.

What that the sound of a computer that I heard? Dallas thought with his eyes making the notion, spitting the foamy fulmination from his mouth. He washed it down the drain when the patter of footsteps waned further and further above his head. Dallas didn’t realize that his brother came into the room, not paying any attention to his older brother when he pulled down the front of his lounge pants to take a tinkle in the toilet.

“Do you have to do it with me in here?” Dallas didn’t look at him while his brother continued to pee in the toilet.

“I have to go and mom and dad don’t like us using their bathroom.” Cray finished, shaking to get the run off into the toilet before pulling his lounge pants back up. Something beeped above their heads when Cray looked up with his meager thoughts working up a storm in his narrow mind.

“Dad is back at it again.” Cray spoke in mid-volume. Dallas nodded his head.

“Does mom know what he does up there? Somehow with her I was afraid to ask.”

“Does she care?” Dallas grabbed the hand towel from the plastic dry ring that is screwed to the wall, wiping his hands off before putting it back up again.

“Not really. She has her own thing going on.”

“I do miss her though from time to time.”

“She is more out in the world that here at home.”

“That is her job. We have to support her.”

Dallas placed the toothbrush in the holder for it to dry with the air, roaming out of the bathroom with his brother following him.

“Are you going to wash your hands?” Dallas got halfway down the stairs, looking up with that intent of his hands being little claws that could infect him by just one touch to another victim.

“I didn’t get anything on them?”

Dallas turned his frown into something disgusting with his eyes getting wider.

“Go wash your hands. That’s disgusting.” Dallas pondered down the stairs when Cray backtracked up the steps.

A few minutes later, Cray came down the steps with a fresh bout of clothes on him. Dallas is eating cereal, looking at the back of the box. Dallas looks comical in a way, like a person who has woken up with the worst hang over with his mind so fried that it will take all day to get back on track. Dallas set the box back on the table when Cray grabbed a bowl and sat down with him. They ate in silence for almost a minute. Dallas is collating in his mind about the room that is at the top of this house. It is an obsession that is driving him mad.

“Are we doing this today?” Cray asked him. The light is burning through the glass dome that is above them while the rain patters outside started to get bigger with each droplet, getting bigger and bigger to the point that the drizzle formed into a sprinkle and a sprinkle formed into a rain. Dallas heard the drops hitting the windows to the right of him with the rain coming down sideways.

“Yeah, we have to get dad out of the house though.” Dallas twirled the spoon in the bowel with the spoon coming through the milk with each passing circular motion. Dallas dropped the spoon onto the bowel when the door opened somewhere in the house, followed by a door closing when a pounding of feet came down the stairs to the second floor. The feet pounded from one end of the ceiling above the both of them to the other when they came to the top of the stairs that leads to the base floor when their father appeared the hallway. He is a man who doesn’t have a gray speck of hair on his head when his beard is a lot fuller now, coming into the dining room area to look at his two boys that are looking at him.

“Did any of you make coffee?” Dad spoke in his deep tones. He has the voice of Ten Levine but a lot less scary though.

“Yeah; filled it full and put three scoops into the filter.” Cray spoke before going back to the bowl of cereal that is getting warmer by the minute. Dallas dropped his eyes when dad left the dining room to go into the kitchen. They didn’t speak to each other by reasons that dad will know. They waited for him to leave and that is all. When dad came out with the coffee cup in his hand, the thunder rumbled outside the house when dad sat down.

“You two are not watching television today. Is something up?” Dad asked the both of them when Cray didn’t make a move. Dallas shook his head, bringing the bowl up from the table. He got up from his seat.

“Do you want for me to get the mail, Dad?”

Dad only shook his head when he drunk some of the coffee that is hot upon the touch of his lips. The rain is getting steadier outside.

“Whose turn is it to take out the garbage?” Dad asked the both of them.

“Cray,” Dallas says.

“Did you do it?”

Cray looked at Dad and then looked at his brother before getting up in his seat. Dallas knew that it was his turn but his brother has the attention of a goldfish. It is only a matter of time to figure out what is behind that attic door. Two minutes ticked by before Cray returned, holding his shoulder with his face strained. Dallas is to the point of excitement that he is about to burst.

“The bag almost ripped out from the bottom. It felt like a rock. Who put papers in the bottom of the bag though?”

