The Little Drummer Boy

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I'll visit you every day.

Submitted: June 23, 2018

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Submitted: June 23, 2018



There was a time when my young boy liked to play with his little drum

He’d bang and clang and pound that thang

Not a care for the sound he’d sprung.

Then one day that drum went away and to a bed he was stuck

A hack, a cough, chills and the sweats

With a virus he’d been struck.

It came from the blue, a sudden sickened tune

It drained his lively pluck

The doctors, nurses and practitioners couldn’t find what was wrong.

I would dig in deep to my pocket seam, ‘til every dollar I had was gone

My account was wiped and the doctors didn’t lie

There’s not a single thing to be done.

They said if it were them, they’d see a painless end

‘But it’s entirely up to you’

So what I did, I found that drum I’d hid, and I went into his room.

I took a chair, watched him lyin’ there, then I played for him a tune

I swear I saw a little grin rise above his little chin

When I was done, I said ‘I love you, son’, and kissed his little head.

Now months have gone and everything stayed wrong, and that room has an empty bed

I’ve made my peace in my heart at least, though I cry to sleep every night.

I still got the drum, but it never makes a sound

That sound wouldn’t sound very right.

Every day, I visit my boy’s grave

He fought as best he could

On my hands and knees, crying into the breeze, I don’t think I did the job I could.

But it’s over now, he’s at peace at last

My boy’s resting

His fight is done.

In the graveyard breeze, I swear I can always hear the sound of my boy’s drum

It beats a tune that says ‘It’s okay, you tried your very best

I may be layin’ in an early grave, but I’m enjoyin’ a peaceful rest’.

I say, ‘Okay, son, don’t you worry none, I will be okay

Rest assured, as good as my word,

I’ll visit you every day’.

© Copyright 2019 Jeff Bezaire. All rights reserved.

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