Simon and his visitor

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Simon and His Visitor By Garrett K. Das

Simon, a sick elderly man, sat in his soft worn chair, looking out the window as the rain pelted the glass. Lately, he had been feeling very bitter as he contemplated his many failures. Simon
slowly stood up and took hold of his cain. He proceed to shuffle towards an old yellow photo of a women. He looked lovingly at the image and sighed with dejection.

Out of the corner of his eye, Simon caught a movement. There was a young man briskly striding up the walkway to his apartment. Simon squinted into the gray haze as his grip on his cain tightened,
in recognition. He heard the heavy old door to the apartment building open. Simon grimly anticipated this visit.

Moments later, Simon heard a firm knock. He took a deep breath and swiftly opened the door. Simon and his visitor acknowledged each other coldly. Simon led the man inside to a table in the middle
of the room and sat down. The man watched Simon closely. He noticed Simon’s labored breathing, and quired, “Are you hurting?” Simon bit his lip and nodded for he could not speak. The man moved
closer to Simon stating gruffly, “You look worse than before.” Simon leaned back in his chair. The man went on to say, “Maryann told me you’re feeling glum. I had thought it was only because you
had lost so much money, but now I see it is more.” The man then went to fix some tea. A few moments later he returned with two cups and placed them on the table. He took a seat across from Simon.
He looked at Simon’s eyes and gave a small warm smile saying, “My old friend, you looked out for me for years. I know that the last few months you have been distracted which led to our schism. Does
my success still anger you so much?” Simon quietly took a sip of tea and continued to stare into space. The man frowned, “May I ask, what happened to your health? You were very ambitious, and it
seems that it ruined you. Now you’re filled with anger and regret, perhaps scheming revenge on me.” The man placed his cup on the table, stood, and quietly left the apartment.

As the door latch clicked shut, Simon painfully stood up. He moved his mouth, struggling to speak, but words eluded him. The air tightened in his throat, choking him. Tears streamed from his eyes,
and he slumped to the floor slowly breathing in and out. As time passed, Simon’s breathing gradually was renewed. He carefully sat up, and looked towards the window. He felt a gentle breeze and
heard the melodic song of a bird. The yellowed picture of the women fluttered, slowly descending onto the floor. Simon glanced at the fallen image and returned his attention to the soft wind and
the bird’s beautiful song. Simon smiled in contentment and forgot his earthly troubles-for a time. Reply Reply to All Forward More

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