“That is none of your concern, boy.” Dad waved his odd behavior when he grabbed the newspaper off of the table. Dallas knew about the shreds of paper that was in the garbage when Dallas knew that he is using one of those old shredding devices that cut the pieces lengthways. It is easy to place the pieces back together again. Dad is smart though. He doesn’t dump the pieces all in one trash receptacle. Dallas knew that when he grabbed those strands in the trash one night for his little experiments that he has. He made out some of the words that are on the invoice when it was sent from one secure location that is located at a postbox in Lake View, Montana. It started all formal, like it is a business for something about a chemical being that of Lot #12 with some of the words that are descriptive being blacked out. It is censored on purpose. Why? The letter is half completed with most of the information being left only to the imagination. Dallas wondered about his father under the lamp light that is burning with his father being home.

Is his father lying about his piece rate job that is in another town? Dallas thought about it some more when somewhere in the house, a phone started to ring. The ringtone is an unfamiliar tune when Dallas got up from the chair, tip toeing towards the door leading to the hallway. The door is open a crack when the phone is answered by his father who is downstairs with a glass of bourbon in his hand and tuned to a channel that he is so meddlesome to watch.

“Norman speaking,” His father says, setting the glass on the table in front of him. There is silence in the living room for about six to eight seconds.

“What; when?” His father’s voice raised up one octave as Dallas continued to hear through the upstairs hallway.

“Don’t touch anything down there. Don’t even up the quarantine. I’ll be down there within the hour. I have to make this look good with our contractors. If it gets out then we are done for. You understand.” His father’s voice waved around the hallway, knowing that he is moving around in the living room.

“Just stop talking and get Hughes down there. He will get a cap on the situation.” His father hung up the second cell phone and then he got his things around.

Dallas closed the door, tip toeing to the other side of the room in quick speed to wipe the paper that is pieced together on the table with the lamplight shining on it. He placed the pieces into his bottom drawer when his father walked up the steps to the hallway outside his door. Dallas sat there before opening up his top drawer to get the motherboard out that he has been working on for more than a month now, serving the device as another chip in his project that he is working on in secret. His brother and father are the only ones that know with his brother calling him “The weird brother that never leaves home”. That is all right with him. He can take a jab. He placed the soldering kit on the table and plugged in the solder pen when his father walked into the room.

“Listen Dallas, I have to go to work. There is a problem going on with the counts on merchandising.”

Dallas knew that he is lying when he paved a false smile. Dallas turned and smiled at him with the pen in his hand.

“Okay. When will you be home?”

“Sometime in the morning,” He will be back sometime late tomorrow night; if he will make it by dinner that is. Dallas and Cray will have the house to themselves which is alright by them. Dallas is worried about his father. What does he do? He doesn’t work at a factory job. What in the hell is his real job?

“I’ll call you before I get back. Be sure to take the garbage out in the morning, one of you okay?”

“Okay dad. Love you.”

“I love you too, buddy.”

That was a few days ago when now at this present moment, Dallas is looking at his father with the same terrible intent that is mixing around in his mind. Why is his father lying and most of all, what is going on in the attic? Dallas drunk the milk from the bowl and set it down on the table.

“Well, I have to get ready for school.” Dallas rose up from his seat.

“Cray, come on.”

 Cray followed him into the kitchen to set their bowls on the table.

“Give him an hour as we intentionally walk to school. We will hide behind the hedge bushes on Gilman’s lawn until his car leaves. We will get back to the house and try to find a way into the attic space. Dad locks the door but I know a way to unlock it.” Dallas clapped Cray on the back when in the room father is mending over a cup of coffee when he heard about a report of Lot #12 breaking open in a colony in Kentucky. They sent a government team down there to investigate the accident that is now open to the entire government stature that will soon come for his secrets that will bleed open if the figurehead falls through on his/her protection. Norman rubbed his eyes when he almost felt like crying. I hope he or she doesn’t fall through. It will be bad for the entire organization.

Norman finished his coffee before getting up from the table, going to the kitchen to clean the coffee mug when he heard the footsteps of the children above his head. Tears started to stream down his face when he leaned towards the wall that is facing him over the wash basin. He closed his eyes when he thought about all the hours that he suffered at the lab, making the perfect experiment that can dull the senses to the point that there is no recourse of feeling the effects of killing or harming anyone. It proved a success when they kidnapped a John Doe, injecting him with the dose as he begun to adhere the effects of killing lab rats with not an ounce of feeling bad about it. After that, they terminated John Doe when he started to observe that the victim’s civilized state started to deteriorate. It was a horrible observation, Norman knew that when he straightened up, walking out of the kitchen to start a new day of getting his butt chewed out by the people that provided the funding for this illegal operation. He even forgot his lucky coin that is on top of the entertainment cabinet when went up the flight of stairs to bid his children bye, telling them to have a good day when he left the house.

