Stolen Books on Booksie Site - Site Not Safe - Suddenly Not Published

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Despite multiple attempts to reload my books - only my poems are accessible to Readers. My books were up and published, and now every single one of them lists as Not Published and Readers cannot
see them. There is nothing special about these books. This is delibeerate **hacking** and the Booskie site support has not responded and my **Previously listed as Published ** books have
disappeared from all but my view. Not safe!

Submitted: June 22, 2018

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Submitted: June 22, 2018



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My book manuscripts, which were uploaded onto the Booskie site were listed as Published and were being read. I do NOT advertise them - only store them here because my entire book files and hard drive were stolen when I lived in Baltimore.  So I save them here, that's all. No comments allowed. Just a safe site to store them on!


Now, my poetry is still listed as "Published" but all my books are only able to be viewed by ME and no one else can see them and they are listed as Unpublished. They were all being read.


This is HACKER STUFF - and your work is NOT safe here.


I do not know how to use a Flash Drive and I have lost many files of my books. Apple says iMacs cannot be hacked, but I still uploaded them on Booskie as they have been deleted on my iMac before.


Just getting the word out. Booksie support has not answered my emails about this problem.


Thank you!



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