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this piece of work is just to remind us all to stop wasting time but rather to start gaining it.

Submitted: June 24, 2018

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Submitted: June 24, 2018



God is not interested in what you are doing but rather on what you aught to do.

A man can do so many things but at the end of the day he discover he did nothing at all.

For the act of being busy doing so many things does not mean you are actually doing something great.

Listen, a productive action leads to a fulfilled day. what do i mean? think of this for a second; How will you feel after accomplishing all the things you aught to do for a day. Now, I am referring to all aspects of life; What if you actually studied that Bible and prayed, What if you actually realized that business project, what if you actually took your partner to that lunge meeting, what if you actually accomplish that purpose for that day, what if and what if........

Every single day has a purpose and that purpose has been assigned to you to do it.

Every man has been assigned a purpose for a particular day waiting for accomplishment.

So, don't be so busy doing everything, but make sure your every day is welled planed.

You and only you alone is responsible for your future and if you must get there one day , you need to seriously set some priorities.

Not everything is worth doing,

Not everywhere is worth going,

Not everyone is worth visiting, and

Certainty, not every date is worth honoring.

Listen, be a man   or woman of priorities.

Set them, follow them, do them until you become them.

A man can only become what he spend most of his time doing and my question is, what do you spend your time most on?. Hey! not to be offensive, that's who you will eventually become because a man can only look like what he is so cling on.

Everything you focus your mind on you will become.

Spend time doing what you aught to do.

Spend every day making sure you accomplish you every set task.

Be productive with your time and don't just live life.

Be someone people will want to look up to.

Be a rule model.

And finally, be a hero to your nation and the world at large.

Love you guys dearly

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