Dangerous Air

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic

Lost in a world of depravity, clinically depressed Elizabeth Foster must make the choice to submit to a dangerous stranger or escape with a clear conscience. Lives are at risk. Sanity is at stake.
And only person can truly save her from herself.

Table of Contents

Don't wake up

Dreaming tears me away from my world of comfort and thrusts me into the carnal depths of unclean fantasy and morbid humor as I lye in my bed, helpless and unable to fight the monster that i would
inevitably allow to win, anyway. Like a victim, I turn away from the truth that tells me this cold sensation and invasion of my mind is enjoyable in every aspect, aside from this lingering morality
that forces tears of pain from my smiling eyes. Begging for it to stop, but pulling it closer, I am a prisoner. Enslaved by my own thoughts and pleasured by the ignorance of my pleas for them to
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“Hey honey!” “Mom! You scared the hell out of me! I’m never going to finish this story..” I get a friendly reminder from the de... Read Chapter


I had recently celebrated 22 all by myself, and I was at a point in my life where I was ready to give up. Again. I had left home at 18 fo... Read Chapter


I slept so deeply that I had almost forgotten about what happened and where I was. I opened my eyes and immediately panicked, jumping fro... Read Chapter


I awoke to a gentle rub on my shoulder,and Regina's voice coaxing me back to reality. “Hey Hun,you awake? We’re home, well,my place. ... Read Chapter


The trip home was long and exhausting and silent, too, for the most part. The time change made things more difficult than it should have,... Read Chapter


The airport is mostly empty with only a few weary souls willing to brave the cold. No one really travels during the cold months here. It... Read Chapter


After a quick shower, I get dressed and head to the living room just as the doorbell rings. Good thing mom went first. “Hi ladies.. “... Read Chapter


“Hey there! How are you feeling today sweetheart?” “Where am I ?” “You're in the hospital,pumpkin.” The nurse speaking to me ... Read Chapter


“Regina, someone is at the door.” “Can you get it for me please? I just have to get the rest of this stuff in the dryer.” “No p... Read Chapter


I cant believe how clean it is at first. I had always believed men to be sloppy and lazy,but this is immaculate. The furniture,all white ... Read Chapter


I open my eyes and its dark outside. I must've slept for at least an hour. I can hear people talking ,but don't recognize their voices ju... Read Chapter


I was asleep almost instantly. Opening my eyes,I'm temporarily blinded by the bathroom light as it shines through the cracked door into t... Read Chapter


Waking and finding both of them still sleeping,though, causes a sudden shift in my thoughts,and I scramble to find my clothes. After quic... Read Chapter


“You have to get up now. You want a t-shirt or something to stifle that dress?” “Please. Whats going on?” “I have to be somewhe... Read Chapter


“I wasn't trying to scare you. Just wanted to check on you.” Ian's voice is velvet in its whisper. “Regina left. She freaked out an... Read Chapter


Startled, I flinch as my eyes shoot open and I gasp for air. Ian gently pulls me back to his chest and hushes my heavy breathing. “Its ... Read Chapter

New light

“Sorry I lied to you,Liz. Truly. I just didn’t know how you would react with everything else going on.” “Ian. Don't say you're so... Read Chapter


For the first time, in the almost week that I’ve known him, despite all that’s happened,we kiss. I had dreamt about it before, but it... Read Chapter

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