An Epic Story Poem pt.2

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The conclusion to an Epic Story Poem pt. 1. I hope you all enjoy

Submitted: June 24, 2018

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Submitted: June 24, 2018



An Epic Story Poem pt. 2


Pt: 1 The Journey


She reached the entrance to the Labyrinth

With a sigh of relief she realized that her journey was almost complete

She had slain many demons to finally reach her lair

A warning was posted outside her wall

Fear not your nightmares for

they will be the guiding light to

reach her doors”

Determined to find his soul and save him she proceeds onwards

With a torch in one hand and her sword in the other she treads carefully as she sees the many victims that have fallen for her tricks

She notices that The Fallen have awakened and have been tasked to prevent her from reaching their queen

She unsheathes her blade and strikes The Fallen

With every slice The Fallen scream in agony

Some shout “my queen save us from her madness”

Her blade moves swiftly through each one of The Fallen

“I will get passed you all! I will defeat her! I will save him! I will save the man I have fallen in love with! Even if it means death I will save him!”

After the melee she makes her way towards a staircase that leads to another door

A light shines as she opens the door and she is placed in a time not long ago

Has she gone back in time?

What trial must she go through in the past to succeed in freeing his soul?


Pt: 2 An Illusion of the Past


She is taken back to the time where they both met each other

She is watching as the events unfold themselves

The past can show us all a glimpse of the foreseeable future

A young man approaches the younger version of herself

He looks nervous, worried and yet shows confidence

“Hi.....” he says

She notices this nerdy, yet sweet man struggling to say his next words

“Hello, my name is ****** and your name is?” She says

“Uhhhh of course, my name is *******” he responds

“Well it nice to meet you *******” she replied

She is confused why is she being shown these memories?

“What are you doing?” She asks

She is taken to another point in time and is shown a troublesome time in her life

Everything had gone so wrong in her life and she turned to him to comfort her

“I feel so heartbroken....why did he break my heart?” She asks

“Some guys don’t know how to treat a woman. They at times tell you everything that you want to hear and take advantage, when they see the opportune moment....I would never do that to you though...I love you way too much to do that...” he says

With a shocked looked at how he revealed his feelings she is lost in how to take them

He is her best friend surely she couldn’t look at him that way?

“You are so sweet, but I can’t be with you...I don’t know what I want anymore...I...I just can’t see you in that way” she says

She runs away from him

She turns back to see his body fallen over

She then sees her lifting him up and smiling as she watches on

She continues to run

Watching as the events unfold she realizes that she had shut herself off to him

She knew she could love him the way he loved her

Through all the imperfections they both had they still appreciated and cared for one another

“You are...a heartless bitch!” She says

The queen smiles at her

“He was right there all along and you brushed him knew he loved you and you knew that he was the one for you realize that everything you looked for was right in front of you and you chose to ignore it. Thank you however, he was so desperate for your love that I gave him everything you didn’t want to give him. I turned his once pure soul into the very thing I needed to breach heaven’s gate, to bring misery and destruction to the world.” She says

She struggles to break free from the illusion

“You won’t make it in time....2 days have already passed since you been in this illusion, struggle all you want but you won’t make it. His soul will be mine” she says with a smile

1 day is left for her to save him and prevent Armageddon

“Help me me save him and the world” she cries


Pt. 3 My Soul to Keep


Time has passed as she begins to lose faith in herself to break the illusion

“Why can’t I break free from this illusion?” She says

She falls back to an unconscious state reminiscing about the past...

“How could you still love me after what I did to you? Were you afraid to explore the world out there that you wanted to settle for me?” She wonders

She then hears a voice

“....settle? Nah it was never about settling...I am really in love with you. Like for real, for real in love with you.” He says

She looks up and notices that it is him standing right there

She is confused…is this really him? How could he hear her thoughts?

“How can I hear your thoughts? It’s simple...I am dead...I tried to hold out as much as I could but I couldn’t...she is very powerful.” He explains

She begins to cry as she sees his wounds

“I couldn’t save you in the end. Oh my goodness look at your wrist...your body...your hands...your face. I am so sorry, I wish I would have noticed and accepted your love, but I knew it wasn’t the right time. An now when I finally was ready, you fell to her...and now you are dead! I feel like such a failure.” She says

He gracefully touches her face

“I love you even in death. I knew you weren’t ready and neither was I but she knew how to twist me from making me not believe in us...making not believe in me...” he says

He embraces her and then gives her a gentle yet warmful kiss

“I still believe in us...I will help you, now this time I ask you...take my hand and we shall both break the illusion...together” He says

