Photo Flash

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  No Houses

She didn't know her flash was on when she went to take a picture of a hot guy in her class.

625 words

She couldn’t tear her eyes away from the most handsome students she had ever seen.

He sat across the aisle from her, he was chatting with two other male students, his black long-sleeve shirt pushed up to his elbow. He grinned at something the guy in front of him said and her heart fluttered like a trapped butterfly.

She raised her phone, peeking down as he focused on the screen. She waited eagerly, her thumb hovering over the button. He ran his hand through his wavy brown hair, a laugh on his face that made his eyes crinkle at the corner.

Her thumb quickly tapped the button, capturing the moment forever. Unfortunately, she forget her flash was on.

The flash illuminated them, causing him to flinch from the sudden bright light. Her face was a look of horror as all three of them turned to look at her.

His eyes caught hers, then drifted down to the phone clutched in her hands. Understanding donned and he grinned knowingly. His two friends started to chuckle, jostling him as they winked and whistled at her.

She looked away, her face on fire. To her dismay, a few other students were looking at them, curious to the flash and the commotion in the back of the classroom.

The bell chose that moment to ring. She gathered her books and shoved them in her book bag, she was the first one out the door eager to get away from them.

She was already planning how to switch classes, no that wasn’t good enough, she was going to have to switch schools entirely. She didn’t want the risk of running in to him or his friends.

“Hey!” Someone grabbed her elbow suddenly, halting her power walk. She turned, ready to blast someone, but the words died as she starred up at him.

“You really walk fast, I had to barrell over a few people to catch you.” He joked, sliding his hand down to clasp her wrist to keep her from getting away.

She was speechless, not understanding why he had chased her down. Then it hit her.

“Oh, I wasn’t…..not my flash, I mean it was my flash, but I was not taking apic….it was a text…?”

A gleeful grin spread over his face, “So you were taking a picture of me.”

Her face flared with renewed embarrassment, “What!? No...yes…. My stupid flash.” She wished the floor would just open up and swallow her or she would suddenly learn how to turn invisible.

He chuckled warmly at her fumbling, spotting her phone in the hand he still held.

He took her phone, ignoring her attempts to get it back. He double tapped the center button, recognizing the same phone as his. The camera popped up, he turned the flash off first before smoothly moving beside her, his arm stretched out, the front facing camera capturing them.

Her face felt bright red as he grinned and snapped the picture.

While she hid her face behind her hands, wishing she would blow away into tiny pieces. He went into her phone, surprised it wasn’t locked, and added himself to her contact list, sending himself the picture.


She peeked at him from between her fingers, her eyes wide as he held her phone back other to her. She accepted the phone, unable to meet his eyes.

“Next time you want a picture, let me know so I can give you my good side.” He wished she would look back up at him, but she kept her face averted.

He walked past her, flipping his own phone out of his back pocket. He opened the multimedia message. Grinning at the picture, she was really adorable when she was embarrassed.


Submitted: June 22, 2018

© Copyright 2021 Lamiae Blackstone. All rights reserved.

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A great Y/A flash piece!

Fri, June 22nd, 2018 9:35pm


thank you!

Sat, June 23rd, 2018 5:27pm

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