The Lump

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Submitted: June 23, 2018

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Submitted: June 23, 2018



The Lump


  Doctor, doctor what happened to the lump? You said 

she had lump doctor, a malignant tumour! You gave her 

daughter some hope doctor! You said she only had weeks

to live, but where has it gone doctor? It's disappeared, vanished,

when it should have spread, there should be more lumps doctor

not none!

  Cancer can't do that, can it doctor? You should know, where 

has it gone? God knows I waited long enough for her demise,

and then you give me false hope doctor, that's a terrible thing to

do to a daughter. For weeks I've pictured those cancerous cells 

multiplying and multiplying, spreading all over her body as she

screamed in pain, and the morphine failed, but now they've gone!

  What happened doctor? Was it divine intervention, a miracle?

Cancer just doesn't go away does it doctor? For nights I've prayed

for her end to come, and now this, her lump has disappeared

into thin air, as she lingers on for how many more years? And

what about my health doctor? What about the health of her 

poor daughter? 

  All those visits to her death bed, I can't keep going, she's 

dragging me down into the hole with her, sucking the life force

from my body so she can malinger on for how many more years

doctor, as he skull mouth begs, " Please God, please God,

may I have my daughter Betty's good health so that I might 

live? "

  Yes doctor, what about my health, you should be sued for

malpractice for giving such false hope! A matter of weeks,

not long, you told me on my mobile in a dispairing  voice,

and she's still here a year later, still warm, a hundred and

not yet cold! It was cruel to deceive me, her daughter in such 

a manner, to make me pin all my hopes on a lump doctor!

  Yes, it's gone now and she hasn't! And my husband doctor, 

when he visits  her with me, she thinks he's her son, and she tells

him that she wants to marry him, and he tries to explain that

he can't be her husband and her son, and she tells him that of

of course he can, and than asks him to give her a kiss on the lips.

  Such talk doctor from a woman her age, it's an embarrassment,

she should be well past it, such talk is disgusting from a woman 

who's supposed to be on her deathbed.

  And now doctor I wake-up at night screaming from nightmares,

my poor husband thinks it's because I'm afaid she'll die, but the 

truth is doctor, it's because I'm afaid she'll live. Bring the lump

back to life doctor, please! So I can rest in peace!


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