Dallas and Cray bid him well. After dad left, Dallas wasn’t smiling anymore. He is upset and he will know what is going on in that attic space that is on the top floor. It is a matter of time when their ploy will commence. Dallas is crazy mad.

They walked out of the house when their father is getting into his car. They waved at dad when dad started the car, backing out of the spot and entering the street when Cray did a double take at his father’s car that is pointed in the opposite direction of where they are going. The car drove down the street when Dallas looked at his brother that is still looking at the car.

“I guess we don’t have to hide behind the hedges anymore.” Dallas brightened a smile. Within that smile is a mix of something working, like the smile of a person that is turning it into the face of a mad man?

Cray didn’t say anything when something worked up in his throat, like the pit of a peach that has somehow grown in his throat that is getting bigger and bigger by the minute.

“Dallas. I don’t feel too well.” Cray started to teeter upon his walk when Dallas looked at him.

“Don’t sweat.” Dallas patted him on the shoulder. Cray smiled with weak protest when his frown turned lower into something that is painful behind his face.

“What about the lock?” Cray asked his brother when his brother didn’t say anything.

In the minutes that passed from them leaving their house, they came back to the front door, feeling odd of thinking that they are breaking into their own house for ominous reasons. The house inside is cooler when Dallas walked in first and Cray followed behind him. The carpet in the living room looks battered, close to the point that it is whooped. The walls look fresh though, like they were painted yesterday when Dallas peddled up the stairs without looking back.

“What about school? What are we going to tell them on the phone?” Cray asked him with his bottom lip sucked in.

“I can get dad’s voice down. No problem.” Dallas reached the top of the stairs where at the end of the hall are the stairs that leads upwards.

“Come on, little brother. Let’s see what secrets dad has.” Dallas left Cray’s eyesight when Cray felt like he is going to pass out from the pressure of doing a very bad thing.

By the time Cray led to the base of the stairs that leads up to the attic, Dallas is up there with the strain on his face turning the knob of the door back and forth.

“Damn, I can’t pop the lock on the door.” Dallas shook his head when he trotted down the stairs, moving past Cray who is leaning against the wall. He breathed in and breathed out when Dallas went down the stairs and wondered into the kitchen to get something from one of the drawers. He came back more than a minute later with a flat head screwdriver that is in his hand.

“What are you doing?” Cray saw the flat head that is yielded in his hand.

Dallas didn’t say anything when he trotted up the stairs, working the flat head into the crack between the trim and the door when he tried working the flat head towards the lock that he can somehow trip.

“What are you doing?” Cray asked, stupefied.

“Are you going to repeat yourself or are you going to help me?” Dallas flustered, moving the flat head back and forth when he finally grabbed purchase on the lock when he wiggled and wiggled to the point that the door started to rock upon its hinges.

“Besides, dad is not going to be home all days so don’t fret!” Dallas kept working at the door with the anger in his eyes boiling. He wants to know what his father is hiding behind the door with all the beeps and the odd noises that are happening in the closed spaces that not even mother is allowed to enter.

My father is a liar. My father is a liar. MY FATHER IS A LIAR!!!

He worked on the door harder when the flat head fell from his hand as the door swung open.

The air in the room is stagnant. There is no light in the room with the window covered up with the construct of a wall hiding it away. A series of beeps sounded off in the room when Dallas sees across the distance of all the green indications of something that is working there in secret, maybe a server tower. Dallas came into the room as Cray slowly pondered up the stairs, gulping in silence when Dallas started looking for a light that is in the room. Dallas felt around the walls of the room when he came up with nothing. Somewhere in the light that is coming from behind, he can see a chain that is hanging from the ceiling in the room.

Dallas cocked his head before walking into the unknown space, keeping steady with his feet when he came to the chain that is hanging their like a spider web that has come undone. He raised his hand as Cray met the top of the stairs, pulling it down when the room brightened up with light.

“Wow.” Dallas felt like he is sucker punched when he marveled at all the technology that is in this room.

