"The Paranormal Games"

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Submitted: June 23, 2018

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Submitted: June 23, 2018



I'm gonna create a story about a group of teens who don't believe in the paranormal so they divide up into three groups


Group one messes around with a ouija board and summons "zozo"


Group two play "charley charley"


Group three play "bloody marry!"


Never been done before what would happen if all three were summoned at the same time? Would they work together? Would they fight each other? Would they haunt the teens and kill them? How would the teens survive this? 


I already have a good storyline for this story.  With a crazy ending and a sequel!



"The paranormal Games" the stakes just got higher as all three groups are in different locations and communicate with each other via Walkie talkies. 

Group A use the "ouija board" inside "Amittyville" in which they broke into the house. 

Group B play "charlie charlie" inside a abandoned Jail.

Group C  do "Bloody marry" inside an abandoned mirror factory!"

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