Me and that Boy

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This story is about a girl seeing a boy

Submitted: June 23, 2018

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Submitted: June 23, 2018



Me and that Boy Here’s how the story goes. I was singing with my headphones on my head as usual, and this boy just takes them of in the middle of the performance and says “you can sing without them” so I tried but I was too distracted and took them back. At the end I went on my way home but was stopped by the same boy, and he said “come with me” so I did and he played a song and told me to sing without me headphones. I tried but couldn’t. So he said again “you can do it I trust in you” after I said “thank you”. But he was gone like he was never there. So I looked him up on Instagram but it said this boy died 2 years ago. So I thought to myself “was this all a dream?”, and I asked some friends if he really is dead and they said “yes”. My next step was to talk to my mom and ask her why I keep on seeing him. And her answer was he is my brother that I never knew of… Now because of that I fainted and woke up in the hospital. And I saw him again and was scared. My mom told me to rest and forget about it and he will disappear. So I tried and he was gone again but this time 5 hours later he never came back. I was happy because that day was special to me, it was my birthday. At the end it was all fun and games.

Me and that Boy part 2

Can you believe it I saw him again, after 5 years he came back to me. And he looks much more different like he was alive all along. Can it be that I was dreaming again but this time he said I found you at last after so long of not seeing each other. You are so much braver now, I’m surprised. How is mom, and how is school? Do you like it there? After all does questions he turned darker and scarer. His eyes were bleeding and his face turned into some rendam mens face. That looked like my mom’s boyfriend in the photo that stayed in the dark bassmint. Then he turned into a dog, cat and bird. I was very confused and shocked. And he disappeared into the dast. I told my mom all about it and she said it’s ok. It’s just a dream I had it to, I asked her if she was scared. And if that man was my father. She said yes but they divorced when I was little. And we never saw him again it's like he was gone forever. I was sad because, I wanted to get to know him as my father. After the storytelling we ate dinner together. It was delicious and messy. But we cleaned it all up and went for a walk outside. We saw a funny looking dog, and a cat. We thought to ourselves could it be the same ones from the dream we had…

Me and that Boy part 3

As you all know I let you guess if it was the same ones and “yes” yes it was the same ones from our dream. We were really scared and ran as fast as we could. But they were faster than us. As we reached the end of the road. We looked back and they were gone. I was so happy that it was over at last. And we went back home, I said I really think we need a vacation mom. Can we go please? My mom of course said yes. And on our way we went to Cuba. We had so much fun there we went to the beach, the swimming pool and we went camping. After all it was just all that heat that got us seeing things. It seemed that we never there. 2 years later my mom got married and had a baby girl. Her name was Dani she was so beautiful. I think she thought the same for me. I knew that because of the way she looked at me. Then mom said from now on no bad dreams. And that we are going to live happily ever after. The End

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