The Dark Side of the Light II

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Life led her to such circumstances, she couldn't stop herself but commit such a crime. Let's go through through the detail of the self-written story by Carolyn..

Submitted: June 24, 2018

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Submitted: June 24, 2018



Chapter 02: The University Students

I started walking towards the told direction and my heart was pounding inside. Their was a nonchalant smirk on my face, and I was staring at the rooms around me while walking. My fingers circling the key chain around them and I was walking carelessly, not watching my steps. I reached to the staircase and at their right side was an elevator. I thought for a while, ending on decision to go on the elevator and I moved a step backwards and then towards the elevator. I went towards the side of the elevator with my big luggage bag on my shoulders, actually that was a cloth bag, not that heavy. I pressed the side button for the elevator to be opened but it took at least 3 minutes for the elevator to get free. When it was free, the elevator door opened in front of me. I carefully moved in. The elevator from inside was quite big, there was a wooden chair inside and also was there a yellow light lit. I pressed the button on which was written a big '3', it was actually indicating 3rd floor and when the door of the elevator was more than half closed, it stopped there. I could only see four fingers between the doors and then the elevator started to open slowly. I was a bit scared. When the figure outside the elevator was fully visible to me, I took a breadth of relief. Why do I watch so much horror movies? That was just a normal human girl dammit, but actually she was beautiful her hair were golden and she was wearing a black T-shirt with blue torn jeans and she was looking like she came from a wealthy family. She entered the elevator without looking at me and moved her hand to press her location button but after seeing the red light on '3', she stopped her hand. It seemed she was going to the same floor as me. The elevator door closed slightly. My eyes fell towards her feet. She was wearing silver coloured heel that was not that much high, and the heel colour was shining in the shade of the light. Also her feet were super glowing so those heels were looking very good on them. I was just captivated by this contrast. All the time in the elevator, I was looking at her feet and dress and hair. She didn't take a look at me once. Then, we heard a 'ding' sound and the elevator opened again. I directed my attention towards my front sight and I could only see a grey wall. I walked ahead and also that girl, on our right side were so many rooms opposite to each other. Oh! That receptionist haven't told me is it right or left. Non-sense, what shall I do now? Ah! The girl was also standing with me and she was busy on her cell phone. She called someone. The things I heard were "hello?", "oh! That's her daily routine, let her do what she wants" after a while "Hey! I don't have time, I have tests next week" again a moment later "see you tomorrow, bye" she hanged up. After ending the call, she looked at me and I was staring at her, like a dumbo. She smiled and moved a bit closer to me. She noticed that I was confused. "Hello" she said. I replied with a smile "Hi!". She then asked me formally "you need help?" I was thankful "yes, yes" and then I showed her the keys in my hand "I want to go to room no.129" her reply was a bit of shock. "Room no 129?" why is she acting like that? What's with that room? She smiled and patted my on my shoulder "don't worry, it's like I'm also your room mate then." oh! So she's in the same room as me "oh! I was scared. What if that room was haunted" She laughed. "No no it isn't. Don't worry but.." she gritted her teeth "there is a witch in that room" I was scared a bit "witch?" she gave out a chill smile "not totally a witch but she looks like a witch at night" I asked in shock "why a witch at night?" she started looking towards the left side and said "you'll see yourself. Follow me" and she started moving towards the left side rooms followed by me. I was feeling a bit nervous and a bit scared to do and see a night witch. What would be your condition in there? But I got my courage up and didn't showed out much of my truth inner feeling. She then stopped in front of a white door with a big board of 129 on it. She looked at me once and then put her hand inside her bag and took out some keys. I was focusing on each action of her. She reached her hand to unlock the front door and plucked the key in the key hole, it started to open slowly. I kept looking at the door opening inside.

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