Yin and Yang

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The Yin to your Yang. A Blue Jay and a Red Cardinal soaring in harmony, tweeting as bodies and minds sang Book II of Torn Between Two Worlds

Submitted: June 24, 2018

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Submitted: June 24, 2018




The Yin to your Yang

A Blue Jay and a Red Cardinal soaring, tweeting in harmony as bodies and minds sang


My starship come and take me up tonight

The galaxy awaits our midnight flight

The stars bow as we ascend

Speed years away from earth, the cosmos parts as our souls interweave to blend

Touch me softly, no echoing voices to deny this pleading as I say

The universe blushes while watching as we seductively play

Jupiter and Saturn dance in our embrace

Take my mind and my body to a far away place

The stratosphere cradles the moanfully sounds of our hasten romance

Ascending even higher in this blissful cadence dance

Such a heartfelt choice to take a chance

Bodies now as one, as you slowly steer the vessel of your starship

A hungry slip, and then a rush of a Milky Way dip

The Moon illuminating a garden of ecstasy as you take my breath away

The Sun light rays have completed its alternation for the day

Burning up the warming tempo as we wickedly sway

My starship come and take me up tonight

Relinquishing the pleasure of an infiltrating plight

Mind to mind on earth

Our celestial bed, it’s now body to body rebirth

Caress, touches, kisses, explosive passion under your dominating power

Breaking pieces of my emotions off among the galaxy as a falling meteorite shower

Igniting the wick of our love

No greater sensation I could ever speak of

I hear your voice, I taste your yearn, without you, my body mourns for you to lavishly adorn

Blind passion of desires, sultry flames you allow to beautifully burn

You give me intense love

Kissed by the moon, ordained by the stars, a cupid arrow shot from the stars above

I feel your heartbeat from miles

The heaven opens every time you make me smile

A sweeten fruit loop covets your girth, as my heavy laden eyes close

So weak you have me, as your loving baptizes the core of my soul

I thirst for you, yet I quench

Je ne sais quoi, my sweet acclaim to you in French

Love never dissipate, it only recreates

Another place for us

Where no earthy allotments to rush

Another time for us to unwind as we softly float against the wind, body to mind

The universe as we descend, this union, no other to put asunder as we bind

No other feelings turns my clock in time

My starship come and take me up tonight



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