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The very beginning of Christopher Callaway's story. Use the "Callaway" for more related content.

Submitted: June 24, 2018

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Submitted: June 24, 2018



It was raining as usual in São Paulo.

Brazil was going through huge social and economic changes with the so-called “Real Plan”. A new era was about to begin in the country. Things were the same at the St. Mathew’s orphanage, though.

“Stop running, Lucas” sister Lourdes would hold a small boy by the arm. There were children running and screaming all across the hall. “Marcos” she cried when she saw a boy jumping on a table “Get out of there!”. She took a face cloth and wiped her forehead.

“Patience is a Christian virtue, sister.” said a kind voice behind her. She turned around to meet an old man of gentle features.

“Hello, father Beto. I am sorry. I did not see you coming”.

“Do not worry”. They walked, side by side, across the hall. “I noticed that you have been worried about the children. More than the usual, I mean”.

“We are the only orphanage in town, father. We must worry”.

“Yes.” he nodded “However, such a worry has been increasing in the last week, and I must say it coincided with a specific event that took part here”. The sister froze up to sound of such words. She stopped right there. The father was right behind her.

“If you are talking about the boy...”

“I must confess that I do not understand your concern, sister”.

“And I must confess that he scares me a little bit. Especially, after what happened”.

“The devil” the father sighed “has many ways to tempt us, sister. These delusions are some of his favourites”.

“I must agree, father, but it was so real. And with all the mystery surrounding this child...”

“Indeed, a very unusual story. The parents come to the country, and they are murdered under mysterious circumstances. The child is left alone. No one wants to take responsibility. The Brazilian government says the parents are Americans, the American government says the child is Brazilian. And no one knows their names”.

“No close relatives?”

“None. We even checked people with the same last name. No one knew the parents or the kid for that matter. But it’s very intriguing that they were able to register the child without the parents’ name”.

“I must say that Christopher is a very beautiful name, though”.

“Yes. Christopher Callaway.” the priest thought it over. “It sounds like an important name, don’t you think, sister?”

“Indeed” she smiles “But how come he’s ended up here?”

“The church has taken his custody. We could not leave this child alone in the world. Such a dangerous world we live in”

“You are right, father. Like you always are. But it’s late, and I must go to my room. Good night”.

“Good night, sister”. He bent and kissed her on the forehead.

Lourdes walked to her room. On the way, she passed by the children dormitory where the boy was. He was sleeping like an angel. She got closer to the crib. Suddenly, he opened his eyes. She was scared at first, but she felt better when he smiled. It was one of those cute smiles that only children can give us.

Seeing those little shiny eyes, the nun herself bent and gave the boy a kiss to the cheek. A sweet and adorable laugh followed it, coming from the little baby.

It was just a kid, she thought. It could not be truly bad. He was just… special.

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