The room is cluttered with many desk computer towers and screens that can rack up in the thousands of dollars. Manila folders are scattered about on table, filing cabinets, and some partitions of glass that are erected into fish tanks where there are some odd various plants growing in captivity. There is a projection system that is bolted upon the ceiling with a pull down screen that is on the other side of the wall when Dallas wondered what is father doing with it? The computer screens are all shut off with the computer towers in the black – that is with the exception of one that is still on the other side of the room on top of an office desk. Dallas moved his head a little before wondering to that computer screen when Cray felt like he is going to melt to the floor.

“What?” Cray whispered when Dallas arrived to the computer screen, seeing only one line on the bottom left of the screen that is bolded in green lettering.


The cursor after that is only blinking in intervals.

“A password; what a jip,” Dallas spoke in strident whispers. Cray can only watch from outside the room when he started to delve into a catatonic state.

“What does he do? What is his job? What is the password most of all.” Dallas started to sweat over the keyboard that is before him when he rubbed his lips.

Cray still stood there in a stupor.

Dallas thought about what dad would think of a password. It has to be simple. The door is locked to the room so the password has to be simple. People’s defenses do have flaws as he thought how many tries does he have before he is locked out? He also thought about the log-in time stamps that are on the registry if he tries. If he does, he has to be correct on the first try when he thought and thought hard. What came to mind after thinking for some time is this when he hunkered down and typed the words that came to mind:

Two brothers

He finished and pressed the enter key when an access denied came up on the screen. Damn! Dallas felt like slamming his fists into the desk. He didn’t want to disturb the room when he thought of all the envelopes that are scattered about, looking at the one nearest of him as he picked it up.

“What is this?” Cray felt like he is going to wobble back and take a tumble down the stairs. He kept his posture when Dallas opened up the first manila folder, seeing the registry number that is longer than his hand that is typed on the top of the page in one inch margins. What followed on the page is the caption, “For science division’s eyes only. Penalty to adhere this document to third parties is deemed harmful to the ongoing procedure of company experimentation and will result in immediate punishment”. Dallas felt his mouth water when he flipped the page. He stood there for more than ten minutes when he dropped the folder to the floor.

“My god,” His jaw became unhinged when he commenced to take another envelope that is close in his grasp.

Cray felt no instance of being in this room any longer when he came down the stairs with his eyes open. By the time he got to the bottom of the stairs, he felt like he is going to faint. He noticed that both of his shoes are untied when he sat down on the bottom step with his meager mind trying to piece this all together. He couldn’t when a headache started to come in full force.

Later that day, the phone started to ring with no one answering it as Dallas’s hate started to bleed more and more to the point of utter madness. For all the people that are kidnapped for their favors to gain funding for their abominable experimentations; what costs, what are the costs for their illegal actions have placed them? Over the course of investigating the room, Dallas has found something that is hidden under the table when tears started to course down his face. He held that of which he found in his hand when he closed his eyes to pray to whatever god that is not hearing Our Prayers for thousands of years. Maybe god left the phone off the hook? This made Dallas laugh a little when he brought it up from the dark bottom of the desk.

In the night that followed on the same day, Norman drove home in silence with the rain and the wind starting to pick up again. The weather reports on his phone say that the rain is going to push off by one o’clock in the morning. Norman didn’t like driving home in the rain when he drove a little slower with the signs coming and going in snail-like speed. By the time he got home, it is a quarter to one in the morning. He pulled in the driveway when the rain in the sky came down in the size of half-dollars. He opened the door and crawled out, closing the door behind him. He scurried to the front door of the house as he plowed the key into the door and came in. All the lights are off on the first floor when he dropped his suitcase, bringing out the documents that he didn’t want in anyone’s reach when he thought that Dallas and Cray both are asleep in their beds.

