Torn Between Two Worlds Part I

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“My bounty is as boundless as the sea, my love as deep; the more I give to thee the more I have, for both are infinite.” Juliet serenading Romeo

Submitted: June 23, 2018

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Submitted: June 23, 2018




“Time can heal a broken heart, but it could also break a waiting heart”

Torn between two worlds, deep rooted emotions of its origin

As I was gradually and sweetly pulled in 

A triangle of its sentiments to fall into temptation of its sin

You were written into the song of my soul

Earth and Moon my heavenly warmth as my mind patrols

Two worlds, one bed of silk sheets

Mind to mind, coveting, as we come together when we meet

Mesmerized by two stunning reflections

No objections for two handsome selections

This is how my story begins

Tender kisses to my lips, as a wet tongue showers my tender skin

Strong hands touring all over me, words to emotional blend

Two way revolving door as my inner soul I graciously lend

Two pulsating heartbeats one intellectual brain

One brings the gentle loving, the other brings the ecstasy of the blissful rain

Difficult to make up one’s mind

Can I just enjoy Winter and Summer at the very same time

Feels so satisfying sipping on the smooth elixir of their intoxicating mental wine

In bed, or as we sit and dine

Words of love expressed from below and above

Two hearts to quietly love

If this is wrong, then God please forgive me, but it just feels so right

One feeds me his gifted mind, the other takes me on soaring heights

One sequesters my mind as I lay on my pillow at night

One gives me his carnal caresses, his inner thoughts with all his might

Both playing my mind like symphonic sweet music heard in distance flight

My heart wedged in an emotional captive net

The more I wiggle to get out

The sweeter resistance I’m met

No screams to flee about, only surrendering passionate shouts

Moans in the throne of submission, heavenly confessions heard by mouth

Could it be, both pleases me

While slowly journeying down the land to the wet south

Feels so damn good to allow the chips to rest where they may

How did I ever get to such a crossroad to allow this I say

Intellectual ribbons dancing in the sky

Beautiful needs always behind the addictive whys

A kiss to the moon in Fall

Hooked in June as summer stars I felt when I saw

Entwined weakening bliss

From midnight magic to dawn’s reminisce

This is just so unfair

I need them both like wings to fly needs a hope and a prayer

Resonances to land below cradles me

Up above, feeds my heavenly needs

Hide from myself, this I must, I have to do

Heart, Mind, Body, does not belong to a fool

One heartbeat two intelligent minds

Strangling myself to keep both, as destiny has abided my time

A kiss and a silent whispered goodbye released on the wind

Landing to a cheek for the declaration as my solo journey begins

Fly with the wind

Where that ribbon may end up

Will be where my lips sips from the rim of its lover’s cup

Torn Between Two Worlds

Enjoy the heartbeats of its rapture as I twirl in harmony as it unfurls



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