"The milk man"

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Submitted: June 22, 2018

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Submitted: June 22, 2018



"The Milk man"


This is an urban legend from New York in 1897. There was a neighborhood in New York where a milk man would come to deliver some milk to the people. His name was "Boris lee" he had been a milkman for about ten years. One day he went out to a party and got drunk. He paid a man to poison all the milk in his cartons. 

He was completely out of it. The man who poisoned the milk made a little over $250 that night. He slipped some "Aconite" into the milk. The next morning after Boris woke up he delivered the milk. The next morning he delivered more milk but nobody opened up the door for him. He started to wonder and he approached one of the houses knocked on the door and went inside the house to see the whole family were dead on the table with his milk carton on the table. Boris freaked out. The next day the man who poisoned the milk showed up to Boris's house and asked if he liked the work he did? Boris was confused and asked what it was? The man said "you paid me $250 to poison all your milk and I did." Boris got goosebumps as the man laughed and walked out. 

Boris realized he was the cause of over fifty murders. Boris grabbed one of the milk cartons, he called the police to confess to what he did. And once he hung up he drank some of his milk. About ten minutes later the police showed up at his house to arrest Boris. Boris tried to commit suicide by drinking his own milk but he drank uncontaminated milk. Boris was then sentenced to life in Prison without  parole. He died ten years later and the person who sold him the milk is still alive to this day.

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