They continue to embrace each other and their combined aura breaks the illusion

A loud scream can be heard from a distance

“She has realized that you have broken through the illusion. She will come with everything she has to prevent you from stopping her...I know that you don’t need any help but I will be right here (points to her heart) always and go and save us and the world. Remember she may have my soul but my soul was always yours to keep” he says

He vanish and thus she has regained her strength and willpower

She has not only a look of determination but a malicious look

A look that even the devil herself would soon fear


Pt. 4 The Sacrifice


She reached the doors to the Queen herself

With a conviction so strong that it could even compare itself to that of an archangel

She sees the Queen making the final preparations to breach heaven’s gate

With a swift move she misses her target thus alerting the queen

“You bitch! You managed to finally reach my chamber. Well I have some sorrowful news, and that is that you are too late!” She says

She places his soul on the sacred pedestal which then begins the process of opening heaven’s gate

They look at each other in a sort of kill billsque style with each other eyeing the other one down

“You will never save him or them...they will soon belong to me. Let me have this and I promise that you will have a quick and painless death and the both of you can suffer together” she says

They continue to walk in circles around each other

“I will stop you...even if I have to sacrifice myself…this is the end of the road for you. You will die and burn in the very place you live in” she says

They make their move towards each other and both counter each other with precision

They continue going back and forth as they both try to find an opening towards one another

She can see that she is starting to tire as being in that illusion had drained her physically and mentally

“Why are you continuing to fight? It is all but over...why? Why battle a lost cause?” She asks

“Because we are not a lost cause, I love him so much, and I do so because every-time you brought the worse in my life, he was always there just as everyone else was. He never gave up on me no matter what I was going through...he is the true epitome of what a friend and a man should be. Which is why I am fighting for him, yeah saving the world is also a priority but a world without him is a world not living because while the world is filled with many people nobody is as unique as he is” she says

They continue to battle one another, still trying to find the upper ground on each other

As the door reaches the final lock to be opened, she manages to throw ashes in her eyes and fatally stab her

“I will give you credit, you were the only one to really give me a run for my money but like all good things must come to an end.” She says

She makes her way to the gate and thus time has slowed down

She knows her body is falling but she is trying to will her way to stop her

She can’t move her body anymore

She is gasping for air and slowly begins to lose consciousness

In her mind she knows that this is it

“I am sorry...I failed you...I failed us. I couldn’t save us. God please forgive me for failing you” she cries


Pt 5: The End


She is transported to his light house

She notices him sitting on the hill watching the waves in the ocean

She approaches him with utter disappointment

“You’re dead too huh...damn...she is gonna get what she always wanted.” He says

“What is this place?” She asks

“This is my little piece of heaven that I created for myself. Every time I felt lost the light from the lighthouse would always point me in the right direction. But the light has been off for a while now, but I have been trying to get over there to fix it. Yet, every time I would get closer to the lighthouse the further it got away from me” he says

She looks at him and convinces him to walk her to the lighthouse in hopes that they can both fix the light

They arrive at the lighthouse in hopes that there is not too much damage

“I never had a need to be in here...the light looks like its brand new.” He says with a confused look

He notices that there is a note with her name on it, on top of the lever

She is taken back a bit

How could there be a note if he hasn’t been in the lighthouse

“Pull the lever down and save us and the world...everyone deserves a second chance at life...why not us” she reads

She pulls the lever and the entire lighthouse is illuminated

She vaguely hears a voice

“This is your chance us and the world...defeat her once and for all...”He says

She awakens and rushes towards her and just as the gate opens two blades pierce her body

She looks up and sees the archangel Michael blade piercing her heart as well as her blade

She stand in awe as she see this arch angel warrior in front of her

“She has utter and complete faith in you, I just came down as a precautionary measurement” says Michael

“She?” She says

“God” he replies

She looks at the Queen and notices she is dying

“Remember this day forever, as the day you thought you could enter Heaven. As the day you thought you could break us. While you suffer in agony and pain remember who it was that put you in that pain” she says

She looks at her with a smile

“You will fail, I will are weak...the both of you” she says hysterically

“We are both stronger than you could have ever imagined and together we are untouchable” she says with a smile

She dies right there as her mission is finally complete til the very end

Michael looks at her and smiles and with a snap of his fingers she awakens in bed

She turns and sees that it is him in the bed with her

She curls up next to him and grabs his hands

She is finally happy...she saved the man she finally fell in love with

“I have been through so much but I can finally say the words that I have never really said to anyone. I love you” she says to him

He opens his eyes and looks at the woman who finally saved him from his nightmares

“Hmm, it took you a while to finally see me…I love you too my Queen…always and forever.” He says


The end?

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