Traveling to summer.

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Submitted: June 22, 2018

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Submitted: June 22, 2018



Finally, Its here!!!
Summer vacation!

Thats insane to think about, how i was just starting the year for school and now i just ended it and going into MORE drama. 

It sucks a lot because you think summer vacation is the time where you can swim, have fun with friends and family. Well, yes i am going to do that...but this time in another country. If you didnt know, where i am living now is not where i am originally from. 
I am flying out of the country!

Hopefully going to somewhere i can relax and NOT stress about everything. 

I just downloaded some netflix movies, and i bought some songs, specifically by Ariana Grande. 

Ariana Grandes songs are living heaven. They are amazing, although sometimes i wish she would stop singing nasty songs and get into real songs. Because she has a amazing voice, she could be the next mariah carey if she wanted to.

Well if you didnt read my last post, i just broke up with my boyfriend. He is a jerk and i hate him with all my life. 

I also broke up with my best friend. She was my long lost sister, my soulmate, my person i coudl FINALLY depend on. And, we broke up in one single day. She blames it all of me, when it was all on her. She started to get jealous of me WANTING to hang out with other girls and she didnt like me anymore for that. 

I want to tell all the girls and boys out there, if you are having a hard time... seriously! send me a quickee, ill give you my email and we can talk and sort out everything. 

I cant wait to go to the malls and outlets to SHOP! I love shopping with all my life. I kidd you not, each time my family and i go out to the mall to eat, i ALWAYS come out of the mall with something in my hand. Now dont think i am a spoiled little brat, trust me i am NOT. 

I pay with my own money from christmas and my birthday money. I know, how can i save that money and not spend it all in one day. Good question, i dont know how i did. 

This is going to be a really short story of my life because i got to get going. Im flying tommorow at 3:00 in the morning, and i might cry because im not going to be able to sleep at all, especially knowing that i am going to get up at freaking 12:00 in the morning. 

Well guys, i feel like this is the end even though its not at all. I will stay in touch with every single one of you, because some people actually like reading my stories. If i dont write a lot this summer thats because i am either crying, laughing, or having fun for the first time in forever. 

Sincerely, your one and only ANONYMOUSLIFE.


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