Norman turned on the lights when something bumped upstairs. He raised his head to the sound of the bump when he thought and thought bitterly. He hid the documents underneath his shirt and tucked his shirt back into his pants before clocking up the stairs where there are no lights in the hallway as he turned his head around the opening. Through the darkness of the hallways is a glow that came from the stairs leading up to the attic space when his mouth turned into something horrible. Did someone break into his house, kill his children, and plan to steal his work that took him years to formulate? The pain started to shower on his face when he forgot to get what is necessary that is hidden in the closet space that is underneath the stairs that he is still somewhat on. He walked in careful strides back down the stairs to get the weapon that is hiding in the closet in a cubby space that is hidden in the wall. When he came back up, eyeing the light that is on the other side of the hallway with the Walther .380 that is held tight in his right hand. He made sure that the magazine is full before slamming it back into the gun, cocking a bullet into the chamber and keeping the hammer back. He stood with the gun harnessed like a police officer that is keeping the gun at the ready. He did not want to walk down the hallway when he started to do it with his mind fighting him back, keeping his body in the dark as he tip toed down the hallway, hearing every creak, every noise, and everything that is happening in his office that is in the attic space of an organization that is secret in success and scary for a third party to witness the crime. He got to the bottom of the stairs leading up towards the attic as beforehand he checked the rooms in his path, seeing no one inside of them. He breathed in a breath before letting out as he started to tip toe up the steps of the attic space door that is open part ways. He heard nothing in the room by the time he got to the top of the stairs, keeping the gun at the ready. He is sharp, he has to be when he kicked the door in and waved the gun around in his office that held all of his secrets that are inside.

He didn’t see anyone inside of the room when he looked all around it, seeing nothing out of place with the manila envelopes where he left it. The projection that is bolted on the ceiling is turned on with the screen pulled down. A chair that helped pull the screen down is sitting a little from the screen handle when Norman’s face started to fill in rage.

They know all of it, everything! They know of the animals that exist from another world! We should have never found that ancient lab that is buried in Spain!

He came to the computer terminal that is on the other side of the room when he peered into the screen of the beings that were once human, kidnaped by the organization that are victims to the claims of monsters that came from other worlds. He turned it off in quick strides as he pulled the screen down, rattling it back up in a bang when someone came into his office with a gun drawn on him. He didn’t hear the breathing of the person behind him before he turned his head, seeing some man that is all cloaked in black with a ski mask that is upon his head.

“Oh Jesus, no,” Norman closed his eyes with the gun that is still in his hand.

“Put it down and I won’t have to kill you.” The man ordered with his voice all muffled.

“If you take my work then I’m already dead.” Norman flinched when the shakes in his hands started to come through.

“Where are my children?” Norman asked the man.

“Put the gun down.” The man asked again when Norman shook his head, forming his emotions into madness.

“Where are my children?” He screamed, raising the gun when Norman’s life is snuffed away, being shot in the heart with a silenced M1A11 handgun. He fell to the wall that is behind him, sliding down when the man that shot him picked up the spent cartridge that clattered to the floor.

“Subject eliminated.” The man let go of the receiver that is sitting on his throat when he went into the office to scrounge it, taking the files, ripping apart the computers to retrieve the motherboards, taking the flash drives that he found in filing cabinets, even taking the pens that he used to sign off some important works that are preceded by the stroke of Norman’s signature. He took everything and placed in his satchel that is tied to his back, running out of the room and pattering down the steps as he left the house. He got into the car that is parked a block down the street, keeping away from the lights on the streets as he started the car that is a throw away and drove out of there in silence. He pulled off his mask and ripped off of his clothes while he drove, turning right and left and then turning right again. He pulled his phone out which is given to him at a dead drop to ascertain his location on where he is going by the GPS location that is encrypted with a signal sending out. The man placed it on the pillion seat as he kept his nerves sharp and kept them clean. He stopped at an intersection when he thumbed the receiver that is on his throat.

“Documents received; Order extraction point and time of arrival.” He asked the person with a name that he doesn’t know on the classified frequency when little did he realize a car is going at a high rate of speed behind him, being that of a drunk driver that swore she never saw the light before it was too late.

The man didn’t see the lights before it burned into the rearview mirror. His eyes widen to the veil of lights that disappearing a split second before the back seats buckled to the back of the front seats as the man screamed. The man let the brakes go when the car crawled into the intersection at a speed of fifteen miles per hour before the car is clipped by a semi that killed the man in an instant death. Files of the theft, along with the motherboards, flash drives, and papers shot all over the tarmac of the intersection as the rain pattered on the files, slowly ruining them when two people came out of their vehicles. The only object that survived the crash intact is the receiver on the mangled body of a man that failed his mission. The people that ordered the theft knew that this is going to get a lot worse and in a hurry real fast. They wondered how long it will take to quarantine an entire town that should not know of the files contents.

A star shot across the sky after the rainclouds disappeared. The sight is majestic as below there are the sound of sirens that came to the sight that marks zero hour of the administration that will move in while the people below start to piece together what happened on that intersection. It is only the tip of the iceberg. It is only.

© Copyright 2020 Adam Steele. All rights reserved.

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