Life Was Worth Living Today

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We all have bad days. But it's the little things that make life worth living.

Submitted: June 22, 2018

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Submitted: June 22, 2018



Life Was Worth Living Today


I woke up alone
And the clouds were low and gray
And I was all on my own 
Sure to be another dismal day

Friends walk in and out 
Idle conversation passes me by
I trudge along a desert in an endless drought 
And alone I feel I’m just waiting her to die

But the sun came out – cutting the gray
And life was worth living today

I went for a walk, just to clear my mind
And out too was a little dog, happy and kind.
He barked and looked my way
And life was worth living today

At the store I saw a child crying at the shelves
The object of her desires miles too high and away.
But a parent brought it down - they shared a smile between themselves.
And life was worth living today.

A homeless man had a meal paid for. And somewhere someone has a fresh waxed floor. There’s a man late for work stuck in morning traffic, taking his time anyway to help a fellow broken down motorist. A local took a picture for the much hated tourist. The rain stopped and a flower bloomed, while somewhere else the parched fields heard just heard the thunder boom. There’s a heads up penny waiting on a sidewalk, and a four leaf clover hiding on a playground, and a phone call away there’s always someone waiting and willing to talk.

I marked another bad day on my calendar,
Maybe tomorrow is just too far.
But then I recall – my favorite TV show is back, just days away
And life was worth living today

See it isn’t the earth-shaking life events
It isn’t the big days and holidays with presents.
It’s the small things –

The birds chirping, the dogs barking, the sun shining, the fish that jumps and deer in the field; it’s the comic books and movies you wanted to see, the new game you got to play, day trips with friends and the ice cream on a hot day. It’s the feel of sand in between your toes, the cool wind on your face, and the fingers of another entwined in your own –

– and the little joys it all brings.

We only know of our happiest days
The weddings, parties, and birthdays,
Because of the small moments that made them.
We only recall time fondly,
And warmly,
By the small moments that form it.

People are cruel
But don’t let them make you the fool
The world isn’t kind 
But don’t let it darken your mind
Let life be a carefree love affair 
And to help, I’ll be there

Because I am not alone here
And neither are you, dear.

Life is hard and puts up a fight
Shadows in our minds loom like the coming night
But every night is littered with stars
And we only know of darkness because there is light

We persevere and we endure
Whatever life throws at us, of this be sure
Rough seas and harsh weather,
We survive it all together.

I wrote a poem today.
I felt love today. 
I kept breathing today.
I smiled at the sky, even though the clouds were gray.
And life was worth living today.


And tomorrow will be too.

© Copyright 2018 Farren N. Keys. All rights reserved.

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